Great Educational Activities for Kids Beyond the Classroom

Teachers have a difficult job; I’d dare say one of the most challenging and underpaid professions out there. So why do they teach? Because it is so rewarding to see children learn and grasp new concepts.

You can experience this amazement with your child, too. Learning is not restricted to the classroom!
Children who experience education activities beyond the limits of their classrooms will be much more successful in life. They will have a greater understanding and appreciation for the world in which they live.

Here are some great educational activities for kids to get involved in your child’s education at home.

Visits to Your Local Library

Your city library has a wealth of information for FREE! You and your child can discover a new favorite book together or listen to a book on CD at home. Libraries also feature movies and music you can check out as well.
Many libraries offer free, family or age-based educational activities, like parent and child reading groups. In some areas, your library may even provide free preschool or tutoring.

Check with your local library for classes, events, and activities.

Experience Different Cultures

There are so many ways to show your child a different view of the world. Educational activities like concerts, museums, historical sites, national parks, etc. will be exciting and memorable for not only your kids but for the whole family.
Some of these experiences may require a little money and planning, but you’d be surprised at how much you and your family can do for free.

Take advantage of free community activities, like a concert in the park or a science demonstration at the museum.
Look at your city and neighboring cities’ websites for listings of community activities and entertainment. Another good source is local high schools and colleges, who put on plays and concerts that are less expensive than a real Broadway play.
Is there a special cultural event happening? A free art exhibit? A seasonal, low cost event?

Exposing your child to different cultures, places, people, and experiences will provide a much greater learning experience and may even spark your child’s interest in a new hobby or dream.
Who knows, one trip to the museum might create a future archeologist!

Life’s Everyday Moments

Kids are notorious for always asking “why.” Take the time to answer their questions and introduce new ones. Even simple, everyday chores and non-educational activities can be a source of learning!
Cooking as a family can prompt conversations on math, health and physical fitness. During a ride in the car, start a conversation about science and technology. There is always a way to connect an everyday task to a learning concept, and if you can connect it to something your child is interested in, they will be all ears.

Taking small opportunities to encourage your children to talk about educational topics will eventually lead them to inquire about the world themselves.


It can be hard to avoid the onslaught of technology, but you don’t need to completely hide from it either. Our children need computer skills, such as how to use the internet safely and effectively. Technology and media will be a big part of their world, but you can make sure it is something they are comfortable with and knowledgeable about.
When possible, work with your child to teach them these skills. Monitor what they watch and how much time they spend engaging in media.

By viewing educational videos or playing learning games together, you can teach them about good media habits and appropriate content.

Our children have the world, quite literally, at their fingertips. They can search any question they have and find thousands of answers in written data, charts, videos, etc. It is pretty amazing and a great learning tool if used properly.
Have some educational activities for kids of your own? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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