The Importance of Being Charitable

Americans today are always looking for ways that they can save a few dollars. Although many people wish that they made more per hour, sometimes all it takes to have more money is to just redistribute how you are spending it.
Money seems to be something that no one has but everybody wants. We all recognize this is true, but we don’t seem to be doing much about it.

Focus Less on Money

Something that could help our society as a whole would be if we could take the emphasis off money a little bit. For many people, all they think about is money.

They are constantly thinking about how their lives could be better if they just had more money. They would be able to buy a nicer house, a newer car, more clothes, and they would just be happier.

Many people dream of having a lot of money, but these people also usually know that money can’t buy happiness. Yet, they still struggle to truly internalize the idea that they don’t need excessive amounts of money to be happy.

Money Doesn’t Equal Happiness

Just look at the people in the world who have a lot of money. You have probably thought of various celebrities, actors, actresses, and owners of big businesses.

They may have a lot of money, but does that mean they are happy? Usually people with a lot of money still describe the most important things in their life to be their family and friends.

The most important things to them are things that they creative and that they are proud of. They usually mostly highly value the things in life that they truly love.

The things that people truly love are usually people. Their family members, their closest friends, and their spouse and children are usually the people that are loved most.

Think of What You Have That Others Don’t

That being said, not having to struggle for the necessities in life is something that people everywhere should be able to enjoy. There are still millions of people around the world who do not have access to clean drinking water.
They usually also do not have adequate shelter or clothing either. We who live in a stable industrialized country seem to take what we have for granted.

We feel that what we have isn’t ever enough. Our house isn’t enough.
Our car from 2003 isn’t new enough, isn’t nice enough. We constantly feel like we need more.

Consider Volunteering

There is a cure for feeling like this. You do not have to succumb to those thoughts of feeling sorry for yourself and always wanting more.

There are several ways that you can be charitable and give to those who do not have as much as you do. There are many, many nonprofit organizations around the United States that you can volunteer for.

There are many different kinds of volunteering opportunities within these organizations. If you want to travel the world and literally go help people who live in developing countries, you can do this.

The Peace Corps accepts volunteers every year. Usually for the Peace Corps, you have to have a bachelor’s degree from a university and some relevant experience in the field that you would like to volunteer in.

There are many things you can do to volunteer without leaving the country, though. You can volunteer at organizations like United Way or UNICEF.

Organizations like these are always in need of loving volunteers who are trying to do their part to make a difference in their world. Oftentimes you can better see the impact you’re making on the world because the effects of your work can be seen all around you in your own community.

Look for Service Opportunities

There are still even more ways that you can help your fellow man and give back to your community. There are simple acts of service all around us.

If you want to make someone’s day better, all you need to do is simply smile at someone as you walk down the street. If you’re at work, smile at someone at work.

Give your co-worker a compliment on their outfit. Ask them about their day and about their life.
People feel valued when people take an interest in them. Be genuinely interested in what they have to say and in getting to know them better.

When you do this, you will feel your love for your fellow man grow. You will feel bonded with your co-workers, associates, family members, and friends.

You will see that by serving you learn to love those around you. And by serving, you come to love yourself as well.
Service is love, and love is service. Be charitable and reap the benefits today.

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