Facing Spring Cleaning

As we emerge from the shelter of our homes into a bright and colorful spring, we start to realize how dank and (dare we say) dirty our houses have become. No doubt the time to purge the closets of their garbage and to scrub those kitchen floors has come.

But with it comes the horror of working hard, indoors, while the sun invites is brightly to come out and play. If you need a little help getting started, here are a handful of things to do to make the process more bearable:

Get Yourself Disgusted

One of the most effective cleaning jump-starters is your personal feelings of disgust. If you need a little motivation to get the cleaning started, try poking around the back of your fridge or looking for something in the depths of your closet.

Turn the mess into your enemy and prepare for war. You will not let the grunge and garbage overpower your home!

Pick a Day

Some people like to get everything done in one, swift shot. If that sounds like you, pick any day that works for you. Plan to work all day, but give yourself perks to look forward to (like delivery pizza for lunch and a movie outing at the end of the day).

If, on the other hand, you work better at the spur of the moment, warn your family members that when the mood strikes – you’ll be cleaning. It could be at 2 in the afternoon, 9 at night, or first thing in the morning. Realize that taking spring cleaning one hour at a time (or 15 minutes at a time) is a perfectly acceptable thing to do. Just don’t start any project that you can’t finish in one, spontaneous go.

Brighten the Mood

Next, do everything you can to brighten the mood. This means lights (preferably sunlight), music, and perhaps even some company! Just because you’re cleaning, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. You may roll your eyes at this, but really – an attitude adjustment can make a world of difference.

Blast your favorite music, take short dance breaks, play basketball with the garbage can/pile, and have fun telling stories, talking, or watching the TV while you work. Try to not let these things distract you too much, but better to take more time cleaning and be happy about it, than be miserable for the whole thing.

Admire Your Work

But before you run off to your fun movie night or whatever you have planned after cleaning, take a moment to admire your work. Check out the massive pile of garbage you are getting rid of and roll around on your squeaky-clean floors. Stand back and admire the organized closet and enjoy the spotless walls.

The more pride you take in your work, the better you’ll feel about yourself, the time you spent, and your accomplishments. It will also motivate you to keep things clean, so that next spring, you won’t have to work quite so hard. Not to mention you get to keep a clean house all year round!

So, don’t let spring cleaning intimidate you! This is your chance to restore order to the chaotic universe that is your home.

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