The Secret of Financially Surviving December

December can be an expensive time of year for anybody. With thanksgiving, black Friday, and cyber Monday just over, you might be a little low on cash. You have mortgages and utilities to pay, presents to buy, and many other little things that might come up during this month. Below are a few money saver tips to help you not only get through December, but make the most of it.

A strong monthly budget

Starting the month with a budget is the best thing you could do. List your income at the top and put in all of your fixed expenses. These can include things such as bills that you have to pay. You can’t really put these off so they should be at the top. After that, start divvying out your money to different things such as presents, Christmas time activities, etc. Don’t exceed your budget and maybe even leave a little extra money so you have a little wiggle room for any unexpected purchases.

Cheap alternatives

Money is tight for everyone around the holiday season. This doesn’t mean that you can’t go out and enjoy the holiday season. There are many cheaper alternatives that you can do to save a little cash here and there.

  • Carol – If every year you try and go to a nice Christmas concert, then maybe you could start a new tradition of spreading Christmas cheer to all of your neighbors through singing songs to them at their doorsteps.
  • Snow play – it doesn’t cost much to take your family to a park and to play in the snow. Your family will remember playing in the snow, making snow angels, making forts, and having snow ball fights as a family.
  • Movie marathon – if your family is a movie family, then choose some of your most favorite movies and stay inside with hot chocolate and blankets and sit back and relax. Maybe you could even consider making a fort and watching the movie inside.

There are many more ideas. Be creative and you will make memorable moments, even though your budget is tight.

Payday Loans or Cash Advances

If money is a little too tight during the holiday season, one alternative that you may want to consider is getting a small loan or a payday loan. A loan such as this can give you that little bit extra to put you off into the New Year. Obviously, you should avoid debt and it would be best to go into the New Year free of debt, but if money is tight, sometimes there is no other way.

The bottom line

Buying the newest toy, paying for fun activities and dinners, and paying off your bills can leave you with little money during the holiday season. Make sure that you budget out your money so that you can make it through the month. December doesn’t need to be a struggle for anyone. So plan your month financially and be ready for a great month.

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