Last Minute Halloween Amazon Daily Deals

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There are lots of great deals you can take advantage of every single day, with Amazon’s Daily Deals! You won’t believe some of the great things you can find. Every Tuesday we highlight some of our favorite Amazon Daily Deal buys. Here are some of our top picks from today:

*The prices shown below are the sale prices listed at the time of posting.


Last Minute Halloween Items:

Universal Classic Monsters: Complete 30-Film Collection

classic halloween movie collection


Current Sale Price: $69.99
Originally: $149.98
You Save: $79.99‬! (53% off)

If you’re into older, classic movies, then you’ll want to grab up this deal right away! If you hurry, you might even get it by Halloween weekend so you can binge classic monster movies. This box set comes with 30 classic monster films in bluray. The films all come from 1931 to 1956 including films like the original Dracula and The Creature Walks among Us. But the goodies don’t end there, this collection also comes with a collectible book about the films and bonus features.

Hammer Horror 8-Film Collection

horror film collection


Current Sale Price: $17.99
Originally: $35.98
You Save: $17.99! (50% off)

With this deal you literally save as much as you buy! This movie collection includes 8 films from the House of Hammer Horror. Hammer films studio created these Halloween classics from the 1940s through the 1950s. This collection includes cinema classics like Brides of Dracula and The Evil of Frankenstein. The discs are also in bluray and come with theater quality sound.

Jack O Lantern Trick or Treat Bags

trick or treat bags


Current Sale Price: $7.64
Originally: $14.99
You Save: $7.35! (49% off)

Whether you are preparing for trick or treating this Thursday night, or stocking up for Halloween’s to come, this is a fantastic deal. These trick or treat bags have 72 bags in all, and are decorated with fun Jack O Lantern faces.


Getting Ready for Winter:

Cup Warmer for Desk

cup warmer


Current Sale Price: $14.44

This coffee cup warmer has a sleek and simple design. The design is so simple that you don’t have to turn it off and on, it just knows when your cup is on or off the platform by the weight. This is a great gift idea, and a great thing to have in the cold winter months to keep at work or in your home office. It’s an especially great buy as it starts to get colder and warm beverages become what we crave once again.

Knit Pullover Sweater

pullover knit sweater


Current Sale Price: $7.88 to $33.99

Another great thing to get this time of year is new pieces for your wardrobe. Comfy knit sweaters are all the rage right now, and they’re incredibly warm and comfortable as well. They come in all kinds of patterns and colors, including green, yellow, red, and striped.

Fleece Memory Foam Slippers



Current Sale Price: $18.99
Originally: $28.99
You Save: $10.00!

Having some indoor slippers to wear inside your house can be really convenient to keep your feet warm and covered in your home. These slippers have a memory foam cushion, and a super soft fleece lining. So grab these slippers up for yourself or your loved ones so everyone’s feet can stay safe and warm this winter.


Gift Ideas:

Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

sound bar


Current Sale Price: $169.99
Originally: $299.95
You Save: $129.96! (43% off)

Almost everyone has a TV today. A decent sound bar can really upgrade your movie night game. But this soundbar also comes with a subwoofer for extra powerful sound. This Yamaha sound bar also has easy bluetooth connection. Elevate your movie nights, or check someone off your gift list right now by buying this deal up.




Current Sale Price: $254.15
Originally: $299.00
You Save: $44.85! (15% off)

Hoverboards have become incredibly popular this year, making them a fantastic gift idea. This particular hoverboard boasts the ability to go over all kinds of terrain for if you want to take your hoverboard off-roading a bit. The Gyroor hoverboard warrior even comes with a built in sound system!

Wireless Earbuds

wireless earbuds


Current Sale Price: $22.43
Originally: $32.98
You Save: $10.55! (32% off)

Everyone wants the ease of wireless earbuds! These bluetooth headphones even come with their own small case. The buds are extremely lightweight for maximum comfort. It even has touch controls, so you can just tap the bud to answer or end calls, play or pause, or activate voice assistant.


Kindle Monthly Deals

kindle deals


Did you know Amazon has kindle deals every month?! It’s important to keep the joy of reading alive in your life and having your own library to go to is the key. With kindle e-readers this job is easy. Amazon also has great sales on great books going on all the time, and on audiobooks too. So reading lots of new things each year doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Winter Cottage

by Mary Ellen Taylor

kindle sales


Current Sale Price:$1.99 on kindle
Originally:$4.99 (digital) $12.95 (print)
You Save:$10.96! (85% off)

Winter Cottage is a contemporary romance about a girl named Lucy who has recently lost her mother. After grieving Lucy receives a cottage as an inheritance, certain mysteries begin to unfold.

Storm Glass (Harbinger Book 1)

by Jeff Wheeler

amazon book deals


Current Sale Price:$1.99 on kindle
Originally:$4.99 (digital) $14.95 (print)
You Save:$12.96! (87% off)

The whole Harbinger series is on sale right now! This epic series is a coming-of-age fictional novel that takes place in the fantasy world of Theirs. In this magical world the rich live in the sky while the poor are left on the ground, but this paradigm gets tossed on it’s head when Cettie Pratt gets adopted by an admiral and has to learn to live in the skies.

Life in a Medieval Castle

by Joseph Gies

history books


Current Sale Price:$1.99 on kindle
Originally:$16.99 (print)
You Save:$15.00! (88% off)

Are you interest historical nonfiction? Amazon has sales on historical books every day! So you can get your history-fix whenever you want with these book deals. Life in a Medieval Castle was written by acclaimed historians Frances and Joseph Gies. If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, give this book a read since it was one of the sources that George R. R. Martin used in writing his famous books.

Do One Thing Different: Ten Simple Ways to Change Your Life

by William Hudson O’Hanlon

self help books


Current Sale Price: $1.99 on kindle
Originally:$16.99 (print)
You Save: $15.00! (88% off)

It’s the 20th anniversary of this great self-help book. Bill O’Hanlon is a renowned therapist whose book teaches you his 10 solutions to leading a smoother life and getting out of the ruts life likes to put you in.

Dear Martin

by Nic Stone

kindle book sales


Current Sale Price: $2.99
Originally: $7.99
You Save: $5.00! (63% off)

Dear Martin is a highly recommended bestseller about a young boy who decides to start a journal where he writes to Martin Luther King Jr. The endless positive reviews and recommendations of this New York Times bestselling book speak for themselves.


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