Save More Money in 2014

Most of the time when people hear the words “saving more money” they will typically think of tightening down the budget and missing out on fun times or pleasing amenities, but the truth is that there are several ways for a person to save even more money in 2014 without having to make drastic budget cuts or forfeiting all of their fun. The only real sacrifice that those who wish to save more money every month will need to make is their time and effort in planning and preparing for their new money saving techniques.

Small Expenses Ad Up

One of the first and best ways to save money in the new year is to map out an expenditure report so that you will know exactly where money is being spent. Upon completion of this task, most people will discover that it is the little monthly expenses and random small expenditures that are really draining their checking accounts, and not major routine expenses such as rent or a mortgage.

While these larger and regular costs certainly take a chunk out of your budget, saving more of your money will come from reigning in other small expenses. One of the first places to start saving more money every month is in gym memberships.

Fitness Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Staying active and getting regular exercise is important for your health, but the regular small fees siphoned from your bank account by a local gym is not doing your finances any good. Instead of forking over the ten to thirty bucks a month on a gym membership, you can consider instead alternative and free options for exercise such as community centers or in home routines.

Get Control of That Phone Bill

Another area of regular expense that a person can save on is their monthly phone bill. You can take the time investigate alternative plans and options to your current phone plan that will be able to save you more on your monthly phone bills.
One such option is to make the switch to an all-inclusive plan. Providers of all-inclusive plans offer cellphone plans that start at up to 60% off what you would be paying for your current phone plan and offer unlimited talk, text and internet.

Cut The Cable Bill

Closely related to the monthly phone bill is the monthly cable bill. With all of the current options of internet based entertainment and television, a monthly cable bill that runs a person over $50 a month on average is not only a drain on the bank account but likewise a near waste of money.

Along with cutting superfluous monthly expenditures such as the gym, phone, and cable bills, a person can save more money this year by remembering a few tips and tricks to help them be smart with the smaller expenses. For example, making use of the cash back option at the grocery store or retailer outlet when using a debit card can help a person completely eliminate those nasty ATM fees.

Other areas as well can be altered to help save money. Entertainment costs can especially run high so a night in with friends, home cooked meals, and free outdoor activities can replace the increasing costs of entertainment.
By remembering to be smart with money and by saving on the small expenditures, a person will be able to save even more of their money in the coming year.

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