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How to Meet New People in 3 Simple Steps

Whether we spend the majority of our time at parties, the office, or just moving around town, as humans we all meet new people every day. And though meeting new people can be a bit intimidating at first, doing it well can really make the difference in many aspects of our daily lives.

Learning to be interesting and interested when you meet new people can be the difference between making new friends, and becoming just another face in the crowd. The following are some simple tips to help you be interesting and memorable when you meet people for the first time.

Get out There

Sometimes the idea of meeting new people can be so overwhelming that it is easier to just stay home and play games on a device of preference. And though this may be the easier option, it is never the best one.

It may seem basic, but one of the best things you can do to make yourself more interesting is to simply get out there and meet new people! This approach has two main benefits:

  1. You will meet people to be interesting for. It is hard to be interesting when there is no one around to see it.
  2. You will have many more interesting stories and adventures to share with the people you meet.

So, as you contemplate excuses to avoid the hassle of your next social event, make it your priority to attend. Just putting yourself out there will make a huge difference in the connections and experiences it will facilitate.

Observe and Listen

Sure, part of being interesting is certainly having interesting stories to tell. But when it comes down to it, people really enjoy being listened to and understood.

As you mingle with new people, make it your priority to really listen to what they have to say. Ask them questions, and when they answer, really take the time to listen. Don’t simply think of your next great response; instead pay attention to what they have to say.

Listening in this way will show that you are invested in the conversation, and the people you talk to will naturally be interested in what you have to say as well. As a consequence, you fill find that you don’t have to force conversation; it should naturally flow in a direction all participants are comfortable with.

But what if a conversation doesn’t go well, or things get a little weird? Well, that’s an interesting story you will get to share at another time. File it away under “That awkward moment when….”

Have a Plan, But Be Flexible

Going into a social engagement without a plan is a great way to get stuck in awkward conversations. As you think about your next party, consider the things you want to show off about your life and personality.

Compose a mental list of traits and stories you want to share with your new friends, and you will be ready for whatever conversation comes your way. Keep in mind that although having a plan is important, following it unfailingly isn’t.

Being flexible in your plan is an important part of being natural and interesting. If a conversation doesn’t go the way you had planned, simply change your plan and go with the flow.

Meeting new people can be a bit frightening, but armed with these simple tips you are ready to make an excellent impression!

Do you have any fun or interesting stories about how to meet new people? Share in the comments section below.

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Save Money With MoviePass

How much money do you typically spend on movie tickets every month? It seems that autumn has become the season when Oscar-bait movies are released, and depending on the year, it’s not too far-fetched to end up with a list of “must see” movies that can require multiple trips to the theatre in any given week. The problem is that doing this can end up costing a lot of money.

If you’re like me, at this time of year it’s just too hard to wait for those movies to make their way into the dollar theatres, or Red Box, especially when all your colleagues and friends start raving about them without extending the courtesy of any spoiler alerts.

How do you save money on movie tickets then? The answer is MoviePass, it’s a pass that gets you into movies every day for one monthly fee.

Smartphone App and Debit Card Technology

When you sign up for MoviePass, you receive a MoviePass debit card that is connected to an account on the MoviePass smartphone app. When you want to see a movie, you sign into that account on your phone, “check-in” at the movie theatre you are within 100 yards of, and select the movie you want to see, and the time show time you want to attend.

The debit card is automatically loaded with the exact amount of money for the price of the ticket (single) you have selected. You can then purchase your ticket at the kiosk or ticket counter, using that debit card.

Monthly Fee

In return for these daily movie tickets, MoviePass requires its card-carrying members to pay $30 ($35 in some areas) a month. If you’re a true movie buff, you spend much more than that on movies every month. All you have to do is see three or four movies a month to make the monthly fee pay off.


We do live in the real world and so you’re probably wondering what the catch is. Thankfully with MoviePass it’s not actually that bad, it may not even register as a ping on your radar of movie viewing preferences.

  • MoviePass does not pay for IMAX or 3D films.
  • It also restricts the number of movies you can watch within a 24 hour period to one. A countdown feature on your MoviePass application will allow you to see when your 24 hour period is up.
  • The final restriction is that you can only choose to see a particular film with your MoviePass once – meaning that you cannot charge your MoviePass with a ticket to the same movie twice.

Aside from these restrictions, you can use your MoviePass to see any movie from any theater within the United States.

Upcoming Movies

When you think about the number of blockbuster and franchise movies pending release before the end of this year, it’s not hard to justify an investment in MoviePass. Here are a few of the highly anticipated releases to whet your appetite: Hotel Transylvania (yes, it’s animated, but… the usual Sandler suspects? Done!), The Intern, The Martian , Pan, The Walk, The Peanuts Movie, Spectre (007), Mockingjay Pt2 and (I can hardly breathe…) Star Wars!!!!!

Calling All Movie Buffs

With only months to go until the Academy Awards, it’s time to get to the theater and judge for yourself what does and doesn’t deserve a nomination and an award. Take a scorecard and rate each movie while keeping track of what you’ve seen. You’ll be shocked at how much money you really spend on movies in any given fall month, and how much money you’ll save with MoviePass.

Keep checking in with our blog for more tips on great tech and smart budgeting and don’t forget we also offer money saving services with great products like, tax preparation and bill pay and even insurance quotes.

3 Essential Hiking Tips for Beginners


It’s fall; a great time to try out some of those hikes that looked like an exercise in self-inflicted misery over the hot summer months. Do you have any destinations you’ve had a hankering to try? Was your interest “peaked” by any of those social media posts by friends who endured the misery of 90+ Fahrenheit temps for the perfect picture at the end of the trail? No matter where you end up hiking this fall, these hiking tips for beginners can make sure you get started on the right path… pun intended.

Whatever your fitness level may be, hiking is a great way to improve on it. Check your weather forecast and start planning your adventure, because there’s probably not a whole lot of time between now and skiing season to view the incredible color explosion that is autumn in the Rocky Mountains!

We’ve all heard the old cliché of the journey being more important than the destination, but when it comes to the joys of hiking, it is absolutely true. Choosing and completing a hike is just as much about enjoying each moment, each new scene, and making lasting memories, as it is about accomplishing what you set out to do.

Hiking Tip #1: Remember Your Skill Level

However, memories and scenery aside, while an easy hike can sometimes be a great break for everyone, choosing hikes that are consistently easier than your skill level can get boring. The same can be said of choosing hikes that are too strenuous. Overworking yourself while hiking is a great way to ensure that you’ll never want to hike again.

A great hiking tip to keep in mind is that if you actually want hiking to become a regular and enjoyable part of your life, choose manageable hikes that are a little bit challenging but have a point of interest – like a waterfall or natural “wonder” at the end. This will ensure that you are not only capable of completing the actual hiking, but that you are motivated by the visual reward at the end.

Hiking Tip #2: Understand the Logistics

When choosing a hiking path or trail, it is important to plan the logistics carefully. There are many great websites and blog posts full of hiking tips about interesting hiking trails, their skill and difficulty level, and sights to be had at the end of the path.

Another great hiking tip is that it’s always a good idea to search these for any information that can prepare you in a way as to make your hike a greater experience.

Here are a few things you may want to consider as you plan the details of your journey.

  • How long is the hike? If your hike will take more than a few hours, you may want to consider ramping up the outdoor experience by camping on the trail.
  • Are dogs allowed on the trail? If they are, maybe you should bring your furry friend along!
  • Where will you be? If you plan to hike alone, it is especially important to let someone know where your hike starts and ends so they can help track you down in an emergency.
  • Do you have enough supplies? Taking too many supplies on a short hike can make for serious work. But getting caught halfway through a long hike without food or water can also have serious consequences. Find the balance. Carry water appropriate to your needs and especially for warmer temperatures.
  • What is the weather like? Dressing appropriately can mean the difference between an exciting adventure and a torturous trek, so make your clothing decisions wisely. If you’re hiking in a canyon be especially sure that there is no possibility of rainfall and try to avoid areas prone to flash flooding. Summer is a better time to attempt these trails.

Hiking Tip #3: Be Flexible

Having a good plan in place is really important, but sometimes, unexpected things happen. If you run into any difficulties you hadn’t planned for, don’t be afraid to call off your hike or change your itinerary.

Paying attention to the environment you are in is a very important part of successful hiking. If you get lost or experience trouble, a great tip to know is to make sure to stay put and try to contact your friends or family.

Hiking is an exciting way to improve your fitness and get outdoors, so follow these tips and make the most of your next hike! Follow our blog for more useful tips. Check City also offers financial services to keep your budget in great shape!

8 Cheap Things to do In Vegas

Las Vegas doesn’t have to cost a bundle. If you are a savvy shopper, you can find great deals on shows and attractions, from free to inexpensive. Here are 8 cheap things to do in Las Vegas which are family friendly and perfect for a day away from the gaming tables. Even though these activities are cheap, you’ll still want some cash before you head out. If you need to cash a check or get a las vegas payday loan before heading out be sure to check out one of our many Check City Las Vegas locations!

1.The Aquarium

The Aquarium at the Silverton is much more than just a peaceful place to watch fish swim lazily along. The aquarium at the Silverton is so much more! Beautiful mermaids interact with the audience members. Each mermaid is an accomplished water ballerina. Every half hour, you’ll see some of the best water ballet around!
The Aquarium itself is a gigantic 117,000 gallon saltwater aquarium. It is located within the cozy Silverton Hotel. Benches and seating are provided for the audience to see the show. The Aquarium is one of the premier free attractions on the Las Vegas Strip!

2.Bellagio Conservatory

Bellagio Conservatory is a forest within the heart of downtown Las Vegas. The Conservatory was crafted by 100 horticulturalists, to produce an amazing botanical garden in the heart of the Mojave Desert! The gardens change with the seasons and holidays, so chances are you’ll see different plants on every visit.
To get even more out of your visit to the Bellagio Conservatory, catch Mr. & Mrs. Green Thumb, who visit the Conservatory daily between 10:30 a.m. and 11:30 p.m. They can answer any questions about the gardens or gardening in general. And if you visit the south garden between 4:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. you’ll hear live music performances from some of the best musicians in the Las Vegas area.

3.CBS Television City Research Center

Watch a yet-to-be-released TV show at the CBS Television City Research Center at the MGM Grand, where you can voice your opinions on and help network moguls create the next season’s show. It’s like being a Neilson Family while on vacation!

4.Circus Acts at the Circus Circus

Circus Acts at Circus Circus are one of Vegas’ worst kept secrets! Every half hour, jugglers and trapeze artists fly through the air at the world’s largest permanent circus. The circus acts are free and one of Old Vegas’ best attractions! You could argue that the Circus Circus acts are the original Cirque du Soleil!

5.Ethel M Chocolate Factory Tours

At the Ethel M Chocolate Factory, take a tour of this wondrous factory! Sample the chocolates and truffles at the end of the tour. The Ethel M Chocolates Factory is about seven miles from the Strip, but the tour and samples are free making it well worth the trek and one of our favorite cheap things to do in Vegas. There is also a gift shop where you can purchase what you’ve sampled!

6.Fall of Atlantis

Fall of Atlantis at Caesars Caesars Palace has created a wondrous spectacle in the midst of their forum shops. The Fall of Atlantis is an animatronic vision of the family of King Atlas and sons as they vie for control of the great kingdom of Atlantis. The show features wind, sound and dramatic music. If you are looking for a fun, free spectacle, then the Fall of Atlantis is just right!

7.Mac King

Mac King is arguably one of the more under the radar acts on the Strip. King is a magician in the old sense of the word. He dons a plaid suit and sports a bowl cut. But behind the outward appearance is a keen magician, who makes the tricks look very easy. Mac uses his genial, quirky sense of humor, amazing sleight of hand and astounding visual gags to provoke enthusiastic oohs and aahs from his audience! He is sure to please adults and kids of all ages!

8.World of Coca Cola

Another great cheap thing to do in Vegas is explore the wonderful World of Coca Cola on the Strip. For a mere $7.00 you can experience coke products from around the world, including a sweet watermelon cola from China or a bitter Italian Aperitif called Beverly. In fact, there are over 100 different flavors of Coke to explore from around the world! While at the World of Coca Cola, stop by the theater and see short films on the history of Coke. You can also get up close and personal with the bottling process.

It Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune to Experience the Best of Vegas!

There are many cheap or free things to do in Las Vegas. From the usual to the off the beaten path, there is a little something for everyone! While you are visiting Vegas, take the opportunity to check out some of the lesser known, but fun, attractions!
What are some of your favorite cheap things to do in Las Vegas? Let us know in the comments section below!

5 Ingenious Movie Night Ideas for Your Movie Themed Party

In a world of ambitious film franchises, the franchise movie themed party is becoming a staple activity for the pre-release celebration of every highly anticipated sequel. And if you’re the type of person who doesn’t need to view all the prequels to get ready for the next installment, then I have three words for you: Director’s Cut Edition!

While the golden age of Hollywood may have come and gone, this new age of technology and special effects has brought to life so many epic characters that there’s a franchise of movies out there for pretty much any taste; LOTR, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel Avengers, Hunger Games, Divergent, James Bond, Twilight, Batman… Insert your favorite franchise here ________!

And if you’re an expert on all things franchise related, the odds are you got that way from hours of conversations with friends who share your passion – whether to break down the latest installment, make comparisons to the book or just to one up them on a trivial pursuit game or pub quiz! Let’s face it; sometimes the difference between enjoyment and obsession is the number of friends we have who are willing to attend the movie with us, after lining up all night, in costume having a movie themed party while waiting in line at the theater!

At the end of the day, it’s just not as entertaining if you’re the only one raving about it. In fact it might even get a bit weird for everyone else: One lone fan doth an eccentric make! But a group? Yeah, that’s an awesome amount of cosplay waiting to happen! And so it is with movie marathons – they’ll help you pass some quality time alone, but if you really want to be entertained you just gotta get your group on!

So, how do you host the most awesome funfest of a legendary movie marathon in the hood? Here’s a list of absolute essentials and a few things you should avoid at all costs.

Movie Night Idea #1: Guest List

Think carefully about who to invite. This is crucial and will determine the tone for entire night. Remember all the inside jokes, hot debates and creative memes that were generated from this franchise by your circle of friends? Use those ideas to include everyone who participated in those. Consider your location – indoors or outdoors? Big screen, little screen? Only invite as many people as you have room for to your movie themed party and only invite the people you really enjoy spending time with.
Don’t invite someone out of courtesy or guilt. When it comes to marathons, the entertainment factor can be heavily influenced by the crowd atmosphere. Everyone needs to be comfortable enough to be themselves. In fact, think of all those movies you thought were cough-up-a-lung hilarious until you tried watching them alone. Or, even the ones that just weren’t funny until you watched them with the right people.

Movie Night Idea #2: Comfort First

Utilize every pillow and blanket you have in the house – the more, the better. You can make massive pallets for everyone to lie back and enjoy the movie on, and you can transform it into a fort for a sleepover the ideas are endless really. At a certain point, you can expect almost everyone to be taking a nap, so make sure everyone is comfortable.

Don’t try to squeeze everyone into a tight space. Try to remove some furniture pieces if they’re going to get in the way. Free up that floor for lounging and leg room.

Movie Night Idea #3: Themed Snacks

Do provide food. The only thing more important than comfort is having food. The best food to provide for a movie marathon is something themed to the films you’re watching. However, depending on the preferences of your group, sometimes it’s easier to just provide snacks for people to fill themselves up on, unless you want to ask the guests to bring food. If your guests are willing, plan a creative menu with food that relate to the movie franchise – it’s a great way to kick off the merriment.

Movie Night Idea #4: Breaks and Activities

Take into account how long each movie is. Schedule breaks in between to get up and stretch the legs. Activities will also get the blood flowing. Have you thought about a themed scavenger hunt between each movie? You could have people race around the house, or neighborhood, in search of an item or items on the list. Then compare items (and adventures) when you return for the next installment.
Don’t want to inflict your festivities on your neighbors? Do a scavenger picture hunt. Have your friends snap selfies at designated locations. But don’t do too far away – time is of the essence!

Another fun idea is to create an activity hat. Have teams draw an activity from the hat to perform or complete for the entertainment of all. Don’t spend too much time on any of these activities, remember you still have a franchise to get through!

Movie Night Idea #5: Think Outside the Box

Have a competition to see who can create the best themed costume or food for your party or for pictures.
There are so many ideas when it comes to ideas for a movie themed party. Watch all the movies in one franchise overnight or spread them out over several days – it’s all up to you. But whatever you decide to do, make sure you get your friends involved in the planning for maximum fun and epic memories!

Do you have your own favorite movie themed party ideas? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, Be sure to check in with our blog for more fun entertainment tips and ideas. And don’t forget we offer some pretty impressive financial services too!

Cheap Road Trip Adventures

We’re getting towards the end of January and that means we have one more cold month of winter ahead of us. While winter is nice, it’s hard to enjoy waking up to 15 degree weather and icy windshields when you know that a quick road trip can land you smack dab in the middle of paradise. If you find yourself getting cabin fever sometime in the next few weeks, maybe a road trip is the answer you’re looking for.

Enjoy the Journey

Road trips are all about spontaneity, adventure, discovery, roughing it, being creative, and enjoying all the quirks of life that come your way. But if you’re not afraid of the occasional wrong turn, eating PB&J for a week, or trying buffalo jerky from an out-of-the-way hunting lodge, a road trip could be just the adventure you are looking for.

Road tripping can be one of the cheapest forms of vacationing. Rather than booking expensive hotels, eating at nice restaurants for every meal, and paying entrance fees to every theme park, attraction, and tourist hot-spot, road trips are about finding all the fun, free stuff. Of course, there will be expenses, the most notable gas. But between you and your friends (and phone apps that help you find the cheapest stations around), you should be able to handle the costs. Outside of that you may have to pay for a few nights at a motel or hostel and of course some food. But aside from that, you won’t have to pull your wallet out for much else.

Here are some suggestions for activities you can do to enjoy a cheap, spontaneous road-trip.

First, stock up before you go. Before you take off, stock up on your favorite foods, snacks, and music. Try to bring food that doesn’t need refrigeration and that can be enjoyed for days. PB&J works wonderfully. So do crackers, chips, popcorn, dried fruit, and trail mix. But make sure not to miss out on local cuisine as you drive through town. Many out-of-the-way cafes, restaurants, and bed and breakfasts offer great quality food for decent prices. This is your chance to sample some of the best food America has to offer. See what edible jewels you can find along the way.

Second, enjoy what is around you. There are a lot of beautiful, exciting places out in Mother Nature that are there for you to enjoy at no cost. Relax at the beach, wander through a canyon, play hide-and-seek in a small forest, or explore the streets of out-of-the-way towns. Especially during the summertime, many cities and towns throw festivals, open street markets, celebrate holidays, and hold cultural events. These usually offer free concerts, dances, cheap specialty foods, and a lot of good times. These are fun, unique, exciting opportunities to experience the diversity that exists in your own backdoor. Have fun, make new friends and enjoy a cheap, quality entertainment!

Another good tip is to ask locals what to check out. Rather than chasing after the typical tourist sites or falling for the places with the biggest advertisements, ask locals where the best food is, what locals like to do for fun, or where to go to see the best sunsets.

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to enjoy a adventurous and cheap road trip whether it’s this winter or any time of year!

Looking Great on a Budget at Holiday Parties

As you prepare for your exciting holiday parties this semester, there are many things that you can take into account. The holiday season can be expensive on so many levels, and trying to find the best way to meet your holiday happiness and style needs without going into debt can be crazy. But, if you plan and save effectively, you will have an easier time than you can imagine.

Check Out Thrift Shops

One of the best things you can do to create a unique holiday look without going into the red is to check out your local vintage and thrift shops. If you are willing to spend some time looking around, you will be able to find a completely unique look that will set you apart from the crowd. Often times these stores will give sweet discounts that allow you to get more for your money, and maybe get two or three holiday looks for the same price one would cost at another store.

As you search for your perfect holiday look, vintage stores will help you to make a great impression without breaking the bank. But vintage looks aren’t for everyone, so there are other choices you can make to help you come up with a great look without spending too much money.

Plan Ahead!

One great way you can get a deal on your holiday look is to plan ahead. By planning early, you can take advantage of sales and prepare for holiday parties in advance. One of the best times to get started on new looks, is right after the holiday season ends. At this time of year prices are especially low, and you will be able to get awesome styles for a steal.

Find Deals Online

Shopping online is another great option for finding a great deal on your holiday styles. As you look for holiday deals, checking online stores can help you to find looks that no one else will have without breaking the bank. Preparing for your holiday with online shopping will help you to make a good impression, and have money left over for your holiday gifts.

Save on Decorations

Another important part of holiday beautification, is the decorations for your home. One of the best ways to stay on top of your Christmas budget is to take the decorations into your own hands. Store bought decorations are often more expensive than homemade decorations, and they also prevent you from making the kind of impression you want to portray.

By creating your own decorations, you will be able to think of creative themes that will set your party apart from all of the other parties this holiday season. With your homemade items, you will create a party to remember for you and all of your guests.

By following these tips you’ll be able to be the talk of all your holiday parties without having to break the bank. However, if you do find yourself in need of some fast cash this holiday season remember that Check City is here to cash your checks and offer cash advances if you need. Whatever plans you have for this holiday season, you will be able to ensure that your holiday season is beautiful and affordable if you make it a priority to spend your money wisely and work in advance. Start your holiday planning today, and create a holiday season that will be remembered for years in the future.

Ways to Save on Your Camping Trips

Summer is almost over, and you are probably busily trying to accomplish the many activities and things that still remain on your bucket list. It can seem overwhelming, but also exciting at the same time.

It is likely that one of the remaining items on your summer bucket list is to go camping with your family. There are few things better than driving out into the wilderness and setting up camp.
Many people find camping a very enjoyable pastime and hobby. They love being in the outdoors and simply enjoying a few days outside of society.

Many people enjoy taking a break from technology and the hustle and bustle of daily life. They love to cook food using an open fire and sleep literally under the stars.

Camping Can Be Expensive

However, for many families, camping is either not a possibility or it only happens very rarely. The reason for this is that camping can often be expensive.

There are lots of different items you need to buy in order to be safe while camping. These items can quickly add up to a large sum of money.

It seems contradictory that going to live off the land would cost so much money. But unless you literally want to live off the land with very few amenities, your trip will probably cost more than you are expecting.

This is true especially if you have children. If it is just you and your significant other going out to camp, you will most likely not spend as much.

But if you have children and they are coming along, you will probably have to shell out quite a bit of dough in order to be able to buy all of the necessary gear for each of your children. One of the most important things you can do when camping is buy at least some of your equipment used.

This is especially helpful if you and your family are new to camping. If you are new to camping, this means that you will be buying most of your equipment all at once.

You probably are not randomly just going to have camping equipment lying around your house, so you will have to go out and buy camping equipment. But what you don’t know yet is whether or not your family will actually like going camping.

Start By Buying Used Equipment

If they don’t like camping, and you spend tons of money on camping equipment, you will probably feel frustrated and angry that you just spent that much money on equipment you won’t use very often. So, the solution to this is to buy used equipment.

Before you reject that idea, you should hear us out. There is quite a large amount of used camping equipment available online.

All you have to do is go to and search for it. You can even go to and see if there is any camping equipment on this website.

If you’ve never heard of this website, it is a website where people can post things that they are giving away for free. People can post things they need, and then people can also post things that they’re giving away.

You can see how this kind of website could be beneficial for someone who is looking for lightly used camping equipment. You can also go on to websites like and in order to look around for cheap camping equipment.

These types of websites also offer deals every so often throughout the year. If you watch out for these deals, you can get some great camping gear for very cheap.

You can also take a look around any thrift stores or yard sales for cheap, used cooking supplies. As long as you wash all of the supplies you buy from these venues, they should be fine to use.

Borrow Gear From Friends or Family

Make sure to also ask your family and friends if you can borrow their supplies, if they are campers. You will probably not need to use their supplies for very long, so they will probably be willing to let you borrow what they have.

Go Solar

Another great way to save while camping is to use solar lights. Instead of using regular flashlights, you can purchase solar lights that are great for camping.

Using solar lights is a great way to teach your children how to be eco-friendly and also thrifty. You simply charge the lights during the day and then use them at night.

It is a simple way to save money while being kind to the environment. Camping can be expensive, but if you follow these tips, you can make your camping experience much easier on your wallet.

By following the tips in this post you’ll be able to check camping off your end of summer bucket list without breaking the bank.

How a Sports Fan Can Purchase Season Tickets on a Budget

There are few feelings as intensely energizing than cheering on your favorite sports team in person. The buzz in the air, sights, sounds, crowd atmosphere, and sense of team cannot be matched by simply watching on TV.

If you are a diehard fan of a team, going to your team’s games can be one of the biggest highlights of the year. However, seasons tickets can be quite expensive.

But with the right amount of planning, and by using some helpful tips, the difficult task of purchasing season tickets can be made a lot more manageable.

Pool Your Money Together

One of the simplest tactics you can use to help control the costs of season tickets is to pool your money with friends or family.

If you pool with 4 other people, then the price of the tickets is cut down to only 20 percent of the cost per person. The downside of this is that you will only be able to go to 20 percent of the games.

By doing a “ticket draft” you can ensure that you draft the games that are the most important to you. Another idea that has been used with some success is to sell back some of the tickets to help recoup costs.

Resell Some of Your Tickets

Season tickets usually come at a deep discount off of the face value. For example, the face value of a ticket may be $40.25 per game, but if you buy a whole season’s worth of games you are only paying $22.75 per game.

The difference of $17.50 is a 43 percent savings. By selling some of the tickets, especially tickets that are more in demand, you can pay for a large part of the cost of season tickets.

If all tickets could be sold at face value, then you could go to over 40% of the games, and would end up having recouped the entire cost of the season tickets. The downside to using this idea is that you may have to sell some of the more in-demand tickets because you can make the largest profit margin off of those.

Plan Ahead and Budget

If going to all of your team’s games is really important to you, you can manage that by budgeting your money well. If you save up for a period of time, you can break the cost into monthly payments.

If season tickets cost $1200 total, by setting aside $100 per month you can afford to purchase them. If a large down payment is due up front, you may consider getting a cash advance.

This way the down payment can be broken up into manageable parts that are easier to fit into your budget. An important aspect of purchasing season tickets that you should keep in mind is that by getting seats that are a little bit further from the action, the cost goes down by a large amount.

Settle For the Upper Bowl or End Zone

If sitting upper bowl is just fine with you, consider getting tickets in the upper bowl. This can reduce the price by more than half.

Likewise, by being flexible in your demands of sitting as far as left-to-right, you can save a bundle. Tickets that are not looking straight on to the action, but are angled to either side, are a lot less expensive.

If you are willing to sit down by the end zone instead of on the 50 yard line, you can save yourself a significant amount of money. Lastly, another technique you can use when trying to control the costs of season tickets is to look for deals/promotions.

If your favorite team is a college football team, try and find a friend who attends the school. By being a student, they can receive a large discount. If you ask nicely, and offer to provide them with some college essentials (treat them to fast food), they may be willing to purchase the tickets for you.

This can save you a great deal and it would put you in the heart of the student section, where the fans are the most energetic. Another deal you can try to find is to purchase early.

Save By Buying Early

Many teams will give discounts to their fans who buy their season tickets early. By using these techniques, the most passionate fan can make sure that they are able to attend their team’s stadium on game day.

With careful budgeting, keeping out a watchful eye for deals and promotions, and looking to share the costs either with friends and family or by selling some tickets to other fans, you can make it possible to cheer on your team until your voice goes hoarse, all year long.

Saving Money on Camping

Summer is here and that means that soon families all over the country will be heading out on family vacations. One of the many fun and exciting family activities for the summer time is camping. Camping with the family can be a rewarding experience for all to enjoy, but if approached in the wrong way can get pretty expensive. In this post we’ll cover some ways that you can save money on camping which will allow you to use that money that you would have spent on your family vacation to build up your family savings incase any unexpected expenses come up. These tips will also allow you to go camping without it costing as much as a stay in a four star hotel.

Many families use camping as a way to go on a family vacation because of its rewarding properties of bonding and experiencing the wilderness. Not to mention that camping is a far less expensive alternative to staying in a hotel, and with the often free activities that surround a camping family, entertainment costs for a family vacation are typically reduced to zero.

But with all of the positive aspects and cheap costs of camping, there are still ways for a family to save on costs while undertaking family camping trips this summer. One such way is to find discounted or completely free camping areas.

Look For Free Campgrounds

For generations past, paying for camping may seem a sin against nature and against the very activity of camping itself, but the realities of today’s wildernesses is that there is typically a fee associated with camping in a manicured and well groomed camping space. Campgrounds that have been built for the sole purpose of making money of campers have sprung up across the country and charged people and families a modest fee for their use.
These places of paid camping should not be discounted while making family camping plans, however. They provide a distinct service, and again, at a cheaper rate than a hotel, and can be used to great effect by those families who wish to use them.

Paid camping areas or camping companies, like KOA, offer families the opportunity to camp, save money on a hotel, and still stay close enough to big cities or other attractions so as to allow the family additional vacation areas without increased cost. A family can save more money on their vacation if they will use discounted promotions offered by KOA and other privately owned campgrounds to plan their vacations around.
But it is not only these privately owned interstate camp sites that charge a fee for camping, the federal government too asks campers to pay per night at their groomed camp sites. National forest will often be home to many kept up camp grounds and campsites that a family can enjoy while being in a federally protected wilderness.

These camp sites are often more rugged than the privately owned campgrounds discussed before, and will allow the family to experience the outdoors in a more traditional way. Another benefit of federally operated campgrounds, beyond being out in the wilderness, is that they are often offered at pennies on the dollar to other campgrounds and, again, especially hotels.

While it is true that even paid for camping sites are far less expensive to stay at per night than a hotel for a family, at about a quarter of the cost in most cases, there are still ways for a family to camp for absolutely free. Completely free campsites can be found in most wilderness areas, it just may take a little hunting before one can find them.

Go to The Backcountry

In addition to free pull up camping spots that are scattered across the wildernesses and forestlands of the country, there are also many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of camp sites that can be accessed through hiking and backpacking. Backpacking into a campsite will often take more camping skill than simply camping out of a car, as all that is required for camping while backpacking must be carried in and out on one’s back.
But the benefits of backpacking into a campsite include typically totally free camping and an even greater experience with the outdoors. Beyond looking for discounts on chain camping areas, finding free pull in camping, and taking a hike to free campsites, there are a few additional ways a family can save on their summer camping trips.

Save on Camping Gear

One such way is to save on camping gear. Ask any father who takes his family camping and they will tell you that camping gear is essential and not cheap.
But a family, even an over-exuberant father, can save money on their camping gear by simply shopping intelligently. For example, it may be difficult to pass over the sleeping bag rated to fifty below, but the reality is that it will seldom dip below freezing in the summer in most camping areas so the less expensive thirty above sleeping bag should do just fine.

By saving on family camping, a family can take meaningful and enjoyable camping trips this summer. As they do so, they will be able to save money on vacation costs while still having quality family time with each other.


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