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Making more Money

Everyone needs it and most people could use a little more of it. Money is a seemingly necessary evil in the modern world and is something that most individuals and families could use more of.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the median household income of American families fell 2.3 percent from the year 2009 to 2010, and has dropped 7 percent since the year 2000. With the gradual decline in average yearly income for families, there may be many individuals and heads of households who are now looking for more ways to make money and support their families.

Get a Second Job

The first thing that person in need of a little more cushion to their funds can do to make more money is straight forward but not simple—work another job. There is little substitute for that which can be brought in by old fashioned, dirty nosed, hard, hard work.

And the same is true with making money. By taking on a second job, an individual or provider for a family can instantly boost their family’s funds.

But taking on a second job can be an extremely difficult task for most people. Having a second job means less time with family and loved ones, less personal time to relax and recover, and less time spent with other responsibilities like school, church, or volunteer work.

Because of the great sacrifice that those working two jobs are required to make in order to make more money for themselves and for their families, those who are considering working two jobs may wish to consider working a part time job. Instead of two part time jobs or two full time jobs, the combination of a full time and a part time job will yield the most in the ration of money to time spent away from home.

Save More Money

The next way for a family to make more money is simply to spend less. While this may be classified under the “save money” column and not the “make money column”, by spending less a family will have more and thereby accomplish the same goal.

Additionally, the money one saves is actually worth more to that person that income from a job because the money that is saved is not taxed. So the adage “a penny saved is a penny earned” can really be stated “a penny saved is a penny earned plus tax.”

To start saving more of one’s money instead of spending it, a person or a family should consider setting and sticking to an organized budget. Maintaining a consistent budget is a fundamental step to financial success.

With a strictly adhered to budget, a person can spend less, save more, and therefore increase their personal profit. The principles of creating a budget can be found online with a simple search, and the details of what to include in the budget and what to spend on each item in the budget can be determined on an individual basis according to the needs and capabilities of the family or individual.

Ask For a Raise

Along with picking up an extra job and spending less with the use of a budget, a person can make more money by asking for a raise at their current job. Asking for a raise can be an intimidating prospect, but if successful, the rewards can be great.

Not only will asking for a raise eliminate the need to secure another job in order to make more money, but often a raise will be accompanied by an increase in responsibilities if not an outright promotion. The best way for a person to successfully ask for a raise at work is by showing the boss or upper management one’s quality contributions to the company.

If an employee is efficient, hardworking, and successful in their duties then they make their company extra money or save their company extra money. Either way, their company will be thankful for their efforts and will be cooperative with the employee seeking a raise because of the need that employee has create for themselves within the company.

In a similar way, a person can ask for a raise or simply receive a raise in the job if they will invest in and receive additional education or training that will make them more of an asset to their current company. Community Colleges are typically relatively inexpensive and can promote an individual’s personal qualifications and certification to the point where companies will increase their pay and job duties to reflect the individual’s enhanced capabilities.

Make Money With Check City

In addition to all of the way’s we’ve just outlined many people aren’t aware that Check City offers several ways for people to make some extra money from home. Check City realizes that some of our best customers come from word of mouth marketing. For that reason we are more than happy to offer referral commission for each customer that you send our way. Depending on whether you go with our referral program or sign up as one of our affiliates you can make anywhere from $30-$100 for each funded loan. This can be a great way to not have to do any extra work but make money by referring any of your friends, family or neighbors that may be in need of our services.

By striving to continue to work hard, and by now striving to work smart, an individual can increase their income through the above tips and techniques.

How to Make Money Blogging with the Check City Affiliate Program

In our previous affiliate post we outlined a number of different ways that you can go about promoting the Check City Affiliate program. While several of the methods that we outlined will provide quick referrals, like posting the links on your own Facebook or Twitter accounts there are some methods that will take more time to build up but will provide a lasting income. If you are serious about making money with the Check City affiliate program we highly recommend looking into building out a website or a blog to promote your affiliate links. To help you get started with setting up a blog we’ll answer several common questions that people have when they set up their first blog.

What is Blogging?

The word “blog” itself is short for the phrase “web log” which describes what blogs were originally created for which was to allow people to create a daily or weekly log of their activities, much like an online journal. Today’s blogs are used for the same purpose but the platforms that they’re built on have turned out to be a great way to build traditional websites as well.

How to Set Up a Blog?

When it comes to How to set up a blog there are several options, the option you choose really just depends on your personal preference. When setting up your blog the first thing that you need to decide is which platform you want to build it on. If you are looking for the easiest and fastest way to build a blog you can use a hosted option such as the blogs found on Blogger, Tumblr, and Weebly. The nice thing with the hosted options is the fact that you wont have to worry about security and with most of them you’ll still be able to point your own custom domain name at these blogs which will make marketing and building your brand easier. To see which platform you like the most you can go to any of those sites and set up a blog and see which user interface you like using the most.

What Should You Blog About?

Once you figure out where you want to host your blog, the next step is to figure out what topics you want to blog about. When it comes to choosing a topic to blog about there are several options, the great thing with the services that we offer is the fact that they appeal to a wide range of people since nobody is immune from financial hardships so whatever you want to blog about will be fine. Some people choose to place our affiliate banner ads and links on their family blog while others choose to target people who are more interested in financial topics such as budgeting and investing.

Finding Blogging Topics

As you start to decide which route would be best for you we recommend using the Google Keyword Tool to see what people are searching for. By using the Google Keyword Tool you’ll be able to see exactly how many times people are searching for phrases in Google. Once you find a phrase or topic that has a good number of searches each month you can then start writing about that topic in a number of different ways. Usually if someone comes to your site searching for a “How to” type of phrase like “How to start a budget” and they learn something while they’re at your site they’ll be more likely to stick around and click on the affiliate links that you have on the site. It will be best to write about 3-5 blog posts each week, they should usually be about 300-500 words in length each. Use the Google Keyword Tool to find phrases that would attract a lot of visitors.

How to Promote Your Blog

Once you’ve chosen the topic for your blog and have started creating content on a regular basis the next step is to start promoting your blog. There are a number of ways that you can promote your blog including telling people about it on your personal facebook and Twitter accounts as well as creating Youtube videos that are related to the topics that you cover on your blog and then linking to your site. No matter how you decide to promote your blog remember that the whole goal is to get as many links pointing to your site as possible whether it’s from social media sites, other blogs, or articles that you write. By creating all these links the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing will be able to see that there is a lot of buzz about your site and will start to rank it higher in the search results.

If you have any additional questions about how you can use a blog to make money with the Check City affiliate program be sure to leave them in the comments section below.

How to Promote Affiliate Links

In our previous affiliate post we announced the launch of our newly revamped affiliate program. As we mentioned we’re extremely excited to be partnered with Commission Junction in the promotion of our affiliate program. By combining Commission Junctions industry leading affiliate tracking software with our world class service we’ve created a winning combination for all of our affiliates. If you are new to our affiliate program, welcome, we’re excited to have you! In this post we’ve outlined several ways that you can promote our affiliate links throughout the internet.

Shorten Up Your Links Once you’ve set up your affiliate account with commission junction you’ll be able to go through and generate your unique affiliate URL. Your unique affiliate URL will make it so that we will be able to track which customers you’ve referred to our company. An important thing to keep in mind is that your unique affiliate URL can tend to be a bit long so for that reason one of the first things we recommend doing is shortening your affiliate link with a service like was created specifically for the purpose of shortening URL’s so that they can be posted easily on different social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Once you’ve created your shortened link you’ll be ready to start promoting your link.

Promote, Promote, Promote!

If you currently have a twitter following sending out a tweet to your followers can be a great way to quickly and easily get people clicking on your affiliate link. Since you are limited to the number of characters you can use on Twitter you’ll definitely want to set up a link before sending out a tweet. If you don’t currently have a Twitter account or you don’t want to send your friends and family that follow your personal account an affiliate link then you can set up an account specifically for promoting our affiliate program. (If you are in fact concerned about tweeting out an affiliate link to your friends and family we recommend rethinking the possibility as you’d be surprised how many people you know that could act it can be a great way to). Regardless of which route you go always make it a goal to provide good quality information when you tweet, provide links to articles about budgeting, mortgages, investing, etc.. Then every once and awhile you can send out Tweets related to Check City services with your affiliate link included. To follow affiliate marketing best practices you should always inform people that the link they’re clicking on is an affiliate or sponsored link.

Facebook- Facebook is another great way to share your affiliate link. As a Check City affiliate there are a number of ways that you can utilize Facebook to promote your affiliate links whether it’s through your own account, fan pages that you’ve set up or even fan pages that you can network with to get them to promote your affiliate links with you the options are really endless. As we mentioned with Twitter it always best to provide good quality information when your interacting in a social setting and when you do decide to drop affiliate links let them know that it is a sponsored or affiliate link.

Blogging- Whether you use Blogger, Wordrpess, Tumblr or Weebly blogging is an excellent way to promote your affiliate links. As part of our program we’ve created a large number of tools for our affiliates to be able to utilize. Once you’ve signed up with Commission Junction and have applied to be part of our affiliate program you’ll have access to a wide range of links, as well as text and banner ads that we’ve created specifically for our affiliates. We’ve spent years testing and fine tuning our banner ads to ensure highest click through rates for our affiliates. In addition to placing banner ads on your site we’ve also found that affiliates that do several blog posts related to the topic prepare their referrals making them more likely to fill out the form.

Youtube Videos- Creating and posting videos to Youtube is a great way to get your affiliate links out there; a video will allow you to educate people about the services that Check City offers before they click on the link in the description which makes them more likely to complete the form on the next page. There a hundreds of different types of videos that you can create including educational, informative and even testimonial or review videos if you’ve personally used our services in the past. The videos that you create can even be used to

Instagram can be a powerful tool in sharing your Check City affiliate links. Due to the small amount of space that you have for your description you’ll definitely want to create a URL for posting links to Instagram. Promoting links on Instagram typically works best by posting pictures of things you’ve purchased or plan to purchase with money that you’d get or have gotten from a Check City loan. Posting pictures of a computer, ipad, or a new pair of shoes and saying something like, “I LOVE these shoes, might have to pay a visit to Check City” and then linking with your affiliate link is a very non-threatening way to share your affiliate link.

There are literally hundreds of ways to go about promoting your Check City affiliate links, if we’ve missed any of your favorite methods feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Join The Check City Affiliate Program!

Check City is proud to announce the launch of our newly revamped affiliate program. Check City has been in business since 1989 and ever since we opened our doors we’ve seen that some of our best business comes from word of mouth marketing and referral from our loyal customers. By offering friendly and fair service to all of our customers we’ve been able to grow to 71 locations nationwide and now with the technology available to us with the internet we’ve been able to take that same principle of word of mouth advertising and apply it on a much larger scale by allowing people all over the world to refer their friends, family and website visitors to use our services.

In this post we want to cover some of the common questions that people have when they hear about our affiliate program to help anyone that is interested get going as quickly as possible.

What is an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs, also known as referral or partner programs are a type of performance-based marketing in which you can get paid for sending customers our way. We’ve set up our affiliate program so that each time you refer a somebody to our website and they either fill out an application you’ll get paid. If they fill out the application and they end up qualifying for a loan you’ll get paid even more.

How Does The Affiliate Program Work?

When you sign up to be one of our affiliates you’ll be given a unique affiliate URL that you can then turn around and post on your own website or on a wide range of social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and more. Whenever somebody visits our website by clicking on your affiliate link and either fills out the form or gets a funded loan you will get paid for that transaction. The great thing about having your unique affiliate URL is that when visitors click on it, they don’t have to fill out the form or apply right then, we’ll be able to track that visitor for up to 30 days so that if they come back to our website anytime in the next 30 days after you sent them to our site you’ll get credit for any transaction that takes place.

How Much Can You Make?

With the Check City affiliate program how much you make is entirely up to you. Remember, you are paid each time someone fills out an application and each time someone gets a loan funded through us so the more people you send to our site, the higher your chances are to make more money. In addition to getting paid for each application and funded loan we also have bonuses for higher volume so the higher number of loans you get processed each month, the higher the payout.

Where Do You Sign Up?

To get started promoting the Check City affiliate program you’ll need to set up an account with Commission Junction. You can do this by going to our affiliate page and clicking on the sign up link. If you already have an account with Commission Junction you can log in to your account and apply to be a part of our affiliate program.

What is Commission Junction?

Commission Junction is the top affiliate network in the industry. Affiliate networks are simply businesses that manage affiliate programs for other companies. The reason we’ve teamed up with Commission Junction is because they have invested a considerate amount of time and money into their affiliate tracking technology. With their technology they are able to track who is referring visitors to our website, where those visitors are coming from. They also keep a running total of how many commissions you’ve earned during the month and they make sure that you get paid.

Do I have to be a Check City customer to sign up?

Being an existing Check City customer is a bonus, but not required. Our affiliate program is open to all who are interested in promoting our services. It’s important to point out that Payday Loan and Cash Advance customers have a specific set of needs in their life and to be able to effectively “speak” to these customers it does help to have an understanding of how the process works. If you find yourself referring a lot of visitors to our landing pages but nobody is applying it may be worthwhile to go through the application process yourself so that you can gain an understanding of how the process works so that you can better prepare your referrals in your marketing messages.

If you have any additional questions about our affiliate program be sure to contact us at any time.

How to Make Extra Money

With the rising prices of gas, rent, and food it seems more and more Americans are finding their bank accounts on empty at the end of the month leaving thousands of people wondering how to make extra money. If you have found yourself in the situation where you need some extra money the good news is that in this day and age that are many, many ways to be able to make extra money.

To decide which route for making extra money is best for you the first thing that you need to do is figure out is how much do you need, and whether it’s a onetime need such as unexpected bills or if it’s going to be a new monthly expense that you should work into your budget. The reason for figuring this out is the fact that some of the options that we mention below like short term or payday loans work out better for getting money quickly for a one-time expense than they do for long term on going expenses.

Also, it’s good to look and see if this expense really is a need or if it’s just something frivolous that you want such as recreational vehicles, a vacation home, or a time share. Before taking on this expense you should ask yourself if it’s something that is really worth the extra effort or expense that it is going to create or if it’s something that you can wait to purchase until you have the cash in hand.

Make Extra Money Fast

Payday Loans- While online payday loans can sometimes have a negative connotation, in most instance when you need quick money now, and know that payday is only a few days away they make complete sense. Payday loans especially make sense when you compare the affordable fees to the huge expense that banks might charge on an overdraft fee or the hassle of having your utilities paid off or car repossessed. Payday loans from Check City are surprisingly simple to apply for either online or at one of our many locations.

Sell Your Scrap Gold- Everyone seems to have some scrap gold laying around their house. Whether it’s the pair of broken earring that you keep telling yourself you’re going to get fixed or a ring from a previous marriage it can all still make you the extra money you need right now. Most people don’t know that in addition to gold they can get paid on other precious metals they might have laying around the house as well such as silver.

Make Extra Money With by Working More

Get a Second Job- In some cases you may find that you need extra money on a regular basis, if this seems to be the case you will eventually run out of scrap gold to sell. If you find yourself in this situation, it may be time to look into a second job.

Before you begin looking for a second job make sure it’s something that is right for you. Take one last look at your finances; see if there are any expenses you can cut before taking on a second job. Believe it or not, Cable is not a need; also, more and more people are cutting internet service to their house because they can already get internet on their mobile phones. In fact, some of the Android and Apple based smart phones also have the ability to be turned into a mobile wifi hotspot so that you can use them to provide internet to all of the devices around the house.

Once you’ve assessed your budget the next thing to do is take a look at your schedule, oftentimes people will rush into a second job only to end up needing to hire a babysitter to watch the kids because they can only get shifts while the other parent is working which usually negates the benefit of working the second job. Also, when looking for second jobs look for jobs that might be able to be done from home or on a piece work basis that way you can do them whenever is convenient for you.

If you’ve done all the things we’ve mentioned above and you still find that it’s necessary to get a second job, remember to be smart about it. If you have the luxury of not having to rush into this second job take the time to be picky. Look for companies that offer the most, some companies will actually offer full time benefits for part time employees, little things like that can make some part time jobs much more worthwhile than others.

Negotiate a Raise- Before you go looking for a second job you should look into how you can improve your situation at your current place of employment. When it comes to getting a raise, each company is a little different and it can always be a bit of a process but if you’re willing to go through the trouble it will usually pay off in the end. The easiest time to get a raise is after you’ve completed a big project that will pay off for the company or after you’ve had a record month in sales. If you don’t have any of those accomplishments to use as reason for your raise then look at your current situation and think of ways that you can make a difference for your company. Anything that you can do to improve the bottom line for your company will pay off for you in the end.

In addition to getting a raise it’s also possible to free up extra money in your personal budget by shifting some of your monthly expenses to the company you work for by getting them to pay for it. For example, common perks that employers will sometimes offer include paying for your cell phone, paying for fuel expenses, health benefits, paid vacations, etc.. Employers offer these kinds of benefits because they want to reward loyal employees. Companies don’t like the hassle of going through the hiring and training process, the expenses associated with interviewing, training, and hiring a new employee are oftentimes astronomical. Because of the high costs associated with brining on a new employee they usually want to reward employees that show loyalty so if you’ve been with a company for a while and have a good relationship with your employer it may be worth seeing what kinds of perks they’re willing to offer to you.

Make Extra Money From Home

Start a Home Business- In addition to improving the situation at your current job you could also look into starting a home based business. If you decide to go this route it’s important to understand that just because it’s a home based business doesn’t mean that it’s any easier to get up and off the ground, it is still a business. Oftentimes people think that because it’s a home based business they can just sit back and relax in their pajamas while checks show up in the mail and that is not the case. If this is your first experience ever running a business it might be best to start off with a network marketing opportunity. Network marketing opportunities can sometimes be seen as negative businesses because nobody wants to hit up their friends and family to pitch them on a business but they are a great way for individuals who have never run a business to learn how to market a product or service without the business licensing and other expenses that go into a traditional business.

Make Money Online- In addition to starting a traditional business from home, you could also look into making money online. If you decide to go this route it’s important that you understand you will run into a lot offers out there that sound too good to be true, and they always are. Most of them will say that you can make thousands of dollars within hours of buying their “wonder product.” Making money online takes just as much work to get off the ground as any other business. The good news though is that there is plenty of free information throughout the internet that can show you exactly how to start making money online.


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