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There are lots of great deals you can take advantage of every single day, with Amazon’s Daily Deals! You won’t believe some of the great things you can find. Every Tuesday we highlight some of our favorite Amazon Daily Deal buys. Here are some of our top picks from today:

*The prices shown below are the sale prices listed at the time of posting.

Running Pouch

running belt shopping

Current Sale Price: $9.97
Originally: $24.99
You Save: $15.02! (60% off)

With fall underway, it’s a good time to take advantage of the cool weather and get running outdoors again. Bundle up and use this running belt to hold your keys, phone, and whatever else you may need on your run. It comes in black, has two pockets, and a sleek, thin design that makes it easy to forget about while you can focus on the run.


telescope amazon deals

Current Sale Price: $59.49
Originally: $72.99
You Save: $13.50! (18% off)

The cool autumn sky is also a great time to do some star gazing. Make your star gazing even more amazing with a powerful telescope. The TELMU telescope is adjustable, portable, and even has a phone adaptor that you can use with any phone. It also comes with its own basket so you can easily take it anywhere to best see the stars.

AbergBest Digital Camera

digital camera sale

Current Sale Price: $40.99
Originally: $26.12
You Save: $14.87! (36% off)

Phones are taking better and better photos with each new model that comes out, but having a digital camera just for all your snapshots can still be useful. You can take more photos without having to worry about taking up space on your phone, so if you like to take a lot of photos, this is a good buy. It’s an HD digital camera, does video and comes in black, blue, red, and pink. It’s a sleek small design too, so it’s easy to take and use anywhere.

Rove Dashboard Camera

dash cam sale

Current Sale Price: $74.97
Originally: $299.99
You Save: $225.02! (75% off)

Another camera deal today! This might be the best Amazon deal today, saving you the most money in this one purchase. This dashboard camera comes with a wide angle, and night vision. It also has useful built in WiFi and GPS technology. It can also start recording video if it detects any kind of impact.
Use this dashboard camera to help keep you and your loved ones safe while on the road.

Eyelash and Brow Growth Serum

eyelash serum sale

Current Sale Price: $26.99
Originally: $44.99
You Save: $18.00! (40% off)

This serum is by ESSY Naturals and is irritation free. It’ll give you longer, thicker, and stronger lashes in just 3 to 4 weeks. The serum is made of ginseng root and Egyptian blue water lily. It comes in a mascara-like container and has a little brush on the end of the wand for easy application. Remember that this beauty product is normally $45, so now is the best time to buy up on your eyelash serum, and try out this beauty care fad for yourself.

Omega 3 Fish Oil

fish oil deal

Current Sale Price: $13.49
Originally: $24.99
You Save: $11.50! (46% off)

Omega 3 fish oil has a lot of health benefits. It helps you have a healthier heart, brain, joints, skin, hair, and can even boost your mood. These vitamins from MAV Nutrition are soft gel, lemon flavored pills for easy swallowing. It comes with 120 pills with a total of 3,600 milligrams of fish oil. Take advantage of this sale on some essential vitamins and see what healthy changes it can make for you!

Sometimes deals and sales are the way that we get things we really need. You may especially depend on sales when you’re in college, or just starting out on your own, or in a new place. So when you find something you really need on sale, and payday is just a couple days too late, that can be really frustrating. Luckily Check City can help you out with a quick and easy Payday Loan so that you can take advantage of important deals regardless of when your payday comes.
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The Secret of Financially Surviving December

December can be an expensive time of year for anybody. With thanksgiving, black Friday, and cyber Monday just over, you might be a little low on cash. You have mortgages and utilities to pay, presents to buy, and many other little things that might come up during this month. Below are a few money saver tips to help you not only get through December, but make the most of it.

A strong monthly budget

Starting the month with a budget is the best thing you could do. List your income at the top and put in all of your fixed expenses. These can include things such as bills that you have to pay. You can’t really put these off so they should be at the top. After that, start divvying out your money to different things such as presents, Christmas time activities, etc. Don’t exceed your budget and maybe even leave a little extra money so you have a little wiggle room for any unexpected purchases.

Cheap alternatives

Money is tight for everyone around the holiday season. This doesn’t mean that you can’t go out and enjoy the holiday season. There are many cheaper alternatives that you can do to save a little cash here and there.

  • Carol – If every year you try and go to a nice Christmas concert, then maybe you could start a new tradition of spreading Christmas cheer to all of your neighbors through singing songs to them at their doorsteps.
  • Snow play – it doesn’t cost much to take your family to a park and to play in the snow. Your family will remember playing in the snow, making snow angels, making forts, and having snow ball fights as a family.
  • Movie marathon – if your family is a movie family, then choose some of your most favorite movies and stay inside with hot chocolate and blankets and sit back and relax. Maybe you could even consider making a fort and watching the movie inside.

There are many more ideas. Be creative and you will make memorable moments, even though your budget is tight.

Payday Loans or Cash Advances

If money is a little too tight during the holiday season, one alternative that you may want to consider is getting a small loan or a payday loan. A loan such as this can give you that little bit extra to put you off into the New Year. Obviously, you should avoid debt and it would be best to go into the New Year free of debt, but if money is tight, sometimes there is no other way.

The bottom line

Buying the newest toy, paying for fun activities and dinners, and paying off your bills can leave you with little money during the holiday season. Make sure that you budget out your money so that you can make it through the month. December doesn’t need to be a struggle for anyone. So plan your month financially and be ready for a great month.

How to Grow Your Small Business

Here at Check City we have an amazing working relationship with many of the small business owners in the cities and states that we operate in. Whether it’s helping small business owners cover their payroll expenses with a cash advance or helping people start their own online business with commissions from our affiliate program there are a number of ways that we work with small businesses. In this post we’ll continue on from our previous post on starting your own business by focusing on some grate ways to grow your business.

Entrepreneurship and owning a small business lie at the very core of the fabled American Dream. Creating a company from scratch, built up by the ingenuity and skill of the owners, established with time to secure the proprietors a stable fiscal future or perhaps even great stores of wealth; and all of the above attributes of small business drive many Americans every year to open the doors on their various enterprises.

Owning a small business in the American capitalistic tradition can be an adventurous ride of highs and lows, great excitement and success muddled with the occasional failure or set back. But it is this uncertainty and risk that makes owning a small business one of life’s great quests.

It All Starts With an Idea

Developing and building a small company into a successful part of any industry will require a couple of measures to be taken by the owners. The first is to have a marketable idea for business.

Hopefully this first step in creating a successful small business has already been taken care of by the entrepreneurs but if not allow the following sentence to be an extremely basic guideline to follow while pondering on the product or service on which the small business will be based. A quality business will sell a product or service that is in need by a specific market or demographic of society but will be able to be sold to every demographic with only slight changes or variations to the product or service.

In this way, a small business sets itself up for growth beyond their original targeted demographic. This does not mean, however, that the targeted demographic of the product of a small business should be seen only as a mere stepping stone into a larger market.

The truth is that this initial targeted market or section of society for whom a small businesses’ product or service is tailored will be an interregnal foundational layer upon which any growth, or even flat line sustaining, will take place. This is because returning clients make up almost eighty percent of the total revenue for a small business.

Focus on Retention

Without client retention a small business will never see growth nor is it likely to succeed at all. One can retain existing clients to their business by having quality staff, customer service, and by creating an environment of user friendly tools.

This means the implementation of two basic things, both of which involve the internet and web services. The first is the development of a quality web page for the company and the second is adequate training for the company’s employees. Both of these aspects of a small business will be of paramount importance while endeavoring to enhance one’s business.

Training quality staff to work in one’s store front is the first step in superior customer service. Online compliance training is available to train employees in the legal side of daily business as is online customer service training.

Building and developing a user friendly home page for the business is equally important to retaining customers as the virtual store front is often the first place a potential or returning customer will visit when deciding whether or not to give their business to a company. A small business owner can ensure client retention by having a quality and user friendly online presence.

Grow By Saving Money

Another way in which a small business can experience growth is by saving money on their monthly expenditures. The first and best way for a small business to cut back on their monthly expenses is not by implementing new business policies, but rather by employing domestic utility bill saving techniques in the office, or in other words, by using the same energy conservation methods that one would use in their own home to save money on monthly utility bills.

Monthly utility bills can bleed a small business dry a fast as a shrinking clientele. Small business owners should strongly consider implementing energy conservation techniques in order to save hundreds of dollars per year.
Such practices should include temperature discipline with the thermostat and conserving energy by not using power in unused areas of the office and by switching off lights in unused areas. These power saving methods are used every day by private individuals and families in order to save money and similar use by small business will yield a similar result.

Another power saving method that can be employed by small business owners is in the use of laptops over desktop computers. Laptop computers use up to ninety percent less energy to run than do desktops.
Laptop use should therefore be strongly considered wherever possible to save even more on energy costs. With these tips and techniques at the disposal of all small business owners, it is not difficult to see how a small company can use online tools and their own skill to build a successful and meaningful establishment.

Getting Beach Ready on a Budget

Summer is here and that means most people are trying to get in some last minute exercise before they hit the beaches. While some people prefer getting a gym pass, others prefer to work out at home. However, if you’re just looking to get started with building your home gym, prices for athletic gear and training add up quickly.

There are so many things you’d like to do, but not necessarily things that you can afford to do. The key is picking and choosing what activities and equipment you spend money on and what ones you forego for the time being. The key is learning to pace yourself through your athletic purchases. You need an athletics budget to govern your spending.
The best way to pace yourself is by creating a budget for athletics. Without considering how much you expect to need for this year, set a target budget amount to spend on athletics. To do this, create or reevaluate your current budget.

First, Figure Out Your Expenses.

First, iron out the details of all of your necessary expenses, e.g. rent, food, utilities, paying off cash advances or short term loans etc. Make sure the necessities are covered, and then see what money you’ll have left. Considering the other activities you would like to take part in for the year, e.g. movies, music, hobbies, renovations, etc., determine a set amount of money that you can afford to set aside each month to cover any expenses you’ll have for athletics.

Figure out two totals: (1) how much you would like to set aside for it, and (2) how much you can afford to set aside. Make option 2 your priority to reach. Write those two totals down and move on to the next step.

What Are The Priorities?

Make a priorities list. As much as you would like to be able to afford each activity, sometimes a limited income simply won’t allow it. You need a priorities list to help you determine which activities will take precedence for your athletics budget. The activity at the top of the list will receive funding first. The next one down gets second priority and so on and so forth.

The way you’ll determine what deserves to be on the top of the list will vary based on your personal circumstances. A working man might consider running his first priority due to its cheap nature. Other than running races, all he needs is shoes and time to run.

A college athlete might consider volleyball as her best bet since she hopes to get on scholarship with it. When the sport can return some of that money, paying for a tutor or access to a gym can be extremely beneficial.

Plan Out Your Events Carefully

Consider carefully the athletic activities that you would like to pursue. Rank them according to importance in your own life, and write that list down. This will prepare you well for the next step of your pacing.

Once the list is created, go through the expenses you expect to make concerning the number one slot (ie. new shoes, standard fees, travel arrangements, gym memberships, prices of races, etc.). List each expense and how much it would cost. Total the costs below and circle it. Go down the list of priorities and do the same thing for each activity. If you have any duplicate items across activities, e.g. running shoes for marathons and Frisbee, don’t include the same item on the lower priority activity.

Once totals are made, add all the athletic events together. Compare that number against the number two budget total you created in the first step. If it’s going to cost you more than you can afford, cut the lowest priority activity from the budget. Compare the prices again. Should you still be over budget, cut the next lowest priority. Rinse and repeat until you have a budget of activities you can afford.

If you cut down to the first priority and still can’t reach your budget needs, consider the following two options:
First, reconsider your priorities. Maybe there’s a cheaper second or third option that would fit the budget, even if it’s not your first choice. Consider the other activities again and reorder your priorities list.

Second, cut certain items off of your first priority activity to make the budget possible. For example, running is cheap. All you need is shoes and motivation. If you are aiming to run four marathons this year though, that could cost you upwards of $400, just to run. You can cut races out of your budget to make your first priority possible. Find the expendable items and cut them at will.

Although it’s not the most enjoyable lifestyle to live, budgeting your athletic expenses is a much better alternative to defaulting on an important payment. There is no regret down this road, only happy contentment. Consider carefully your expenses for the coming year and plan athletic activities into your budget so your finances will stay in the black.

Simple Ways to Save Money

Americans today are constantly looking for ways they can save money. Although most of us do not like to admit it, many of us are operating on tight budgets, with not much extra money to go around. For many Americans, living paycheck to paycheck has become the norm and any extra expense can send their personal finances into the red. At Check City we understand that things come up and sometimes there just isn’t enough money to go around. In those cases a short term loan or cash advance is a great solution to be able to get your bills paid and take care of your financial emergencies quickly.

Living paycheck to paycheck can be a frustrating and sometimes difficult way to live, but if you hunker down and focus on sticking to a budget it can oftentimes be very rewarding. If we all just had oodles and oodles of money lying around, we wouldn’t appreciate it.

On the contrary, if we have to budget and save in order to live, then we appreciate and are grateful for the money that we do have. We also will appreciate more the possessions and items we buy with our carefully budgeted money.

Although some may say statements like these are simply ploys to help us become more comfortable with the idea of not having very much money, they can be very helpful to people who are living on a budget. Becoming more satisfied with the way you must live is a surefire way to becoming happier and more positive about life in general.

If you have come to terms with the amount of money you make and the amount of money you must spend, you are probably still looking for ways to save a little money here and there. Here are a few tips on how to save money the easy way.

Find a Penny Pick It Up

In general, you can save money by collecting your loose change. Instead of getting rid of it or giving it to your kids, try keeping it and putting it into some kind of container or jar.

If you are diligent in doing this, you will be surprised at how much money you can accumulate just from your loose change. Studies have shown that if you put aside 50 cents per day for a year, you can earn a good 40% of an emergency fund.

Track Your Spending

Another great way to save money is to keep track of your spending. Most people don’t know how much money they’re spending and what they’re spending their money on.

This can be a problem for obvious reasons. For one, it is easy to spend money when it is just a little bit here and there on various things.
But what people don’t think about is that spending a little bit of money here and there will add up eventually, and you won’t have very much money left. Many people think keeping track of their spending is annoying, tedious, and unnecessary, but many money-savvy people will tell you that it is quite the contrary.

Although keeping track of spending may seem binding, it is actually quite freeing. If you take the time to sit down and make a decent budget, you will realize that the budget then frees you to spend your money on what is appropriate to spend it on.
People are often afraid that if they make a budget, they will not have any money left over for “fun things.” There is no way to say that this absolutely won’t happen.

However, most people are afraid of the unknown. They haven’t ever made a budget, so they are afraid of what the budget will do to their spending habits.

Starting a Budget Can Be Hard, But it’s Worth It

People like this could definitely benefit from getting some help on starting a budget. It can be difficult to get a budget started, but once you know how to set it up and enter the amounts in, budgets are a piece of cake.

Many people just need that extra help at the beginning with setting up their budget so that they can learn how to effectively use their budget. Millions of Americans can attest to the benefits of making and using a budget tailored to their specific financial needs.

Another important thing to realize is that an emergency fund isn’t optional. Many people think that emergency funds are something they read about in books or online, but it is not something they actually need to have.

People do not think that they will have an emergency; emergencies are things that happen to other people. But the people who have the emergencies happen in their lives may have thought that silly phrase as well.

This should be a testament to people everywhere that emergencies can happen to anyone. This is why it is crucial to have an emergency fund in case you or someone in your family has an emergency.

The emergency fund may not be enough, but at least it will be something. The worst thing that can happen is an emergency occurs and you have no emergency fund. Financial emergencies always seem to happen at the worse times, whether your in-between paydays or have just had some bad luck recently a short term loan, cash advance or payday loan can be a great way to cover your current expenses for a short amount of time until you can pay them off with your next payday.

8 Monthly Expenses You Can Cut This Month

If you find that your income doesn’t cover your expenses month after month it’s time to take a look at your expenses and decide which of those “necessities” in your monthly budget are actually just luxuries.

oftentimes people get accustomed to a certain way of life as they grow up in the homes of their parents and as more and more kids grow up and leave the house to either go to college or work on their own they seem to have trouble seeing the difference between necessities and luxuries.

financial advice

When they lived at home they were used to a cell phone, land line, internet, cable TV, Netflix, and many other types of monthly services that seemed like a necessity at the time simply because they were available and it was hard to think of life without them. What people fail to see is that their parents worked their entire lives to be able to provide all of those luxuries and in fact there may have been months where even their parents came up short when they might have needed additional help from a online cash advance or online payday loan. When you compare those monthly expenses with having food to eat, a place to live, electricity, and gas to heat your home it then becomes easier to discern between luxuries and actual necessities.

As you look over your personal finances and try to decide what you can do without, here is a list of the most common luxuries that are posing as necessities.

Cable or Satellite Expense- While cable television seems commonplace in so many homes throughout the country, it’s important to remember that being able to sit down at the end of the day and watch your favorite television program is a luxury and not a necessity. If you aren’t able to pay your bills and are amassing credit card debt to be able to pay your power and your cable bill, it’s time to check your priorities. Most service providers get you in at a introductory rate and then jack up your bill to a ridiculous amount. So while your bill might start off at $19.99 a month, by the time you add high definition an extra cable box etc… your bill could be well over $100.00 PER MONTH.

Internet- In addition to cable, internet is another one of those services that seems like it should be commonplace in any household. But again, if you can’t pay your power bills then there is no need to have internet. As an alternative to having the internet in your house; most city libraries, coffee shops and other restaurants offer free wifi. In addition to those options, most smart phones have internet and if you have an iPhone or Android based phone you can actually set those devices up as mobile wifi hotspots so that you can use the internet you’re already paying for rather than paying for internet on your phone as well as your home. If neither of those options sounds convenient, you can also look into splitting the cost of internet with a neighbor. While this option works best for people living in apartments or condos there are actually long distance routers that might be worth investing in if you live in a traditional neighborhood.

Landline Phone Bills- Most young people moving out can’t remember the last time they used a land line phone but sometimes, just because their parents have one, or one is bundled along with their internet or cable package they get one anyway. While this isn’t a huge expense in itself (usually $15-$35) it can definitely add up when combined with some of the other monthly expense on this list. In addition to the $15-$35 expense you would be shocked at how many old school telephone companies will try to set you up on an out dated plan that charged extra for long distance, caller ID and other features that are free on most cell or voip phone options.

Xbox Live and Gaming Networks- While gaming is a nice way to get away from things, the monthly membership to some of these gaming networks can add up fast. With the monthly fees in addition to in game purchases they can take a big chunk out of your monthly paychecks. In addition to all of those reasons there are definitely more productive things that you can be doing with your time to help improve your situation like studying if you’re a student or taking on a second job.

Netflix, HuluPlus- Services like these can actually be a great resource if you’re looking to cut the cord with your cable or satellite provider but if you are adding them on top of your normal cable provider the $4.99-$47.99 that they charge for their plans could definitely go towards something more essential. Also, if you decide to go the route of cutting the cord with your cable company, understand that you will need internet to take advantage of the instant streaming features that are available with these services.

Unnecessary Phone Plan Expenses- When it comes to phone plans, whether it’s a cell phone or a landline phone companies have a way of sneaking in hidden expenses. In addition to looking for hidden expense it’s also good to assess your phone plan every couple of months and confirm that you still have the right plan for your needs. Oftentimes people will be paying for features such as text messaging, picture messaging, or long distance when it might be included in a new version of the plan they already have. Also, people usually over estimate how many minutes they might need on their plan they might have a 750 minute plan and only use 200 or 300 minutes. By assessing your plan each month or even every couple of months to see your usage you can save quite a bit of money each year.

Gym Memberships- This is one of those expenses that is hard to tell people to give up, simply because the gym can be a great release for people to eliminate stress while improving your health. If you currently have a gym membership it’s important to make sure you use it, if you are using multiple times a week then see if there is any way you can get a lower fee. Just like with cable, gyms are notorious for offering a low introductory rate and then jacking up the fees. Also, if you’re not using the pass multiple times a week, look into getting rid of that gym pass. Also, there are cheaper alternatives, running is free, there are home workout programs that you can find online for free that require only your body weight and most community centers, colleges and even high schools have times when you can access their gym facilities.

Satellite Radio, Spotify, or Other Music Subscriptions- In addition to gaming and video membership there are also several options for paid music subscriptions. While these expenses seem minimal they are difficult to justify if you are having trouble paying your bills. These plans range anywhere from $10-$20 per month and when combined with Cable, Cell Phone, Netflix and other monthly expenses they can take out a considerable chunk of each of your paychecks.

While these are the most common expenses that people seem to take on without thinking twice about it there are many more out there. The biggest key to improving your financial situation is to eliminate as many costs as possible and work towards building up your three to six month savings. As you work toward improving your situation keep in mind that some months you will still come up short, if you find that being the case stop by one of your local Check City offices to see how we can help you out with a Cash Advance or a Short Term Loan.

Easy Steps to Saving Money

We all know that saving money can be very difficult. There are numerous attractive things that we want to buy, no matter what stage of life we’re in. But learning how to save money holds many benefits for your life now, as well as down the road. Here are a few tips on how to better save your money.

1. Get rid of your debt. Paying off debt each month obviously sucks up a lot of your money that could be going elsewhere, like into savings. It’s also important to see that the less debt you have, the less interest you’re going to pay. And again, that frees up more money for you to put elsewhere.

2. Set financial goals. If you’re saving up for something big, it’s very important to plan ahead so you don’t end up going into more debt. If you’re planning on buying a house in the next 5 years, start saving now. The same thing goes for a car or any other big purchase. And although it may seem far off, it is never too early to start saving for your retirement. It’s important to set realistic time-frames for these goals, so you can actually purchase the desired thing in the desired amount of time. As you set these goals understand that there might be some months that you still fall short, and may need some additional assistance like a cash advance or money transfer from a friend or family matter. The important thing is to not get discouraged and keep working at it.

3. Make specific calculations. Figure out how much you’ll need to set aside to accomplish each of your savings goals. This will take time and effort, but it will be worth it in the long run if you’re serious about your goals. Going into debt can seem enticing these days, because there are so many ways to do it and the consequences seem minimal. But trying to live within your means and not going into debt will serve you better in the long run.

Saving money can be hard, but with patience and a concentrated effort, it’s definitely achievable.

Budgeting for Summer Expenses

As summer time rolls around there may be a lot of unexpected costs that pop up. When you are planning to spend time on vacation or even if you are just taking a few days off to enjoy the warm weather, the cost of taking time off can add up quickly. To ensure that you are not overspending while you are on vacation, you may want to start by developing a budget for yourself. When you create your budget, you can be sure that you have enough money to enjoy the activities you are most excited about, while still being able to pay your rent when you get home.

After you set your budget, you will then want to make sure that you take out the cash that you are going to spend. Making your reservations ahead of time and paying ahead of time can also be a great way to ensure you are not spending more than you thought you were going to spend. It is important that you understand how to keep yourself and your money safe if you are going on vacation. When you are travelling, you may want to only use a credit card, so you can be sure your money will be safe when you are travelling.

If you are going to use a credit card, keep track of your spending. Then, when you get home make sure that you pay off your credit card as soon as possible, this way, you will be able to ensure you are not wasting any money on your interest rates or late fees.

If you find that you have spent a little too much money while you were on vacation, stop by any Check City location and take out a payday loan. This way, you can pay your bills and avoid late fees.

Getting the Cash You Need

When you are short on cash, there are many different ways that you can get the cash that you need to pay your bills. Sometimes, it can be more stressful than others to try to look for the cash that you need. When you find that you are strapped for cash, start by looking for ways that you can earn the money. You may have a friend that has an odd job for you to do or you may be able to get a quick part time job with an advance. No matter what you do, make sure that you have the money that you need in enough time.

Sometimes, you need the money so quickly that you do not have time to look for a way to earn the money. Make sure that you take the time that you need to understand how you are going to look into taking out a loan with an institution that you know you are going to be able to trust. Check City has a wide variety of short term loans that customers can choose from to ensure that they have the money that they need, when they need it.

As you are looking through the different loans that Check City provides, do not be afraid to talk to a staff member about which loan will fit you the best. Take the time that you need to understand how you are going to choose the loan that will work well for you, this way you can be sure that you are able to pay it back quickly. Often times, the loan will be much better than the late fees or even the problems you may have with your credit if you endure a late fee or any type of penalty. So, the next time you find yourself in a tough spot with money, stop by Check City to see how we can help.

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