Charity Gives Back More Than It Takes

Charitably contributing your money, supplies and time is a proven method of improving your financial situation. You give away money, and somehow you end up richer then you were before.  It’s counter-intuitive right? But it’s true. People, who have done it, swear by it. So what is it about giving more of yourself that will turn around and help you too?

Some attribute it to God, others to fate. A plausible explanation that could support either argument is charity’s effect on the mind.

Feel Goods
Each time you give something to someone else in need, you feel good about it. You are happier than you are normally and realize at some deeper level that you’ve done something good with what blessings of monetary wealth that you do have. The better you feel about what you’ve done, the more you’re okay with having less money, which leads into the next point.

Being Okay With Spending Less

As you begin to realize that you have less money, you become more money conscious, and hence, more okay with saving it. You will more likely forgo the extra, unnecessary expenses in life and find better ways to save. Instead of buying name brand cereal, you might go for the generic brands that taste almost exactly the same. Instead of buying the new 56” HD TV, you’re going to be happy with your 37” flat screen you bought five years ago.

There really is something to realizing that you can use your money for something better than helping yourself. When you help others with money, you value it less in your own life and want to give more to help other people. The less you value money, the less you’re going to spend it on yourself. Give to others and you’ll end up giving more to yourself than you ever have before. Oxymoron’s are what seem to drive life sometimes.

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