Making Ends Meet to Go Home for the Holidays

If you are a college student, you know how difficult it can be sometimes to make ends meet, and if you are attending college away from home, this difficulty can be especially great around the holidays. Finding ways to be financial secure in your ability to go home for the holidays can be a great way to reliever your stress and find something to look forward to at the end of the semester.

Plan Ahead to Save on Travel

Between travel expenses, taking time off work, and holiday shopping, things can get rather overwhelming, but by planning in advance, you can make it work and have an excellent holiday with your family. It all comes down to saving, budgeting, shopping around, and taking on extra hours early if possible.

Create a Travel Account

The first of these steps, saving money is one you can begin for your trip long before the holiday season starts. Creating a separate savings account that is specifically for your trip can help you to section off your money effectively, so you won’t spend it on other things.

Setting a set amount of money that you will put in your trip savings each pay check can help you to meet your goal quickly. And, if you set up an automatic transfer, you will never forget a ‘payment’ into your trip savings account. By keeping these saving tips in mind, you will already be well on your way to paying for your holiday travel.

Stick to a Budget

The next thing you should do is budget your money well. Before you go on your trip, make yourself a budget in which you plan for all of your different expenses. Consider the cost of your actual travel, holiday shopping, and any other expenses you feel you may have on your trip. It may also be a good idea to budget for emergency spending, in case you get stuck in the airport for longer than expected if your flight is delayed.

Plan Ahead and Save BIG!

The next thing you should do as you plan for your holiday shopping is to buy your ticket early. Plane tickets for the holiday season are generally cheaper during September and October, so by planning early, you will be able to get the best deal possible.

Also, as you look for good deals on your airfare, remember to check many different sites to see where you can get the best deals. If your trip plans are flexible, you should look at a few different days for departure. Sometimes, airline prices will decrease significantly from one day of the week to another, so try flying on cheaper days rather than the highest traffic days, and more expensive days. The closer to Christmas you take off, the better deal you will get.

Take an Extra Shift

The last thing you can do to prepare yourself for holiday travel is to find ways to take in extra hours at work in the weeks just preceding your trip. This can help decrease your stress, since you will be missing work while you are out of town.

The holiday season should be a fun and exciting time for your family and friends, so save early so you can relieve your stress and enjoy your holiday!

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