6 Great Tips to Help Save Money on Groceries

Are you spending more than you’d like on groceries each month? Maybe you were surprised when you realized how quickly everything added up. Food is a necessity, so it can be hard to find ways to cut back, but it is possible. Use the following tips to save money on groceries.

Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals is a great tip to use when learning how to save on groceries. Take time at the beginning of each week to plan your meals. Look through your pantry and refrigerator to see what you’ve already got to work with.

Planning your meals will help you use food efficiently and avoid eating out in the middle of the week. Once you’ve planned your meals for the week, create a shopping list and stick to it when you go to the store.

Smart Substitutions

There are some things that you simply can’t do without, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save money. Make smart substitutions to save money on groceries.

A few ideas include:

  • Buy store brand toilet paper, paper towels, dish detergent and more. You can also find generic brands for majority of your choices. You’ll save a lot of money shopping this way.
  • Switch ground beef for ground turkey. It is cheaper and healthier.
  • Buy frozen concentrate and make juice instead of getting it in cartons.
  • Make your own salad instead of buying the prepackaged mix.
  • Buy regular oatmeal instead of instant. (The same thing goes for popcorn).

Eat Leftovers

Don’t let that food sitting in the back of your fridge go to waste. Save money on groceries and take your dinner leftovers to the office and microwave them for lunch. Set aside one night a week to have leftovers for dinner. Eating food you’ve already spent money on is a smart and easy way to reduce your grocery bill and help your budget.

Don’t Grocery Shop While Hungry

Have you ever gone grocery shopping while you were hungry? It is a common mistake. When you grocery shop hungry, you buy unnecessary food that you’re craving at the moment and not for later. You end up spending a lot more than needed and expected. If you have to run to the grocery store on an empty stomach, eat a quick snack beforehand.

Learn To Cook

Cooking real meals is cheaper and healthier than buying pre-packaged food that just needs to be warmed up. If you’re intimidated by cooking, start with one of these easy meals:

  • Penne chicken pasta with alfredo sauce
  • Spaghetti
  • Scrambled eggs and bacon
  • Grilled sandwiches and tomato soup
  • Tacos
  • Omelets

Smart Shopper

There are plenty of ways to save money on groceries once you get to the store:

  • Compare prices and look for cheaper items on lower shelves. The items at eye level may be pricier.
  • Avoid shopping when you are in a hurry. If possible, leave your kids with a babysitter so there is no extra pressure to buy items you don’t need.
  • Buy non-perishable items in bulk if you’ll use them often.
  • Use coupons only for things you really want. Getting a great deal on an item no one in your home will use isn’t such a great deal after all.
  • Choose food with long expiration dates so you don’t waste money on something that will go bad. Tip- search the items behind the product you want and find a longer expiration date.
  • Avoid shopping on really busy days at really busy times. Prices may be higher and extra stress may pressure you into making an impulse purchase.
  • Don’t be afraid to go to multiple grocery stores. It isn’t worth your time to shop at three stores every time you go out, but if you notice that milk is always cheaper at a grocery store near your office, you can swing by on your way home from work.

Saving money on groceries takes a lot of work, but it will have a huge impact on your monthly budget. We hope you have learned how to save on groceries. Thanks for reading!

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