Throwing a Cost Efficient Wedding Reception through Budgeting and Other Ideas

At Check City we are no strangers to unexpected expenses. Most people need a short term loan to cover an unexpected expense such as a bill or repair, but another expense that can come out of nowhere is a wedding. Most proud parents don’t realize that when they drop their children off at college that tuition and textbooks aren’t the only expenses that might be coming their way in the near future. As a natural part of life people find that special someone, whether it’s someone they meet in college or their high school sweetheart, getting married is a natural part of life. Planning a wedding can be both a joy and a pain. With the excitement of the impending union, many things must be organized and planned for.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the wedding day is the bride’s special day, and as such must be executed with precision and grace. The combination of required perfection and celebrating a joyous occasion attributes to the claim that planning a wedding can be simultaneously a fun, pleasurable experience and a stressful, annoying trial of one’s patients.

Unfortunately for many, this strange tandem of happy and sad when planning a wedding is largely unavoidable, but this odd combination of delight and sorrow brought on by planning a wedding does not mean that the wedding reception itself has to be a bank buster. And that is the good news planning a wedding reception.

Set a Budget

When it comes to saving money on a wedding the happy couple planning the reception should remember that cost efficiency and saving money is an appropriate way to begin their married lives together. Beautifully planned and organized wedding receptions can be orchestrated to be relatively inexpensive by following five general guidelines while coordinating the event.

Perhaps the best way to save money on any large event like this is by setting and sticking to a budget. Creating a budget to guide the future expenses will ensure that expenditures are limited.

The principle of sticking to a budget will save money in any endeavor and the same principle applies to planning a reception. A reception budget should be well planned with every possible expense listed and subsequently assigned the amount of money that the couple can afford to spend on each item of expense.
A couple may wish to include such expenses as catering, venue, tables, chairs, center pieces, party favors, and the wedding cake itself. Whatever the dollar amount is that is settled upon for each expense, the couple should strive to stay within their allotted budget at all times.

Get a Head Count

An initial step in planning a wedding reception budget and save some money while planning the wedding reception is by knowing exactly how many persons will be attending the event. By having an exact head count of who will be attending the reception, a couple will be able to limit the amount of wasted expenses by limiting the amount of unnecessary ordered food and other supplies.

To gain a close estimate of how many people will be attending the reception, and therefore how much food to order and budget for as food will be the primary expense for a reception, a couple can request that all attendees RSVP to the wedding invitation. If the couple feels that requiring a RSVP is in bad taste, they can plan the reception’s head count around how many invitations they send out.

It should be noted, however, that planning for all possible attendees will typically result in wasted expense as fewer people than invited are likely to show for the reception. It is because of this that an accurate and reasonable head count of those who are planning on attending the reception should be acquired.

Find the Right Venue

Another great way to save on a wedding reception is by choosing the right venue. Reception halls are glamorous, but are not necessary for holding a successful and pleasant wedding reception.

Often there are venues that the couple can secure for free or limited cost that can serve as a suitable substitute for a more expensive or formal reception hall. Such economy locations include a family’s back yard that of an acquaintance, public parks, rentable government buildings, and churches.

All of these venue options can be decorated and adorned to fit the brides dream reception requirements. And at a fraction of the cost, these and other alternative venues for a wedding reception can be a large money-saver for a newlywed couple.

An additional idea to save on a wedding reception is to hire a professional wedding coordinator or similar service the offers a wedding package. Wedding packages often include discounted reception halls, caterers, and other services included in their bundled price.

Save on Decorations

The final way to save money on a wedding reception is to plan inexpensive centerpieces for the reception tables and inexpensive party favors for guest. These two items can rack up a surprising total to the end bill if not watched closely.

Centerpieces can be inexpensive yet elegant if they are kept simple. Party favors can likewise be kept inexpensive if the couple is willing to put in time to create their own from relatively cheap bulk candy and gift supplies.

By keeping these money-saving tips in mind and by creating a budget, a couple planning their nuptials can plan for a successful and festive yet inexpensive wedding reception.

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