Helping Others and Yourself by Giving Frugally

The recent so labeled Superstorm Sandy has brought as much hope and evidences of the human spirit to individuals as it has brought damage and destruction to the affected areas. The storm has brought together helping hand from all walks of life and has forced communities to band together in an effort to help each other persevere through this hard time. Sandy has also played a role in reminding people across the country that charitable services are more than something nice to contribute to occasionally but are also valued and necessary for those less fortunate and in need.

This powerful storm that has caused so much damage has brought out the good of human nature. Caring and helping have become the standard whereas selfishness and greed have been shelved. With the holiday season approaching, people across the country hope to see this trend of lifting others increase and efforts to do so are cropping up around the nation.

For those with a strict budget, however, the opportunity to donate to charitable institutions may seem like a financial incapability. For those who find themselves in the predicament to donate but who are not sure if they can afford it, or for those who wish to be frugal while still helping others, consider some alternative ways to donate to various charities. One way to give a meaningful donation to a charity without having to write a massive check is by giving of one’s self.

Giving of your time to help volunteer in any capacity with any charity is one way to donate value without donating monetary value. And in many ways, spending the time to help is in many ways is more rewarding than writing a big check.

Another helpful donation to charities beyond giving simple money is be donating unwanted or expendable possessions such as old clothes or furniture to those institutions that can use them to better the lives of others.

By giving of one’s time and possessions, an individual or family who wish to remain financially responsible and frugal while giving to others can be of as much more help to the needy as those who donate finances only.


Helping Others and Yourself by Giving Frugally

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