7 Tips for Quick Workouts

“I want to exercise, but I just don’t have any time.” Does that sound familiar?
Many people claim they have no time to exercise, but it’s easier than you think to squeeze a quick workout into your day.

Here are some tips on how to get moving:

Start Small

Anything is better than nothing, even if it is only 5 minutes. HIIT (high intensity interval training) consists of short bursts of exercise including cardio and weight lifting. You can find all sorts of HIIT workouts on-line and even phone apps to keep you on track during your sets.

HIIT training also has the benefit of increasing strength and endurance faster than a regular exercise program. Who knows, a 5 minute quick workout could eventually turn into 10, then 30 or more if you stick with it!

Use Alternate Methods of Transportation

A great way to get a quick workout is to fit exercise into your daily life. Bike, walk or run to work if possible, or just park farther away than you usually do and take the stairs instead of the elevator. Even better, take two stairs at a time or increase your speed each time on the way up.

Walk and Talk

Instead of sitting while chatting on the phone or talking to a coworker, take a stroll. Could you have that meeting with a co-worker walking instead of sitting in a conference room? What about actually seeing your friend face to face and taking a walk instead of endless texting? Even better, add a pedometer to all these walks. Studies show that if you wear a pedometer you will be more likely to challenge yourself to take more steps during the day!

Get Quick Workouts at Work

Does your office have a gym? Could you spend your lunch break there or take a walk instead of staying at your desk? If you are strapped to your desk all day you can still fit in some exercise. Take frequent breaks (set an alarm if you have to) to stretch or do a set of squats or calf raises, etc. You could even bring in a small set of weights and do some 1-5 minute sets of lifting exercises. Try switching out your chair for a stability ball (which works your core all day long).

Work Out at Home

If you have kids it might seem impossible to exercise, but there is hope. You can strap your kids into the stroller and bring them with you on a walk or run or simply join in their silliness and play with them. Try playing a game of soccer or baseball.

You can also do small exercises during mundane chores like squats to pick up toys or calf raises while cooking dinner; lift that bottle of laundry soap a few times before measuring. Workout DVD’s are great because you can pause them to help a screaming baby and come back.

Can’t miss your favorite TV show? Workout while you watch! You could shed pounds by simply getting off the couch each episode.

Ante Up

If you have a personal investment in your workouts in general, even your quick workouts you are more likely to follow through. There are tons of weight-loss competitions or workout schedule prizes available. If you can’t find one, start your own with your friends, winner gets the jack pot! If you are a runner, sign up for a marathon or a race, you will have to do some training to finish.

Stay Accountable

Track your progress and record each work out. Not only will it help you feel better and motivate you, you are more likely to keep going or at least notice if you are slipping.

You will experience even more motivation if you can find a source of support: a spouse, personal trainer, friend, coach, whoever can cheer you on and remind you of your commitments and goals.

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