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EMTs and paramedics are first responders who tackle emergency situations with their emergency medical training. They respond to 911 calls, treat patients on-site, and help transport patients safely to medical facilities.

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What Do EMTs Do?

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) or Paramedics are first responders who show up at emergency scenes and handle all kinds of emergency situations. They primarily focus on medical emergencies. EMTs care for people who are sick or injured and often help safely transport these patients to an actual medical facility.

  • respond to 911 calls
  • treat sick and injured people
  • transport patients to the hospital
  • treat patients during transport
  • document and report their work

How to Become an EMT

1. High School Diploma

+4 year

Becoming an EMR or EMT requires certifications and licenses, but it does not require a college education. If you are looking to get right into your career after high school, then a career as an EMT might be for you.

2. Postsecondary Educational Programs in Emergency Medical Technology

+1 to 2 year

Many of these programs can be completed in less than a year. EMT programs operate more like certification programs than degrees.

3. Associates Degree

+2 to 4 year

You don’t need a college education to become an EMT, but if you want to advance your training and your earning potential by becoming a paramedic, then you’ll need to get an associate’s degree.

EMT School

EMT courses at an EMT school will go over everything an emergency responder will need to know in any emergency situation. They will learn about many medical procedures and information.

At an EMT school, you’ll learn about diseases, safety, how to use EMS systems to communicate with each other, how to bandage properly, life support, CPR, anatomy, physiology, and other medicinal drugs and practices.

An EMT school or EMT program is going to also have different courses for different levels of training. There are courses for EMT-Basics, Advanced EMTs or AEMT

How Long is EMT School?

EMT school length will depend on the program you enroll in. Some EMT Boot Camps can take as little as 14 days for trainees to complete the courses. But typical EMT schools will take about 6 months to complete.

EMT School Cost

How much is EMT school? Many people are looking for careers that won’t bankrupt them before they can begin their profession. Basic EMT training can cost anywhere between $800 and $1,000 depending on the course cost of your EMT school.

EMT School Online

You can find online EMT schools too! Online EMT schools can help you avoid long commutes to classes, save on gas, and save time going back and forth from campus. You can also potentially take an online course even if you’re in a different state!

Find EMT Schools online by talking to your local colleges and universities. You can also find EMT schools and EMT schools online by clickin here.

Overall EMT school is a great option for those interested in the medical field. EMT school length isn’t too long, with even shorter boot camp courses available. With some diligent training at EMT school, you can be on your way to working as a professional EMT in no time.

Skills EMTs Need

Interpersonal Skills

Not only do EMTs work in teams but they also interact with hospital staff and civilians all the time. Interacting with other people is a big part of their job. So EMTs need to have healthy interpersonal skills so they can successfully associate with others in their job.


EMTs have to be able to work in teams. Not being able to work well in groups could jeopardize lives. Working together is a vital skill for EMTs to do their job well and provide the best care to the patients they look after.

Physical Strength and Stamina

EMTs often work long, odd hours. They also work on their feet, going to and from places as they respond to different emergency calls. They might also need the physical strength to help incapacitated patients who can’t walk or can’t get up themselves.

Problem Solving Skills

EMTs whole careers revolve around being professional problem solvers. They come in contact with completely new situations every day and have to think quickly and on their feet to handle each new scenario that gets thrown at them.

Different Kinds of EMTs


How Much Do Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) Make? $34,320 a year

Emergency Medical Responders, EMRs, Emergency Care Attendants, or Certified First Responders are trained in basic emergency medical care. They provide the most basic emergency care with minimal medical equipment. EMRs need to be resourceful and calm as they provide emergency care until other EMTs arrive.

How Much Do EMT Basics Make? $28,111 a year

EMT Basics or EMT-Bs are entry-level emergency medical technicians. They work to care for patients on-site and transport patients to the hospital via an ambulance. EMTs must assess a patient’s condition at the scene and act quickly to provide necessary and sometimes life-saving treatment. They also care for patients during transportation to get them safely to a care facility.

How Much Do Advanced EMTs Make? $36,817 a year

Advanced EMTs, or EMT-Intermediates, have been trained in more advanced medical care. They know more advanced medical procedures like administering intravenous fluids.

How Much Do EMT Paramedics Make? $36,700 a year

Paramedics have even more advanced medical training. Paramedics also know how to read medical monitors like electrocardiograms (EKGs) and are trained in even more advanced medical procedures.

How Much Do EMT Firefighters Make? $60,242 a year

Many firefighters are also trained as EMTs since firefighters are also first responders and often need to provide emergency medical care to members of their team or the people they are rescuing.

How Much Do EMT Drivers Make? $29,010 a year

EMT drivers are the ones who drive the ambulance. They have been trained specifically on how to drive and operate an emergency vehicle. They have trained and practiced to be able to bring the ambulance safely and quickly through traffic to the scene.

How Much Do EMTs Make a Year?


  • How Much Does a EMTs in the lower 10% Make? $23,490 per year
  • How Much is an EMTs’ Median Salary? $35,400 per year
  • How Much Does a EMTs in the highest 10% Make? $59,860 per year

How Much Do EMTs Make a Month?


  • How Much Does a EMTs in the lower 10% Make? $1,957 per month
  • How Much is a EMTs’s Median Salary? $2,950 per month
  • How Much Does a EMTs in the highest 10% Make? $4,988 per month

How Much Do EMTs Make a Week?


  • How Much Does a EMTs in the lower 10% Make? $489 per week
  • How Much is a EMTs’s Median Salary? $737 per week
  • How Much Does a EMTs in the highest 10% Make? $1,247 per week

How Much Do EMTs Make an Hour?


  • How Much Does a EMTs in the lower 10% Make? $10.03 per hour
  • How Much is a EMTs’s Median Salary? $12.96 per hour
  • How Much Does a EMTs in the highest 10% Make? $16.96 per hour

EMTs Pay by Location


  • How Much Do EMTs Make in Texas? $37,000
  • How Much Do EMTs Make in California? $43,680
  • How Much Do EMTs Make in Florida? $36,190
  • How Much Do EMTs Make in NYC (New York City)? $44,920
  • How Much Do EMTs Make in Ohio? $34,020
  • How Much Do EMTs Make in AZ (Arizona)? $38,350
  • How Much Do EMTs Make in NJ (New Jersey)? $37,550

EMTs Pay by Experience


  • How Much Do Entry Level EMTs Make? $12.24 an hour
  • How Much Do EMTs Make with 1–4 Years of Experience? $12.75 an hour
  • How Much Do EMTs Make with 5–9 Years of Experience? $13.99 an hour
  • How Much Do EMTs Make with 10–19 Years of Experience? $14.43 an hour
  • How Much Do EMTs Make with 20 or More Years of Experience? $15.00 an hour


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written by Kimber Severance, Check City Copywriter

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