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How to Make Money Online for Beginners

In our previous post we covered 6 ways to make money fast, in today’s post we’re going to talk about how to make money online with 3 super simple resources. You may have a plethora of things to sell at a garage or yard sale, but you may not actually have a garage, or yard, much less a neighborhood that would be ready and willing to stop and shop. That’s when you decide to sell things online, because there’s always the possibility that they might have more value than you could get at the local Good Will or Salvation Army.
But how do you start to make money online? Well, it’s not as difficult as you might think. Here are a few websites you can avail of to list your treasures.

Sell on eBay

eBay is an old classic, but you have to know how it works. Depending on what you have to offer, there are times when customers will get into a bidding war over your item and the price continues to soar until time runs out and the item is sold. Then there are times when you post the lowest asking price and it sells for just that; $0.50.

You can’t necessarily predict what you’re going to end up getting for anything you post. However, this is a great site to use for selling collectors’ items, such as unopened Action Figures or first edition Pokemon cards. You can usually start the bidding prices for these higher than you would for your scarf collection.

Sell on Etsy

You should sell on Estsy if you have anything handmade to sell. If you make your own key chains or clothes or well, anything, you can make money online by posting it on Etsy. There is no better place to sell your creative talents, as people are always searching for something new, different, unique, and quirky.

Vintage (20 years or older) also sell on Etsy. If you have vintage items though, be careful how you price. Don’t hide any imperfections on your vintage items. In fact, take pictures of the product from every angle, and especially close up on the imperfections. It will most likely still sell, but by being up front you won’t have any trouble with product misrepresentation because you’ll have proof that you displayed everything ahead of time; the missing button, the small stain, or the broken stitches.

Sell on Amazon

Almost everyone loves to buy things on Amazon but what does it take to sell on Amazon? The first key to making money online is knowing your target market. One group that’s easy to target on Amazon is students. Students love to use amazon, and not just for their student discounts. If you have books, and especially textbooks, that you’re willing to sell at a cheaper price, Amazon is the place to do it. This is the first place students will look to find the books they need for the upcoming semester, and they’re not afraid to buy used.

Selling on Amazon is not just great for students but anyone who works hard also plays hard, so it’s also a great place to sell any used DVDs, Blu-Rays or video games of any kind.

Indoor Yard Sales

Be aware that when you’re selling things online, you may have to wait a little longer before the cash is in your hands. However, social media sites like Facebook have facilitated the advent of local indoor yard sale groups. Find one or two close to you and you’ll have access to a group of local people who respond quickly and are willing to pick up their items (and save you the hassle of shipping) and pay immediately for them.

Groups like this are great forums for advertising gently used clothes, old furniture (old and shabby or fairly new, post it and see!) and unwanted décor. You’d be surprised what some people would consider a “need to have” on these sites.

Advertise your items on any and all social media sites you belong to and maybe your friends will pitch in share for you. Just remember to keep your prices reasonable and to ship efficiently for good reviews. Be sure to ask your customers to leave positive comments on your seller profiles. This will boost your reputation as a trusted seller and people will be more likely to buy from you in the future without hesitation.

And finally, if you are not shipping your item, no matter who you are selling to or what you are selling always put your safety and the safety of your family first. Where possible don’t invite customers to pick up at your home, especially if you’re alone – consider meeting in the parking lot of a busy store. If that’s not possible, have friends available to hang around until the purchase has been picked up and the customer has left.

What are some of your favorite ways to make money online? Do you like selling things on craigslist or other classified sites? Let us know in the comments section below!

How to Make Money Work for You

Money can be a very slippery substance and if you don’t know what to do with it, someone else will. It takes decisive action to fight the urge to become a slave to money and eventually make money work for you. Here are some crucial steps to making money work for you.

Minimize Expenses

The old saying “a penny saved is a penny earned” is no less true today as it was back in Benjamin Franklin’s day. That means that if you really want to keep a hold of your finances, you really need to make sure that you are spending everything the second you get an extra dollar. It takes proper planning and good strategic thinking to really minimize your expenses. Resourcefulness is a major thing to think about because when we are talking about minimizing your expenses we aren’t suggesting that you go without completely, but that you are using what you have to supplement some of those additional expenses. This can be an affordable way to go about things.

Keep at least 10%

As a rule of thumb, make sure that you are keeping at least 10% of your earnings. There are so many people that just live for the here and the now. This is great if you want to be like the grasshopper that never saved up for the winter. If you are industrious and are willing to save a little here and there, you will be much better off in the end. Not only will you be better off, but you will also be in a better position to help the people that you love.

Passive income

When you have a steady cash flow and good savings it is time to start thinking about passive income. This is where money is generated from sources that may take a little capital to start but will continue to build up over time to create a stream of income in the long run. Stocks and Bonds are good examples and so are properties that you rent out. These will help you build on that income.

Increase your salary

Whether it means that you step up your game so you can get that raise, or just making adjustments so that you can have a side business to bring in a little extra money on the side, it is a good idea to increase your salary. When you go asking for a raise, make sure that you are adding value to the company overall. There are a lot of ways that can approach your boss to make sure that you secure that raise in the end, but one of the most effective is to come up with a game plan so you are progressing towards a goal and you can clearly state that there has been value added.

It is all about you in the end. It takes an individual who is ready to take responsibility and initiative in order to make money work for them. If you follow these simple steps, you will find that you are in a much better position to have money on your side!

Cashing In on the Holidays

It is that time of year once again. The time of year when loved ones gather and show love to each other through acts of services and kindness and, due to tradition and a sincere desire to make others happy, give gifts.

November and December are collectively known as the holiday season and now is the time of year when most people decide to shift their thoughts to others and, once again, to the gifts they can purchase to show those they care about their love. It is a wonderful time of year, the most wonderful time of year according to a popular seasonal song, and it is made so by the selfless giving of one’s time and money to help lift others.

The Holidays Can Be Expensive!

But because of this spirit of giving, the holiday season is also one of the most expensive times of the year for many families and individuals across the country. In fact, some people even go into debt over the holidays in efforts to purchase all that they think is required to have a successful holiday season.

Make Money During the Holidays?

It is this type of reckless spending during the holidays that can get many families and individuals into financial trouble. But what most people may not know is that the holiday season can also be used by imaginative or industrious individuals to actually make some extra cash in these few short weeks to come.

Work Some Nights

Because of the high stress put on the mercantile and retail industries over the holiday season, there are many corporations and retail stores that are in need of part time and seasonal help in order to cope with the surge of consumer demand. Getting hired on for a few nights a week at a retail store stocking shelves or pricing products is an easy way for a hardworking individual to make a little extra cash off the holidays instead of losing money in the same amount of time.

Sell Things Online

With customers across the country searching for the best deals on their presents and gifts this time of year, an individual looking to make some money off the holidays can also consider selling their unwanted possessions to those who are in the market. Online intermediary sites such as eBay, Craigslist, and can assist private individuals to sell their unwanted items to bargain shoppers across the country.

By taking up the role of a small retailer or boutique owner for just a few weeks during the holiday season, those with quality items around their home that would make good gifts for others can turn a decent profit through online sales. Some knowledge is required to do so, and accounts with various in-between sites may need to be created, but the reward can be well worth it.

Hang Some Lights, Make Some Cash

Other ways to make money this holiday season, not lose it, include searching your neighborhood for odd jobs like hanging decorations or lights or other services that one could offer. An amateur photographer, for example, can make a quick buck by charging for their skills at a local company’s Christmas party or for family Christmas cards.

Refer a Friend, Make Some Cash

In addition to doing things that are directly related to the holidays such as selling products, working for a retailer, hanging decorations etc.. Check City also offers a way to make money by referring your friends or family members who may be in need of some extra money this holiday season. Simply refer your friends and make $30 per referral who gets a loan. It’s just that easy!

Cashing in on the holidays is a great way for a family or individual to turn a normally fiscally draining time of year into a profitable one. Being creative and productive can change this year’s holiday season into a fiscal detriment into a monetary advantage.

Trading like a Pro

So you want to start trading like the professionals, do ya? Well it may not be as hard as you think. If you know what you’re doing trading things like stocks and foreign currency can be a great way to make some extra money. First it takes some planning and understanding of how things work in the economy and markets. Knowing individual markets can make all the difference between making it big and going broke.

At Check City we’ve seen firsthand how much a given market can change from day to day with our

gold buying program since what we pay out to our customers is based on what the market value is that day. It is important to really be dedicated enough to battle the hard times and stay in when it is mind numbing to do so. Trading is definitely not for the faint of heart and make take the heart right out of people but maybe that’s why it is so exciting for people.

Simplify the way you trade and strategize.

There are so many new people coming into the trade with all of their gizmos and gadgets, all of their charts and calculators as if they will be able to accurately predict every step by complicating the simple of things, Trade. You want to go in with the right mindset and that oftentimes, isn’t easy. It means that you meet with people who have learned to follow their instinct based on past experience and exposure to the markets.

Don’t overthink it

Ya the news scares a lot of newbies but it shouldn’t be something that you live by. There are so many guidelines that are broken by the very people that make them. The best are often the worst at following their own rules. It is important to look at the straight facts as they appear, meaning that as you see things moving on the chart that is when you start making your move on the market.

Don’t be impulsive

It’s the same advice you got at drivers ed. Don’t go out driving if you are mad, sad, or in a crazy mood. It often makes for irrational decisions that can destroy your track record and your financial situation. If you are living by the rules of simple forex trading then you will know that properly managing your money means that you aren’t taking things on like a casino but more like an investment that builds over time. When we cut out emotion we also mean that when you lose don’t be hasty to give up or try and win everything back on the next shot. It takes consistency to play the game like a professional.

Keep track of your results

If you are doing well then you should record what you are doing so you can start making winning a habit. What works for you may not work for other people that is why you really create your own recipe for success and you will be much more apt to remember said recipe if you write it down. Also keep strict record of everything that is going on financially with your trade. This will keep you from falling into nasty surprises.

Develop a schedule and routine

Don’t waste your time at the computer all day. It is definitely not worth it and if you have a specific time that you are consistently doing well and you feel comfortable with, you should consider to pursue it further. Find out what time is best for you and your personality. If you are ready to go big in the market and things aren’t changing very fast because it is afternoon then it may take some reevaluation on your part.

Forget what the people around you are saying

There are many that may call you a glorified gambler or as impulsive as the next casino client but you know in your heart of hearts that it takes much more than a gambler’s impulsivity to make any kind of living. People may also discourage you saying that it can’t be handled or done as a profession. It is important to trust yourself and know that there may be opposition but there has also been opposition with some of the greatest minds and hearts of history. If you look at things in this light, than they become much easier to pursue.

Don’t forget to do your homework

There may be a lot of freedom in this industry but there is no lenience for ignorant people. The market will let you know when you have no idea what you are doing and if you are not gaining understanding of how markets trend then you are failing to professionalize. In sum you may find yourself losing out on more opportunities to grow because you maintain the same mindset.
Overall trading can turn into much more than a part time pleasure. It can be a job and a very lucrative one at that.

Planning a Successful Garage Sale

The weekend is upon us and if there’s one thing people love on fall weekends, it’s early morning yard sales. If you’re planning a yard sale this weekend, here are some tips to make sure you can be as successful as possible. Getting rid of your extra stuff and making a little extra cash can be a great way to spend a Saturday. So, how do you make sure that your yard sale is successful? These tips may be exactly what you need to plan and execute a yard sale that is actually successful.

First, you will want to make sure that you know how you are going to define success. Do you want to get rid of as much stuff as possible? Are you in it to make as much money off of your stuff as possible? If it is more important to you to make money, you will need to put a little more effort into the planning and execution of your yard sale than if you are just looking to get rid of as much clutter as possible.

Second, you will need to choose what day is going to work the best for your yard sale. Many people do not give much thought to the date, but if you take some time to consider the date you will find that there are some dates that are going to work better than others. You don’t want to plan your yard sale for a day when there are other local events going on. Competing with local events in the community may diminish the number of people that would have come to your yard sale. You also want to make sure that you keep a pay schedule in mind. Many people get paid toward the end of the month and planning your yard sale at the end of the month can ensure that people have extra cash to spend at your yard sale.

Third, it is important that you have enough time to get everything together that you want to sell. There are a lot of people that do not realize how much time it will take to organize everything that they need to display to sell. Getting everything ready a week beforehand and ensuring everything is perfectly ready to go the night before is a great way to avoid a last minute rush to get everything taken care of.

Fourth, make sure that you have enough stuff out to attract customers. People will simply keep driving if they drive by your garage sale and do not see enough stuff out. Make sure that you have plenty of things out and that you arrange them so they look good from the street. This way, you can be sure that people are attracted to your sale and stop to look at what you are selling.

Fifth, you will want to advertise your sale well. Make sure that everyone knows about your big ticket items and don’t be afraid to make your ads big. Take out a classified ad in the newspaper and advertise online. This way, you can get a lot of people out to your sale. You will also want to put signs up around your neighborhood and even around your town. When you are putting signs up it is important that you make sure the print is large and legible. Some people try to put too much information on their signs, make sure you keep the signs basic. Tell people there’s a garage sale and use an arrow to direct them.

Make sure that people can see where the next sign is and that they are able to easily follow the arrows. This way, you will be able to bring people in to your sale by allowing them to follow the signs that you have posted. When you post your signs make sure that you are allowed to post a sign and that you do not damage the area by posting the sign.

Organizing your merchandise ahead of time will also be beneficial. You want to make sure that similar items are grouped together. By grouping these items together, your customers won’t have to do as much rummaging. Without excessive rummaging, you will be able to keep your things neat and tidy throughout the day.

Finally, make sure that your prices are clear. You want each customer to know how much each item is without having to ask you. By making the prices clear, you can be sure that you are not spending time answering questions when your garage sale starts to get busy. By following these tips you can be sure that your garage sale is as successful as possible.

How to Sell Gold


There are some things when decluttering your life that you want to get rid of but don’t necessarily want to just throw away. Precious metals and jewelry may be one of those things. But you don’t want to sell your gold without doing your research first. By remembering these key points you’ll know exactly how to sell your gold.

Explore this Guide:

When you know that you want to sell your old gold for cash, it is important that you know the best way to sell it. Selling gold for cash may require a little more thought than you would think. Doing a little research ahead of time and making sure that you know how to sell your gold properly will ensure that you get the best price for your gold.

What Can You Sell?

Gold buying is the process of selling your gold and other precious metals of value for cash. Some people use gold buying services like Check City because they have some old jewelry they would like to get rid of in exchange for cash. But it isn’t just gold that you can sell at places like Check City. There are an array of precious metals that you can sell to us for cash.

  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Rings
  • Dental gold
  • Pendants
  • Coins
  • Chains
  • Earrings
  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Silver
  • Platinum


What Determines the Value of Gold?

Check City, and many places where you can sell gold, uses the daily New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) market value to determine the value of the gold you want to sell on the day you want to sell it. The NYMEX is part of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange & Chicago Board of Trade Group (CME Group). On their website you can see for yourself their projections of gold prices for this year.

However, the best way to determine the exact value of your gold is to bring it into a Check City Store near you to have it evaluated that same day by an expert. The person evaluating your gold’s value will look at the NYMEX gold prices that day, and then weigh your gold on a jeweler’s scale.

How is Gold Weighed?

A jewelers scale is a sensitive scale that can weigh in grams and karats. It is also a highly accurate kind of scale in order to get the most accurate price evaluation for your gold and other precious metals. This scale will measure the gold in a Troy ounce. This means that there will be 31.1 grams for every 1 Troy ounce. When you are working with the company or individual that is buying your gold, it is important that you know how much your gold weighs and how much you are getting paid per unit. Some people may try to measure your gold in one unit and then pay you based off of another. Pay attention while your gold is being measured to ensure that you are getting paid what you should be getting paid.

Make sure that the person buying your gold is measuring for the karat fineness of the alloy. A karat equals 1/24 of pure gold by weight. Measuring the karats of your gold before you try to sell may be beneficial. You want to make sure you are getting accurate karat count and getting paid accordingly. Some jewelers may not pay what they should and understanding the karat count ahead of time will ensure you can recognize this and go elsewhere to sell your gold.

If you are trying to sell more than one type of gold, it is important that you do not let two different karat weights get weighed together. You will want each type of metal weighed on its own to ensure you are getting a higher price for the higher number of karats. Be aware of which pieces have the heavier karat weight as you are going to sell them.

Market Value of Gold

The price of gold is constantly changing, so make sure you know how to get ahold of the current price of gold. Talk with a jeweler to ensure you have the accurate price for your gold, or keep up with the gold price projections from the New York Mercantile Exchange. When you know the accurate price of gold before heading in to sell, you can be sure you don’t end up selling the gold for less than it is worth. If someone quotes you for a price that is less than what you’ve heard, don’t be afraid to speak up and talk to them about prices.

Selling Your Gold

Make sure you sell your gold to a person or company that is reputable. You want to be working with a business that is registered with the Better Business Bureau to ensure that any complaints against the company have been resolved properly. Reading through reports on the Better Business Bureau website is a great way to understand the caliber of the company that you are choosing to work with.

Read the Fine Print

Whenever you decide to sell gold it is important that you understand the fine print of any contract that you sign. You should take the time to read through all of the fine print before you sign anything or before you decide to mail your gold in. If you are selling your gold by mailing it in, it is important that you get the package that you are sending insured.

Shop Around for Gold Buyers

Don’t be afraid to shop around. Look to sell your gold to a few different vendors or even a few different individuals. When you can talk with a few different people that are buying gold, you will be able to get a feel for who you really want to be selling your gold to. Don’t be afraid to walk away from the first few people even if you think you will end up walking back into their place of business. Get a feel for a few different buyers and then make your pick.

What You’ll Need to Bring

You have to make sure you bring your I.D. with you when you purchase gold. Every vendor is required to ask for your I.D. before purchasing gold from you. Bring your I.D. the first time around so you don’t have to run home to get your I.D. in order to make the sale official.
When it comes time to sell your gold we hope that you decide to visit your closest Check City Location. If you have any questions about selling your gold for cash feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

See a timeline of the US mint.
See this comprehensive chart for a thorough history of the price of gold.

The Secrets of a Successful Yard Sale

The weekend is almost upon us and for many people that means one thing, YARD SALES! Whether you like making some extra money by putting on your own yard sale or you are a collector looking for that last piece for your collection the whole sub culture of yard sales can be exciting.

In this post we’ll focus more on the aspect of using yard sales as a tool to make some extra money. When it comes to getting money fast there are several options whether it’s putting on a yard sale, putting some items on eBay or getting a short term loan like a payday advance. Yard sales can be a great way to make some money because they are free to put on and can help you clear up some of the clutter from around the house.

To some extent, a yard sale that sells a single item can be considered successful. You could have just thrown it away. Instead, you got something from it. Even a purchase of fifty cents is more than you would have gotten from throwing away your old junk. That’s a win.

If you’re holding a yard sale than your purpose is two-fold: get rid of your junk first, and make some money while you’re at it second. Here are some tricks of the trade to make sure that you fulfill both purposes.


Advertise your event in any way you can. Post on social media. Find affordable classified areas of news agencies to get the word out. Post several brightly colored posters on light poles. Grab their attention at the main roads surrounding your house and then guide them through the neighborhood to you. Believe it or not, there are people that drive around in search of yard sales. There are even more that are glad to drop by when they come across your poster. Draw that audience in with posters.

”WOW” Them

Once you draw them in, present them with a full yard. If you’re going to be holding a yard sale, make sure you pack the yard with diverse merchandise. The passerby is far more likely to drop into a yard sale that is overflowing with things to sell. A small event is easily scanned and passed by. A sale knee deep in old possessions is likely to have a treasure for everyone, and people stop for that. Have a yard sale when you have an excessive amount of things to sell. If needs be, invite your neighbors to supplement pieces for their own sale.

Organize, Organize, Organize!

Organize your property by type. All of the electronics should be in one area, all of your clothing in another. Furniture should have its own space; entertainment its own box. Organize the property into sections and label them clearly for your visitors. The better organized your event, the more success you’ll have selling.

Separate the clothing by gender and size. If you make your merchandise more easily perused, you make it easier for your customers to find what they’re looking for. If they don’t find it, then they don’t feel like they’ve wasted their time looking through piles of clothing only to come up empty handed. Perhaps they’ll move on to another section and buy something else.

Provide an extension cord for potential buyers to test out the electronic equipment you sell. They’re far more likely to buy it if you can show them that the machine works.

Get every member of the family involved in this sale. Passersby are more interested when there are more people at the sale. You can set your kids up with a lemonade sale out in front while the older ones are out greeting visitors and patrolling the area. Potential visitors are more likely to drop in when they see that the scene has attracted a good sized group of people. This is where it especially helps to have other families in the neighborhood involved. Higher numbers will tell passersby that there’s something special about you.

Smart Pricing

Set reasonable prices on your items. There’s a difference between what you would spend on your product and what you would like to make off of it. Lean towards the price you would be willing to spend on it if you were the customer. You’ll more accurately price your property that way.

Be willing to come down on initial prices. Remember that your primary purpose is to get rid of old things. You were going to throw it away anyways, earning you nothing. Getting any offer may be the best thing you get that day. What this means is that you should be willing to consider lower prices for your items. You’re going to have to be willing to barter with a customer to get rid of some of the higher priced items.

Carry plenty of change. If you can manage it, accept credit cards as well. There are plenty of devices you can rent that will allow you to take credit card payments with your smart phone or tablet. The more versatile you are with your payment methods, the more merchandise you’ll sell. Not everyone will have cash. Not everyone will have a card either. Carry both to be safe.

With the proper planning, advertising, and bartering, you’ll do well in yard sale. You’ll get rid of your old junk while earning a bit of extra money at the same time.

Surviving Unemployment

The Recession may be on its way out, but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t finding themselves unemployed every day in America. With so many people in the country, it’s hard not for one or two people to be laid off every day. It’s an unfortunate truth, but it’s how the business world works.

For those that recently found themselves unemployed, the following are a few good tips to help you survive unemployment.

Check Your Budget

First, reevaluate your current budget. Take an assessment of all of your assets. This means checking into your savings accounts, security bonds, stocks, gold, etc. What assets do you have available to you right now?
Once you’ve counted up the assets currently available, figure out how long those assets could last you without the help of a steady income. With the amount you have available, how long could you survive? One month? Three? Maybe a whole year? This is your threshold of survival.
After you’ve figured out how long you could last, take a look at your expenses. What are you currently spending money on that isn’t absolutely necessary? Are you paying for cable? You eat out every day? Identify the expenses that are more for comfort and convenience rather than of necessity and commit to cut them. Watch normal TV and movies instead. Take lunch with you and cook all of your meals. Although these may not seem like “large” financial commitments, they are sufficient to make a difference over several months. You may even see your threshold of survival increase by a few months, buying you more time to job search if nothing has come up.
Make a new financial plan to get you through the coming months of difficulty.

Find Work

Second, find work. Even if you can no more than secure a job at McDonald’s flipping burgers, find some form of income to help you get through this difficult time. If it’s not your dream job, then consider just working part-time, that way you can continue to apply for jobs in the morning and work in the afternoons (or vice-versa). Just because it’s not a career job doesn’t mean it can’t help you supplement income until you can get your career job. Many of those part-time positions can be quit at a moment’s notice. You may burn a bridge with the company, but you’ll be back in a better career job again.

Supplement Your Income

Third, another option to supplement income is to sell a hobby or skill. There’s a way to make money with almost anything you like to do on the side. The key is to find out how to do it. Avid bloggers can open up their blog to advertisements or by placing links to affiliate programs. Another great way to make some fast money is by joining referral programs where you can make money by simply referring your friends and families to services they already need. Garage junkies can often help with minor vehicle repairs. Math teachers can tutor. Marathoners can become personal trainers. There’s something you’re doing that could be a source of income for the time being. The trick is finding a creative way to sell it and spreading the news.

Stay Disciplined

Fourth, discipline your free time. It’s easy to get into a comfortable habit of getting up late and making a half-hearted effort to look for a job. Too many people have fallen into that kind of unemployment. Set a schedule for yourself. For example, from 8-12 every day, be dressed and applying to jobs. Take lunch between 12 and 1. From 1-5 make phone calls and personal visits to employers. Keep to a schedule. You’ll (1) find work faster, (2) keep up your work ethic, and (3) stave off depression that comes with unemployment.

Enjoy the Process

Fifth and finally, don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Stay sane during this time. Find free ways to feel fulfilled and enjoy life. You could volunteer at a hospital, pursue a bucket-list item (like run a marathon), or get a library card. There are a ton of free activities to occupy your time. Find those opportunities and take advantage of them. You’ll save money and keep your mind clear. Not to mention that if you’re living a happier life, you’ll make a better impression on potential employers when applying for jobs.
Unemployment can affect anyone at any time. It’s not something that anyone but professors with tenure is truly safe from. Survival is possible. The key is just knowing what to do should the time every come for you. Be prepared to reevaluate what you spend your money on. Reevaluate and set a new budget. Pick up a side job so that you have at least a small portion of income coming in. You never know how many days this can buy you. In addition, sell a talent, stick to a schedule, and find ways to have fun. You’ll make it through.

How to Grow Your Small Business

Here at Check City we have an amazing working relationship with many of the small business owners in the cities and states that we operate in. Whether it’s helping small business owners cover their payroll expenses with a cash advance or helping people start their own online business with commissions from our affiliate program there are a number of ways that we work with small businesses. In this post we’ll continue on from our previous post on starting your own business by focusing on some grate ways to grow your business.

Entrepreneurship and owning a small business lie at the very core of the fabled American Dream. Creating a company from scratch, built up by the ingenuity and skill of the owners, established with time to secure the proprietors a stable fiscal future or perhaps even great stores of wealth; and all of the above attributes of small business drive many Americans every year to open the doors on their various enterprises.

Owning a small business in the American capitalistic tradition can be an adventurous ride of highs and lows, great excitement and success muddled with the occasional failure or set back. But it is this uncertainty and risk that makes owning a small business one of life’s great quests.

It All Starts With an Idea

Developing and building a small company into a successful part of any industry will require a couple of measures to be taken by the owners. The first is to have a marketable idea for business.

Hopefully this first step in creating a successful small business has already been taken care of by the entrepreneurs but if not allow the following sentence to be an extremely basic guideline to follow while pondering on the product or service on which the small business will be based. A quality business will sell a product or service that is in need by a specific market or demographic of society but will be able to be sold to every demographic with only slight changes or variations to the product or service.

In this way, a small business sets itself up for growth beyond their original targeted demographic. This does not mean, however, that the targeted demographic of the product of a small business should be seen only as a mere stepping stone into a larger market.

The truth is that this initial targeted market or section of society for whom a small businesses’ product or service is tailored will be an interregnal foundational layer upon which any growth, or even flat line sustaining, will take place. This is because returning clients make up almost eighty percent of the total revenue for a small business.

Focus on Retention

Without client retention a small business will never see growth nor is it likely to succeed at all. One can retain existing clients to their business by having quality staff, customer service, and by creating an environment of user friendly tools.

This means the implementation of two basic things, both of which involve the internet and web services. The first is the development of a quality web page for the company and the second is adequate training for the company’s employees. Both of these aspects of a small business will be of paramount importance while endeavoring to enhance one’s business.

Training quality staff to work in one’s store front is the first step in superior customer service. Online compliance training is available to train employees in the legal side of daily business as is online customer service training.

Building and developing a user friendly home page for the business is equally important to retaining customers as the virtual store front is often the first place a potential or returning customer will visit when deciding whether or not to give their business to a company. A small business owner can ensure client retention by having a quality and user friendly online presence.

Grow By Saving Money

Another way in which a small business can experience growth is by saving money on their monthly expenditures. The first and best way for a small business to cut back on their monthly expenses is not by implementing new business policies, but rather by employing domestic utility bill saving techniques in the office, or in other words, by using the same energy conservation methods that one would use in their own home to save money on monthly utility bills.

Monthly utility bills can bleed a small business dry a fast as a shrinking clientele. Small business owners should strongly consider implementing energy conservation techniques in order to save hundreds of dollars per year.
Such practices should include temperature discipline with the thermostat and conserving energy by not using power in unused areas of the office and by switching off lights in unused areas. These power saving methods are used every day by private individuals and families in order to save money and similar use by small business will yield a similar result.

Another power saving method that can be employed by small business owners is in the use of laptops over desktop computers. Laptop computers use up to ninety percent less energy to run than do desktops.
Laptop use should therefore be strongly considered wherever possible to save even more on energy costs. With these tips and techniques at the disposal of all small business owners, it is not difficult to see how a small company can use online tools and their own skill to build a successful and meaningful establishment.

Pitfalls to the In-Home Business Operator

In previous posts we’ve talked about how you can make money from home with the Check City Affiliate program. While you can make some great money with the Check City affiliate program it’s till important to point out that if you choose to make money from home as a full time income you’re still goign to be starting and running a business so it’s important to understand everything that goes along with that.

Since the introduction of the internet to the modern world, and its subsequent complete integration throughout almost all aspects of modern life, it has become increasingly easy for people to run their own small business from the comfort of their own home. Easy, on second thought, might not be the correct word choice, because operation one’s own small business from home is anything but easy.

Perhaps the right word choice should have been accessible. Since the integration of the internet into the modern work world, it has become more accessible or plausible for an aspiring entrepreneur to open a profitable business from their home.

But even with this accessibility to the option of starting one’s own business, there are many pitfalls that beginning entrepreneurs will need to be on the lookout for once they start down the path of an in-home business. One of the first and most important pitfalls that can entrap any business of any size is running out of money.

You Still Need Capital

If the funds stop, the company dies; it is just that simple. Most individuals who are determined to open their own business will know and understand this simple truth to commerce, but the funds mentioned before do not necessarily mean profits.

What some new in-home business owners may not account for is the initial startup costs that it will take to get their business off the ground to begin with. Most owners will understand that in order to survive they will need to make profits, but one of the major pitfalls that engulf many new startups is the issue of running out of money before the company has a chance to turn a profit.

Luckily, for the in-home business man or woman, this potential hazard to their new company of running out of startup funds before turning a profit can be largely avoided by taking some necessary steps. The first step to avoid drying up the money well before letting profits take off is simply to budget well.

Budgeting should not be a new idea for most who are starting an in-home business as they have more than likely made effective use of a budget before in their domestic lives. Similarly to planning a budget for a family or for personal expenses, preparing a budget for an emerging small business will take careful planning and honesty.

Check Your Resources

First, a new business owner should take an account of all the available resources that they have available to them. Once they have a good idea of the amount of funds available, then they will be able to begin the process of proportioning out sections of those funds to various startup expenses that are foreseeable.
One should strive to reserve a large chunk of funds for unforeseen events as unexpected costs are almost always a part of starting a business. With a startup budget set and in place, a new in-home business owner will be able to initiate the process of opening their new business with the assurance that a planned budget affords.

Create Your Web Presence, The Right Way

After clearing this common pitfall, the in-home business owner will need to think more technical or more logistical in order to have their business succeed. For example, it may seem like a minor detail, but the next major pitfall that swallows many new home-based startups is the faux pas of directing potential clients to an empty website or landing page.

A landing page is the part of the website that a new visitor will “land” on after clicking a link to the site. Landing pages can be the homepage or separate pages within the site itself, which means that even if a site has a good looking homepage their actually landing page sites could be barren and have the potential to drive business away from the unprofessional look of blank or sparse landing page.

As a new business owner, people who create an in-home company should be aware of the extremely detrimental effects that an incomplete website can have on their potential. Because most of the commerce from an in-home business will most likely come from their online presence, it is vitally important that the website is well maintained, user friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.

Stay Organized

Along with setting up a functioning budget and creating a workable and effective website, an in-home business manager can be most profitable if they will avoid the pitfall of disorganization. Because the work that an in-home business conducts is by its very nature within the home, it can be temptingly easy for a new business owner to spread the details of their business across the entire expanse of their home.
This is a potentially fatal pitfall for a small business as it often directly leads to a severe case of disorganization. Having an organized work space, along with a functioning budget and a well-working website, will be key ingredients to a successfully run in-home business.

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