How to Save Big On Your Next Move

We all know what it’s like preparing to move—it always takes much more time and effort than you previously thought, and winds up costing a lot more, too.

Don’t let your moving costs balloon out of control. Try these easy tips that will help keep the costs down, and make the whole process easier.

Create a Moving Budget

You’ve got to start out with a game plan, otherwise the price of your move is bound to get out of control. Start by writing down what you’re willing to spend, and then jot down what you think your expenses will be. If the two don’t match, try to compromise by either raising your budget, or cutting out some of the expenses.
Hold onto your receipts, and try to stay on budget throughout your move. Once unforeseen expenses come up, you’ll need to adjust the budget to make room.

Find Free Moving Boxes

Free boxes are all over the place, you just need to know where to look. One place to start is online classified ads—people put up ads for free boxes all the time.

You can always go to stores that would usually throw away their boxes. A secret treasure trove of free boxes is your local liquor store—not only will they likely give you their old boxes for free, but they have the absolute sturdiest boxes around (they’re reinforced to hold those heavy liquor bottles).

Save on Moving Companies

Not everyone has the motivation or time to move everything themselves. For many of us, it’s simply not an option.
So you hire a moving company, which can get extremely expensive. Many companies will offer to move everything you own “shelf-to-shelf,” which is by far the most expensive, though convenient, option. Basically it means they’ll pack up all your stuff for you, and then unpack it all at your new place. For those of us looking to save money on moving, this is hardly the best option.

Do the Packing Yourself

Save yourself a huge chunk of cash by packing everything yourself. Then you can let the pros pack up your fragile and bulky items—the big screen TVs, pianos, etc.

Always pack carefully—if something you packed yourself is damaged, it’s very unlikely that insurance will cover it.

Always Get Moving Insurance

It’s a pretty safe bet that at lease something will be damaged, especially if it’s a very big move. Even if you’re extra careful, do you really want to take the risk of damaging your valuables and not having insurance to cover them?

When it comes down to it, all your budgeting and planning to lower costs will be wiped out if anything gets damaged on the road. There are a few options when it comes to insuring your move—insure the total value of everything, or insure your boxes by the pound.

Have a Garage Sale

Why do you have so much stuff, anyway? If you can somehow reduce the total amount of things you’re moving, then it’s guaranteed to lower the cost of the move. Plus, you’ll have some extra cash in your wallet. Here’s some information on how to guarantee success for your yard sale.

A move can be expensive if you’re not careful—if you don’t watch what you spend and budget accordingly in real life, well, that can get expensive, too.

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