Negotiating Salaries to Help Your Budget

If you are in the position that many Americans are, where you feel like you just aren’t making the amount that you are worth, then you have probably thought about renegotiating your salary before. There are a lot of fears about renegotiating. In today’s post we’ll cover some of the top fears that people have when they go into a negotiation and how to overcome them.

Some of The Top Fears

What if my boss thinks I’m greedy? What if they tear me apart after looking over all of my past work? What about all of the other employees who have gone without any pay increase for years and years?

It is important to get all of these concerns out of your head first, before you head to the bosses office. When you get there you need to have a clear mind and a resolved focus on what your goal is. Here are some ideas as to what you should say when you get in there though.

Focus on what would make the company want to pay you more. A company will definitely be more ready to raise your salary if they see that you are adding more value as an employee. This is really where you share with your employer what sets you apart. Focus on how you getting paid more really makes sense and will actually be beneficial for the company.

Don’t make things awkward for your employer. Make him or her understand that you are not putting too much pressure on them but that you believe that you are worth more. It is important to understand their feelings as well. There are times when an employer can be very unreasonable though and this is where you should use your judgment and decide whether you should put more pressure on them.

Have a written record of all that you have been able to do for the company. Be proactive at keeping up-to-date on all of the things you have done to make the company better. If it is in writing it makes things much more convincing. Especially if it is easy to decipher, like graphs or anything else that is visually appealing.

Don’t beg or assume that you deserve a raise.

These both show attitude whether it is a needy one or just an arrogant attitude. There is nobody in the office that wants to have to work with someone with attitude so it is much better to just keep your composure and be humble but logical about all of your achievements.

Make sure it is the right time.

Don’t go in asking for a raise during the busiest time of the season when your boss has a hundred things on his mind. Definitely don’t ask for a raise right after you just received one or right before you are about to receive one. It is much better to choose a time between where there is more reason to give you the raise.

Keep a positive attitude and mindset

Many times bosses are going to see if you really want it and they may test you and my point out some things that you aren’t so good at. It is important to point out how you are counteracting those certain weaknesses so that they are able to have more reason to reward you. Your attitude will reflect in your words and ultimately show your confidence.

Show that you are invested in the company.

This will make it so that your boss feels like an investment in you is a direct investment in his company and overall goals. If the boss feels like this is just more money for you to lavish your life with then he may be more reluctant to reward you. One of the ways for you to help your boss understand that you are worth your weight in gold is to show what your plans are in the future as well. If there is a strong amount of evidence from the past proving that you can do it, then he will be much more inclined to take your raise into consideration.

Make a Game Plan

So before you head into your bosses office make sure that you have a game plan and that you know what you are going to say. There is nothing worse than going in there and being tongue tied when the boss starts asking hard questions that make you feel uncomfortable.

Lastly, if you don’t get that raise don’t give up and don’t be awkward after that. Just make sure that you understand why that way you can improve on what you are struggling with. Criticism can be your greatest ally in the work place.

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