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Navy Federal Personal Loan

Navy Federal offers Personal Loans up to $50,000, but if you don’t meet their membership requirements then you may be locked out of using their loans. Check City Personal Loans don’t have membership requirements so our loan services are available to anyone.

Navy Federal is a credit union that provides banking services, like personal loans, to members of the armed forces and their families. Personal loans are most often used for debt consolidation, home improvements, car financing, vacations, weddings, medical bills, and other important major expenses. Each loan provider comes with its own pros and cons to think about.

Navy Federal Personal Loans: A Quick Look

Navy Federal offers a wide variety of personal loan options. They have relatively low APRs and have loan term options for 36, 60, and 180 months, but if you want to finance your loan for longer than 60 months, you’ll need to apply with one of their loan representatives. Since Navy Federal is a credit union specifically for the armed forces, you’ll also have to meet certain requirements to first become a member before you can take out a personal loan with them.

Maximum Loan Amount: $50,000

Rates: 8.19% to 18.00% APR

Fees: No origination fee

Terms: 36, 60, and 180 months

Basically, Navy Federal is a great personal loan provider for those who are already members of their credit union. There are many options for loan amounts and loan terms. But you can only get a personal loan with Navy Federal if you are a member of their credit union, and they have strict membership requirements. If you don’t meet these requirements, they aren’t the personal loan provider for you.

Who is Navy Federal Perfect For?

Navy Federal is perfect for members of the armed forces who want to take out larger personal loans for big purchases. They have low rates for large, long-term loans, which can be very useful if you have large purchases you need help with. But they have very particular requirements for their credit union members.

Navy Federal Membership Requirements:

  • Veterans
  • Members of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard
  • Army and Air National Guard personnel
  • Department of Defense civilians
  • U.S. government employees assigned to DOD installations
  • Contractors assigned to DOD installations
  • Immediate family members of any of the above

Who Should NOT Get a Navy Federal Personal Loan?

First of all, if you don’t meet the membership requirements mentioned above, then you can’t get a personal loan from Navy Federal. If you do meet their membership requirements then you have to already be a member with Navy Federal before you can take out a loan with them. Many loan providers with membership requirements also require you to be a member with them for a certain amount of time before they’ll let you take out a personal loan, so be aware of this possibility as well.

An Alternative to Navy Federal Personal Loans

If you’ve decided that a Navy Federal personal loan isn’t right for you, then there are other options. Instead of getting a personal loan where memberships are required you can quickly and easily take out a personal loan with Check City, where no membership is required and our loans are available to anyone who applies. Even if you have a low credit score, you can still apply for a loan at Check City.

Reasons to Get a Check City Personal Loan


Check City is a direct lender. You only deal with our people (and not outside, third-parties) to get your loan.

Check City is a state licensed lender. You can enjoy the peace of mind that we’re doing everything right according to the state you live in.

Our application process is quick and simple. Just fill out a short loan application online and you’re good to go!

Low credit? No problem! You can still apply, even if you have a low credit score.

We have no origination fees.

Get cash TODAY. By visiting a Check City store you can apply and receive loan funds all in the same day.

Shorter loan terms and smaller loans. Not everyone needs a giant loan that they’ll have to finance for the next couple of years. Check City offers small loans that you can pay back in as little as 6 months.

How to Apply for a Check City Personal Loan

Applying for a Check City personal loan is super easy. All you have to do is go to our online Personal Loan Page and fill out the short application form. It only takes a few minutes! You can also apply for a Check City personal loan over the phone or in the store. If you apply for your loan in the store, you can actually walk out with your money in that very same visit!

What You’ll Need to Apply:

  • A government ID
  • Proof of bank account
  • Proof of direct deposit
  • Proof of income
  • A valid phone number

Apply Online at

Find Check City Stores Near Me and apply at our store.

Or call Check City’s Loans By Phone number: 800-404-0254

If this personal loan option sounds right for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call, visit our website, or visit our stores and get your funds now.


Check City Personal Loans Discover Personal Loans Wells Fargo Personal Loans *USAA Personal Loan *Navy Federal Personal Loan
Amount $300 to $3,000 $2,500 to $35,000 $3,000 to $100,000 $2,500 to $50,000 $50,000
Rates lower APR than our payday loans 6.99% to 24.99% 5.49% to 22.99% 8.99% to 18.00% 8.19% to 18.00%
Fees no origination fees no origination fees, no closing costs no origination fees, no prepayment penalties no origination, application, or prepayment fees no origination fee
Terms 6 months 36 to 84 months 12 to 84 months 12 to 84 months 36 to 180 months
Min. Credit Score none 660 600 high credit score none

*unique membership requirements.
There are many personal loan providers out there to choose from and they all come with their own pros and cons. But as a loan customer, you also have loan requirements to remember when you’re shopping for a loan. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your personal loan and find the right fit for you.

*The information found in this article comes from the lenders’ websites and NerdWallet reviews at the time of posting.

How to Void a Check


Checks are very useful, but did you know you can also use voided checks for a specific purpose?

Sometimes you will need to void a check to keep it from being used or to use it to set up direct deposit. But in order to avoid problems, you’ll need to know exactly how to void a check. So if you need to void a check don’t panic! It’s really easy to do.

Explore this How-To Guide:

What is a Void Check?

A void check is simply a check with the word “VOID” written across the front. Writing “VOID” on a check means that the check can’t be deposited or cashed. When you void something it means you’ve made it empty, of no effect, or null. So if a written check is full of the monetary amount you write on it, voiding the check makes that check financially empty.

When you void a check it can’t be used as a check, meaning it can’t be deposited. Usually, a check is a document you sign to allow the recipient to withdraw the amount you specified from your bank’s checking account. Voiding the check makes the recipient unable to do this anymore.

Why You Might Need to Make a Void Check

You might need to use a voided check to set up an electronic link to your checking account. Most likely you’ll need to set up this link to get your paychecks through direct deposit, or to set up a recurring payment like your monthly bills.

Direct Deposit. Your paper checks all have your bank information on them—the name of your bank or credit union and your account and routing number. By giving a voided check, you give the person establishing the link the bank account information they need to set up your direct deposit. But because the check is void, they won’t be able to use the check to take money from your account.

Automatic Payment. You can also use a voided check to set up automatic payments. Autopay can be very useful to stay on top of recurring bills like utilities, rent, or credit card payments. By using autopay you won’t have to worry about forgetting any bill payment and accruing late fees and hits to your credit score.

Stop a Check Payment. Sometimes you’ll need to cancel a check payment after you’ve already sent or given the check.

Mess Up. If you mess up writing a check, then you’ll want to void the check you already wrote on and start over again. This can happen if you accidentally write the wrong amount on the check, or if you write the wrong name down for the recipient.

How to Write a Void Check for Direct Deposit

    1. If you don’t already have a checkbook from your bank or credit union, then contact your bank to receive one.
    2. Use a blank check from the checkbook that is linked to your checking account or the account where you want to make deposits.
    3. Write the word “VOID” across the front of the check in large letters. You can also write “VOID” in smaller letters over key parts of the check. You would need to write “VOID” in the payment amount box, across the payee line, and on the signature line. Either method should work just fine.

*Cover most of the check with the word “VOID” but do not write over the check numbers at the bottom of the check. These numbers link the check to your bank account and are necessary for establishing the electronic link.

*Use a writing utensil that cannot be erased, like a marker or an ink pen. Do not use a pencil as someone could erase the word “VOID” and try and use the check to withdraw from your account.

  1. Keep a record of the voided check in your check register in the back of your checkbook. This way you can remember why you voided a check later on when you go to balance your checkbook.

direct deposit

How to Void a Check You Already Wrote

So you wrote a check and something goes wrong. Maybe you don’t need the check anymore, or you messed up writing it out and need to change something on it. If any of these things occur you can simply void the check to ensure it doesn’t accidentally get used later. Voiding a check you already wrote is a safe method of destroying the check.

Follow the same procedure outlined above and then store the voided check away in your banking files, or keep it in your checkbook.

How to Void a Check You Already Sent

So you wrote a check and gave it or sent it, but now you need to cancel it. Maybe you realized you messed up on the check, or the check got lost in the mail. Or maybe you realized too late that you won’t have enough money in your account when the recipient of the check goes to deposit it.

If either of these things occurs what you are going to want to do is get a Stop Payment Order. A Stop Payment Order from your bank or credit union is how you void a check you already sent.

Basically, voiding a check you already sent is like bouncing your check preemptively. If you know the check you wrote is going to bounce then canceling it before the recipient tries to make the deposit can leave you with fewer consequences and fees than if you let it bounce. However, fees for canceling a check payment are still going to apply.

If you need a Stop Payment Order for a check, your bank will probably need the information on the check you want to cancel. This is why it is always a good idea to document your check transactions in your check registry so that you will always have information like, the check ID number, the amount, and who you paid.

You can also try to just get the check back if it was given to someone you know. Handling these kinds of financial issues amongst yourselves is usually the least complicated option, and then no one will receive any fees from their bank. In the very least, you should let the check recipient know that you canceled the payment.

How to Get a Voided Check

To get a voided check you’ll need to talk to your bank and get them to send you a checkbook. Some banks and credit unions will automatically send you a book of checks when you first open an account with them. Others will require you to purchase your checkbooks from them.

How to Send a Voided Check

To send a voided check to your employer just ask them for the mailing address you should use. Then send the void check in the mail to them. Sometimes you can also bring them the void check directly into the office.
send a void check

No matter what financial service you use, be it a bank or a credit union, the process to void a check from any financial organization is going to be the same as the process outlined above. You simply write the word “VOID” in big letters on the front of the check. If you need to cancel a check, no matter the financial system you’re using, you can always contact them and they will run you through the procedure to stop a check payment.

How to void a check in QuickBooks

If you use QuickBooks, then follow this link to learn more about how to void a check in QuickBooks.

How to get a voided check from Bank of America

Take a look at the FAQs page for Bank of America to read all about voiding checks with their bank. If Bank of America is your bank, and you want to set up direct deposit, then you actually don’t need to void a check with them to do so. Instead, you can just use their online banking to download a direct deposit form and use that document the same way you would use a void check.

How to get a voided check from Chase

If you have a Chase account, then you can also fill out a form instead of using a void check to set up direct deposit. All you’ll need to fill out the direct deposit form is your routing number, account number, and check ID number.

How to void a check from Wells Fargo

You can void a check from Wells Fargo online, by phone, or in the store. This link will have the phone number you need to contact them and the step-by-step process of how to void a check online.

Keep a Record

Always keep a record of all your check transactions, and of all voided checks. You can easily keep this information in the check register of your checkbook. You should also always keep the check stub—the thin paper copy behind each check you write—because this acts as a detailed receipt of all your check transactions.

When you record void checks, make sure to include the reason you voided the check as well.

If you need any other Check Cashing Services you can visit any Check City store.

Learn more about checks and how to fill them out properly, “How to Write a Check.”

Knowing how to use money orders can be another safe way to pay your bills, “Filling Out A Money Order Properly.”

Take full advantage of your checkbook, “6 Advantages of Using Checks.”


written by Kimber Severance, Check City Copywriter

Getting Your Credit Score Back to a Healthy Number

When you find that you have bad credit, it is important that you try to fix it as soon as possible. Having bad credit can keep you from a variety of financial opportunities and you want to take the time that you need to fix your credit quickly and as effectively as possible. Whether you have had problems getting your bills paid or you have defaulted on a loan, you should understand that you are not alone.

There are millions of people in the United States that have bad credit and the frustration that you feel when dealing with a bad credit score is normal. While you are looking to obtain a loan or even get a credit card, you may find that your bad credit severely inhibits your ability to do so.

Find Out Where You Stand

The first step in improving your credit score is figuring out where you stand. You should know your exact credit score. If you find that your credit score is below a 760, there is room for improvement. Making strides with your credit score will ensure that you are able to obtain loans in the future, get good rates on credit card interest rates and be eligible for financial opportunities in the future.

Repair Credit With a More Credit?

After you know what your credit score is, get a credit card. This may seem counter intuitive, but when used wisely your credit card can be a great tool to help you rebuild your credit. Start by taking the time to find a credit card that you will be able to be approved for. Once you have found this card, use it but make sure that you are using it wisely.

You should never put anything on your credit card that you are not going to be able to pay for when your statement comes. As you rebuild your credit, simply use your credit card rather than your debit card. Spending within the range of money that you are making is a great way to ensure that you are able to build your credit.

Try to keep your spending within 30% of the limit of the credit card. That way, you can be sure that the use of the credit card is beneficial for your credit score. When you are able to control your spending and keep your balances down on the credit card you will find that your credit card spending can be extremely beneficial.

Pay Down Existing Balances

If you already have credit cards and you have an outstanding balance on those credit cards, start to pay down those balances. When you pay down those balances, you can be sure that you are able to portray that you are responsible with your credit card. Paying down that balance can be a great way to help you increase your credit score.

Loans Can Help Build Credit

When you are in the position to take out an installment loan, you may find that this can help you credit score. Taking out a personal loan, a school loan, an auto loan or even a mortgage can be a great way to show that you are responsible with money. When you take out your loan, you should be sure that you are always making your payments on time. As you make your payments on time you may see an increase in your credit score.

As you look through your credit history you may find a late payment that you have made. If you have been a quality customer of your credit card’s institution, you may want to ask for some goodwill. There are many institutions that will simply erase a late payment to help you with your credit score. Contact your lending institution when you recognize that there is something on your credit score that could possibly be taken off by them.

Getting your credit score back to a healthy score can be a long process. Don’t be afraid to be patient with the work that you are doing. Although it can be frustrating, you should understand how you are going to slowly but surely work back to a strong credit score. Take your time paying attention to your finances and make sure that you are not afraid to talk with a professional should you have any questions. Getting your credit score back to a quality score may be time consuming, but it will be well worth the effort. You will find that the financial opportunities that are opened with a strong credit score can help you in a variety of ways throughout the rest of your life.

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