10 Fun Summer Activities for Kids, Under $10

Summer is almost upon us! The kids are out of school, the weather is finally started to get warmer, and everyone has their summer plans all-ready and planned out. Or do they? Are you ready for summer? Are you ready to keep your kids busy and entertained? Here is a great list of summer activities for kids that are guaranteed to keep your kids entertained all summer long!

#1 The Classics- No matter how old you or your family gets there are some summer classics that will always be fun. Here are just a few of those summer classics that will not cost you an arm and a leg:

  • Chalk- Drawing pictures with your sidewalk chalk is so much fun for little kids, if you have older kids they might enjoy chalk games like hopscotch, body outlines, and box out, tic tac toe, bounce out, four square, connect the dots, self-portraits. You can even do some of these fun chalk ideas as adults or for a fun/cheap date.
  • Jump rope- Another classic, you can’t go wrong with some jump rope or double dutch if you want something you can all do together.
  • Hoola Hoop- You can do so much with hoola hoops, like play hoola hoop. But you could also create a giant bubble, or human ring toss.
  • Bubbles- Time to experiment: instead of simply blowing regular sized bubbles try making your own bubble soap. Then use different objects around the house to make different sized bubbles.
  • Sprinkler/Pool- A cheap but fun summer classic is to run through a sprinkler or go swimming at the local pool. Or, if it costs money to go to the pool you can get creative and find a way to make your own outdoor pool. Use a giant tub, kiddie pool, back of a truck, etc.

#2 Outdoor Movie Night- Most any place that has a park will do weekly or monthly outdoor movie nights during the summer. These are great fun and are perfect summer activities for those of you who want to get out of the house without paying an arm and a leg. Bring some snacks and blankets from home and be prepared to sprawl out on the grass and enjoy an outdoor movie.

#3 Picture Scavenger Hunt- There are so many lists online that you can use as a base of ideas for where you can get scavenger hunt ideas. Simply use some of those and add your own depending on where you are going to go and what you think you will be able to find on your trek. Once you have a list you can split into groups and go looking for the items on your list and taking a picture of each item as you find them.

#4 Local Library Fun- Your local library is not just a place for reading books. You can also check out movies, download music, or participate in groups like story time, parties, games, movies, and other activities that are usually free or very inexpensive. You can also join a summer reading program that you can participate in as a family.

#5 DIY Picnic Lunch- Let your kids make their very own lunches and pack them up. Then go to the backyard or a local park and have fun eating your DIY lunches. Your kids are much more likely to eat the things they made or picked out themselves.

#6 Campout with Bonfire- You can use your tent or borrow one from a family member or friend and simply do a little camping trip to the backyard. But don’t forget the bonfire! You are sure to a have a lot of fun with your family while you cook food over the fire and tell stories.

#7 Relay Races with Water- Turn the backyard into a giant relay race and invite the neighbor kids to join in on the fun. You could even make it a multi-family event. Use things like pool noodles to create obstacle courses, string to tie ankles together for three legged races, and water balloons for a water balloon toss and water fight.

#8 Pick the Craft Day/Visit Craft Class- Let your child pick a craft (out of a few that you have chosen for possibilities) and do that craft together. Or, you could check out your local craft store and see what kind of classes they have available for kids.

#9 Local City/Park Activities- Your local city and park will have more activities during the summer like festivals, movies, farmer’s markets, etc. Check out these fun activities with your family without spending too much money.

#10 Make a Movie- You know what almost anyone can do these days? Make a movie! Have one of your family members write a script then you can all dress up, direct, and act out your movie.

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