Save Money Food Shopping This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is only days away and for many people that means huge grocery bills. While food shopping is a necessity, it can get quite expensive, especially with increasing food prices. Although it may seem that you’re simply destined to continue paying lots of money for your groceries every week, and especially around the Holidays, there are things that you can do to reduce the cost of your food shopping. Read through this list of pointers to start saving during your trips to the supermarket.

Plan It Out

The reason why a large number of people find themselves spending way too much at the grocery store has to do with a lack of planning. While it’s always fun to go to the supermarket and indulge your hunger curiosities, this can quickly add up. Smart people refuse to go grocery shopping while hungry to ensure they only buy food they’re going to need and use. Even though you think you might not need one, take the time to write up a grocery list before you go and stick to it during your shopping.

Eat Healthy

Although healthier food has a reputation for being more expensive, eating healthy will actually end up saving you money. While it might seem cheaper to by the less expensive soda rather than juice, keep in mind that a lot of cheap, artificial foods contain empty calories, and little or no fiber, vitamins, and nutrients (the things your body needs to function). So it’s the continued purchasing of healthy foods that will actually give your body what it needs, making you less hungry in the long run.

Know Your Seasons

You can save big when buying produce if you are knowledgeable about when it is in season. For instance, fresh corn ears are usually much less expensive during the summer than they would be during the winter months. Knowing what types of fresh produce are cheapest during the various seasons can keep you from buying overpriced food.

Use Those Coupons!

While reality TV producers have been sensationalizing individuals who have honed their couponing skills into a powerful cost-reducing force, don’t let their skill level intimidate you. The truth is that anybody can start benefiting from coupons by simply looking through their Sunday newspaper. Be aware of the sales and promotions that your local supermarket is having by staying informed, and you’ll find that you are often able to buy food for a fraction of the regular listed price if you are adequately vigilant.

Buy In Bulk

Getting a membership at a bulk shopping franchise like Costco or Sam’s Club can go a long way towards helping you save on your grocery purchases. Buying in bulk results on lower individual prices for each item, which will be easier on your wallet as long as you make sure that you use all the items that you buy. Cooking in bulk and then freezing the leftovers for later is also another handy tip for keeping your costs down.

People often find that there is no one way to save money on your food shopping, but rather it’s a combination of strategies that will result in a significant difference in the amount you spend each week. So take the time to experiment with these suggestions and figure out what works best for you.

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