Affordable Job Interview Outfits

affordable job interview outfits

Job interviews can be stressful, but with this job interview outfit shopping guide, we can at least help you not stress about what to wear.

How Should I Dress for a Job Interview?

When you’re wondering what to wear to an interview you should know what to avoid wearing, and that job interviews are usually business casual interviews. The general rule is to wear business professional attire.

Business Professional includes skirts, suits, suit jackets, blazers, button down shirts, collared shirts, dress shirts, and dress shoes.

Dressing for a job interview also includes proper grooming and hygiene. The ultimate goal when dressing for any job interview is to look clean, put together, and professional.

Below we’ll go over some of the cheapest places to buy affordable job interview outfits for men and job interview outfits for women.


job interview outfits

Women’s Open Front Solid Blazer and Pants Set


Online clothes shopping stores like Shein and Romwe are great places to get inexpensive apparel. You can get this blazer and pants set in black or burgundy.

Shein also has reviews and photos from customers who have already bought this item. These reviewers say this suit is 97% true to it’s size and has an overall rating of 4.6.

Shein also offers payment plans for their clothes. For example, for this item you could make 4 interest-free payments of $5.50 instead by the suit set all at once by just using AfterPay.

job interview outfits men

Men’s Notch Collar Pocket Front Single Breasted Blazer


This men’s blazer is on sale right now for 36% off. You can also buy 2 and get 50% off if you want to stock up your business wardrobe with a few key blazers.

You can pair this blazer with your favorite dress pants, dress shoes, and shirt. You could also take it a more business casual direction with nice, dark jeans, nice shoes, and a collared dress shirt.

Reviewers gave this blazer a 5.0 rating and 92% of customers said that it was true to its size.


job interview outfits women

Women’s Button Keyhole Back Self Tie Pencil Dress


Romwe is a unique site because they have a size profile of the model in the picture so you can see how she might compare to you and get a better idea of what the dress might then look like on you.

Customers who bought this tailored dress gave it a rating of 4.9 and most of them said it was true to size.

casual job interview outfit

Men’s Notched Collar Buttoned Front Heather Gray Blazer


You can also buy dress pants from Romwe dress pants for just $14.95 to complete this look.

Amazon Wardrobe

job interview outfit women

Women’s Dress Pants, Blazer, and Dress

$23.78 to $29.00

Amazon Prime Wardrobe has a whole section just for business attire so you can buy your job interview outfits and have them mailed to you directly.

The dress pants featured here are $23.78. They’re also machine washable and have a 4.5 rating.

The blazer is actually from J. Crew Mercantile and is on sale in select sizes right now. A size 4 is only $22.95. It’s available in navy and black and has a customer rating of 3.8.

The dress is from Lark and Ro for $29. It comes in several colors and patterns like dark navy with white leaf print, black with mini tulips, emerald/pale blue delicate floral, and navy/hunter green/ivory bud print.

Select sizes and prints are even on sale for up to 19% with customer ratings of 4.4.

summer job interview outfit

Men’s Slim Fit Suit, Travel Ready Finished Suit, and Slim Fit Stretch Twill Blazer

$33.11 to $571.61

This slim fit suit is from Cole Haan and costs between $69.88 and $571.61 depending on color and size. Some of the sizes they offer are charcoal windowpane and light gray plaid. It has a 4.1 rating.

The travel ready finished suit is from Kenneth Cole New York and comes in grey stripe, gray plaid, blue plaid, and gray windowpane. It costs between $59.00 and $241.23 and has a 4.7 rating.

The blazer is between $33.11 and $86.00. You can get it in different colors like navy, black, khaki, charcoal gray, and olive. It has a 4.1 rating.

Old Navy

teen job interview outfit

Women’s Sleeveless Ponte-Knit Sheath Dress


Old Navy is a great place to shop for business professional clothes for great prices. Old Navy also has a very useful department store credit card with great benefits.

This dress comes in black, a flower print, stripes, and polka dots and was given a 4.5 rating by customers who have already bought this dress.

job interview outfit men

Men’s Slim Fit Built-In flex Signature Non-Iron Shirt

$34.00 to $39.99

On select colors and patterns you can get this shirt for as little as $34.00. Old Navy also lets you order online or buy online to pick up in the store.

They also have a neat section when you shop online to help you style your new shirt. It shows you other items that you can wear with this shirt to give you some completed outfit ideas.


job interview outfit female

Women’s Wrinkle Free Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Pants


The regular price of these wrinkle free dress pants for women is $44.00. It’s from the brand, Lee.

You can also click a button on this page for “Ways to Style it” to see how you could put this outfit together. It has a 4.3 rating and these reviewers said it was of excellent quality, very stylish, and had great value.

best outfit for job interview

Men’s Advantage SportFlex Waistband Comfort Chino Pants


You can get a really great price on these IZOD SportFlex pants. It’s regular price was $70 but now it’s only $34.99! It also has a high 4.5 rating.

These comfortable and professional pants come in asphalt gray, cadet navy, black, and cedarwood khaki.

Once again, continue shopping for great deals at Kohl’s as you complete this look with their “Style It Your Way” suggestions.


best outfit for job interview

Women’s Bi-Stretch Twill Dress


This comfortable dress comes in federal blue and black and is from the Target brand A New Day. It’s fitted and will give you a professional silhouette that you can use for business and events. Overall it was given a 3.1 rating.

best outfit for job interview

Men’s Tailored Fit Premium Stretch Suit Jacket


This premium suit from Target has a tailored fit and is made of quality polyester. 94% of reviewers said they would recommend this suit, that it was true to its size, was stylish, comfortable, and had great value, giving the suit an overall rating of 4.7.

Banana Republic Factory

best outfit for job interview

Women’s Classic Black Pencil Skirt


You might think these places like Banana Republic and J. Crew are too expensive for you, but not if you go to the “factory” store or the outlet locations. The products they place here are a tier down from their main stores but they’re still really nice clothes for great prices.

They’re also always having sales like 50% off! This particular skirt has sizing options for regular, tall, and petite figures. It is also washable, includes a back zipper with a hook-and-eye closure that won’t stick out.

best outfit for job interview

Men’s Slim Fit Untucked Non-Iron Shirt


This slim fit men’s shirt is also 50% off right now. It even has different patterns and colors like, voltage blue, white dot geo print, peach glow gingham, and classic lavender windowpane, so you can add classic colors and patterns to your business wardrobe basics.

Banana Republic also offers different fits for men’s dress shirts like untucked, slim, and standard.

J. Crew Factory

best outfit for job interview

Women’s Wear-to-Work Tee

$10.50 to $16.99

You can also snag great deals on J. Crew clothes by going to the J. Crew factory store. For example, the price range for this women’s work tee is only from $10.50 and $16.99 depending on what color you choose. Red and black are $16.99 and white and blue are just $10.50.

This shirt is perfect for tucking into skirts and dress pants. It will act as a great basic and comfortable tee to create multiple business outfits.

best outfit for job interview

Men’s Skinny Fit Khaki Pant


This item is 33% off right now. It was originally $59.50. They have all kinds of colors like navy blue, coal gray, mountain khaki, and overcast blue. These pants won’t just look good with a blazer but they’ll be comfortable to wear casually as well.


best outfit for job interview

Women’s Fitted Blazer


This fitted blazer has lots of colors like black, dark blue, light gray mélange, cream, light beige, light pink with a herringbone pattern, and gray green.

Most reviews say it was true to size. Many customers also include photos of themselves wearing the blazer so you can get inspiration from all kinds of outfit combinations.

best outfit for job interview

Men’s Skinny Fit Suit Pants


If you’re looking for lots of nice dress pants to expand your professional wardrobe then check out this find. These skinny fit suit pants come in lots of colors. They have dark blue, black, light gray mélange, blue mélange, and a black and white checkered pattern.


best outfit for job interview

Women’s Bi-Stretch Skinny Pants


These bi-stretch skinny dress pants are 30% off. It was $49.99 but now it’s only $34.99!

These pants are available in petite, tall, and come in true black and indigo blue. You’ll feel like you’re wearing leggings when actually you’re wearing dress pants!

Men’s Khakis in Slim Fit with Gap Flex

$24.99 to $29.99

Get up to 50% off right now on Gap Flex khakis that used to be $49.99. Pay just $24.99 for the roan rouge and new olive colors. Or you can pay $29.99 for all the other colors. These men’s khakis are comfortable and offer great quality for a great price.

Of course, if you really need some affordable interview attire to impress the hiring manager, you can also visit your local thrift store, Plato’s Closet, Ross, or T.J. Maxx.


It’s also important that you manage your grooming before a job interview. To give your best first impression you want to be clean, look clean, and smell clean.

Also, be careful not to wear too much perfume or cologne. The purpose of proper grooming is to look like you know how to manage and take care of yourself.

Do’s and Don’ts of Dressing for a Job Interview

Don’t pick the clothes you are going to wear the day of the interview. This will make it take longer for you to get ready and leaves you vulnerable to wardrobe malfunctions and catastrophes. Instead, pick your clothes a few days before, try them on to see how they look, and make sure they’re clean, ironed, and neat.

Choose to be overdressed rather than underdressed. No matter what the job might be, your best bet when deciding what to wear is to always choose business professional.

Don’t assume you know the office dress code. Maybe the job you’re interviewing for isn’t a formal type of job, or maybe you’re previous office’s dress code or dress culture was very casual. This doesn’t mean you can make assumptions about the new office dress code or dress culture.

Don’t wear flip flops. Very casual footwear is something you should avoid wearing to a dress interview. This can include any kind of sandal that might play down your appearance and professionality too much.

Don’t be afraid to wear a suit. Men and women alike shouldn’t be afraid to put on a well-tailored suit. When you wear a suit, you can rest assured you aren’t going to be underdressed no matter the interview. You can even dress down your suits a little by wearing less formal items in your suit outfit, like a nice polo shirt or blouse instead of a dress shirt.

Be mindful of colors. If you love to wear bright colors don’t feel like you have to wear all black to the interview. Strategic pops of color can bring an outfit together and still maintain an appropriate amount of professionality in your appearance.

But most of all, don’t worry so much about what to wear to your job interview that you forget about all the other important parts of a job interview. You still have to answer job interview questions and once the interview is over you need to send a follow up email. To read about all our other job interview tips for 2020 check out our “How to Succeed at Job Interviews” article.


written by Kimber Severance, Check City Copywriter

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