Re Evaluating Budgets after Fiscal Cliff

With the fiscal cliff deal passed, nearly everybody will be paying more in taxes every year. The amount varies based on your yearly salary. Everyone will have to adjust their budgets a bit to make ends meet smoothly again. Here are a few ideas of ways to spend less on the things you would normally buy or remove certain expenses that are not as necessary.

Reduce Total Energy Consumption

We often use more energy than we need to by carelessly throwing it away. During the winter, turn your heater down to 60 degrees—warm enough to make the house bearable, but not enough to burn through energy. Turn down your water heater to 120 degrees, you don’t need it to be hotter than this and you’ll waste less energy heating water to temperatures you would never want them at. After cooking a meal in the oven, open the oven door to let the heat escape into the house, keeping it at a warmer temperature for longer. These are just a few ideas to begin with, but there are many more ways to conserve your energy.

Remove Land-line or Cable Subscription

Most families have a cell phone anyways. To have a land-line is just an added expense. If you use your cable subscription just to watch sitcoms, cancel that subscription and hook your computer up to your TV. Most TV shows are easily found on the internet a day later. Wait a day and then use your internet connection to watch everything you would watch normally.

These are just a couple ideas of things you can do to cut your monthly spending. These ideas are meant to get the ball rolling. Think about the things you don’t really need, and then think about the things that can be reduced through creative innovation.

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