4 Great Thanksgiving Service Ideas

Serving Others on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and it is a prime time to serve others who are less fortunate. This is typically one of the most popular times of the year for volunteer work. With all of the celebrations, gifts, and heavy meals, it is a great time to lend a hand to those who are less fortunate. The holiday season can be a very difficult time for many people, so this can be a great time to perform service.

Helping others brings a sense of happiness and worth no matter your circumstances. Whether you have an abundance to share, or are struggling and need to get a sense of perspective for your own life, serving others can be a great way to ground yourself and find peace during the holidays. There are so many different ways to serve others. Here are some great Thanksgiving service ideas:

Soup Kitchens

Consider volunteering at a local soup kitchen to help feed the poor and homeless. Soup kitchens are always looking for people to help setup the service area, collect the food, prepare and serve the food. The kitchens are always grateful for helpers, and usually offer flexible schedules and roles. You can spend the day helping others feel a critical sense of connection.

Meals on Wheels

Deliver meals to the elderly in need. You can usually find opportunities at local churches or organizations to deliver meals to the elderly or others. For a small investment of your time, you can help make a family feel connected and happy during the holidays.


Visit people in nursing homes or hospitals. You can call a nursing home, or hospital, and ask if they have someone who might need company on Thanksgiving. By determining the age and health of the people you’ll visit, you can tailor your visit to their needs. For instance, you might talk, sing, or enjoy a meal with the residents. Consider taking a small gift to make someone’s day a little brighter.


You can be part of a fundraising opportunity for your holiday. You can participate in a race and raise money for a good cause. If you aren’t up to running the 5K, consider volunteering at the event. You can contribute to a good cause and enjoy the air!

There are many great Thanksgiving service ideas. From fundraising to soup kitchens, the opportunities are amazing. Each offers a sense of well-being and connectedness that can ground you into your own life and make you grateful for your own set of challenges. Thank you for reading, we hope you have enjoyed these Thanksgiving service ideas.

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