The 2014 Souper Bowl of Caring

While most people were getting ready for the big game this past weekend Check City had the priveledge of helping local news station KUTV with the Souper Bowl of caring. For those of you who aren’t familiar the Souper Bowl is a fundraising event that helps fight child hunger across the state of Utah.

While we like to think of Utah as a place where no Child has to go hungry, child hunger is a growing problem in Utah. While more than 175,000 Utah kids are eligable for free school breakfasts and lunches these kids are not eating well on the weekends. The Souper Bowl of caring was put together to raise money to provide these kids with the food they need on the weekends.

Viewers of the Souper Bowl telthon were encouraged to skip some of the soda and chips that they might have during their Super Bowl parties aand donate part of their Super Bowl party budget to the Souper Bowl of caring.

As always we were blown away by the generosity of our fellow Utahns and to date the Souper Bowl of Caring has been able to raise well over $180,000. Check City was able to offer a donations match of up to $5,000 and we’re excited to say that our goal was met in very little time.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the event, donated and especially KUTV and all of our fellow sponsors for making the 2014 Souper Bowl of Caring a HUGE success! To keep up to date with future opportunities to donate be sure to follow us on facebook and Twitter!

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