4 Popular Grants for School

There are more opportunities for college students today than ever before. Our world is encouraging everyone to go to school and receive an education. They see the rising generation as the ones who will advance the country. This matter is so important that they are offering students money to do it. What’s that? You didn’t know you could get money to go to school? Private funds offer scholarships to those who excelled in high school. Schools offer similar scholarships. Banks offer some loans as well. The government even takes a stand by offering loans and grants. There are several grants/loans available to people who are simply struggling to pay for their college education. A grant is money given by the government for an express purpose. There are many grants for school offered. Here are four of the most popular grants available to apply for that will provide financial aid for college students:

1. Federal Pell Grant

A Federal Pell grant is by far the most popular. You can receive anywhere between a few hundred to several thousand dollars to help pay for tuition, books and housing. The government affixes a base amount to be given to your college. Visit the financial aid department to find the Pell Grant requirements and how to apply. Applying early helps your chance of being approved and receiving financial aid, so get in there as soon as possible.

2. Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant

These grants are between $100 and $4,000. They are reserved for the students in direst need. Your college’s financial aid department can help you determine if you qualify for this and will help you apply.

3. State Grants

Your state also gets involved and often sets aside money to help students. These programs differ by state, but you can find out more about them on your state’s student-aid or higher-education commission websites.

4. Institutional Grants

These are grants that the college grants itself. Again, these grants are based upon the good will and financial circumstances of your college. Defer to your financial aid office to find out what’s available to you in the form of an institutional grant.

There are also two extensions for the Federal Pell Grant you can apply for:

Academic Competitiveness Grant

Those going into math, science, or social science majors can apply for the Academic Competitiveness Grant which will give you up to $750 for the first year and $1,300 for the second.

National SMART Grant

You could also apply for the National SMART Grant. This grant can give up to $4,000 a year for the third and fourth year of college. These grants are available to math and science majors only, so if you fall under that category, see what you can do to take part in these grants.

People want to help students succeed which means there are a lot of people, schools, foundations, and the government who can help you with school loans and grants. At Check City we want to help as well, sometimes these grants can take some time to come in, so if you need a short term loan or a money order come visit us at any Check City location or our online department.

We hope you have gathered great information on grants for school. Thank you for reading!

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