The Pinterest Problem

Every year it has been tradition for most American families to paint eggs on Easter, cook a turkey on Thanksgiving, and decorate a tree for Christmas. However, now that stay-at-home moms have taken to Pinterest, more and more ideas and traditions are being born for those previously considered “lazy” holidays, much like the recent holiday, St. Patrick’s Day.

Spare No Expense

Many mothers have been trying to out-do and out-pin their fellow mothers and there’s no better occasion to do so than a holiday. While most years the only thing you might purchase for St. Patrick’s Day is a green shirt or some stickers, apparently creating traps for leprechauns is now a thing. In fact, it’s something that kids have come to expect just as much as they might a full stocking on Christmas morning – and are disappointed when they don’t get it.

Spare Every Expense

Although we all want to pamper our kids, if you’re like me you don’t have the time, money, or effort able to pamper your kids that much once a month. The problem is that if you’re the only mom on the block that isn’t willing to build a leprechaun trap for your kid, you’re suddenly the lame mom. But if someone doesn’t put their foot down, the expectations are just going to get higher and higher every year.

Decide for your Family

Every family celebrates the holidays differently. You have to decide how you and your family are going to celebrate yours – whether that involves a leprechaun trap, a Christmas tree, or a menorah – it’s up to you. Teach your children what you believe and include the Tooth Fairy, Easter bunny, Santa Claus, or leprechauns if you wish. You don’t have to let what other people pin on Pinterest decide how you celebrate the holidays.

Think Financially

Remember that every holiday that you go all out for will take a big chunk out of your finances. The more candy and food you invest in, the less money you’ll have to celebrate the next holiday. Budget your celebrations wisely, keeping in mind that in addition to celebrating everything from Arbor Day to Patriot Day there are also birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate. If we celebrate every single day, the special occasions we love will start to become less and less special.

Shower Your Family With Love

You may not be able to afford spending all the money in the world on your family, but it doesn’t mean you can’t show them your love on special days. Even if you can’t build a leprechaun trap for your son or decorate a hat with 100 items in celebration of the first 100 days of school finishing, you can let your family know that you love them at all times. It’s the most important aspect of any holiday, anyway. If you are able to make your family feel loved every day, you are a successful mother.

In the end, it’s up to you whether or not you choose to use Pinterest suggestions for every holiday. But remember that what’s important in life isn’t what you can afford to buy, it’s that you spend time with your family.

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