Is There a Better Way To Use Monetary Freebies?

A monetary freebie is a situation when someone hands you more money for no real reason. There are three opportunities every year to obtain monetary freebies. They come in the form of tax returns, raises, and end-of-the-year bonuses. Most people take these rewards and splurge on their wants. Joe gets his tax returns and runs to the store to purchase a new big screen TV. Jane takes her raise and starts living a little larger off of a bigger income. Billy wants to buy a big Christmas gift for himself with his bonus.

These are all nice goals and a great way to improve their quality of life today, but what opportunities are Joe, Jane, and Billy missing out on? Isn’t there something else that they could better use their money for?

Tax Returns

Tax Returns are another freebie that everybody hopes for at the beginning of the year. Paying taxes may be a pain. Filing them can be even worse. But the tax returns that come are a sweet bonus that some can rely on every year for a little extra cash.

Everyone has plans for their returns. They want to buy a new big screen TV. They’ll finally pay off that computer they’ve been looking at. Car payments are completed and rent is paid. Everyone has a plan for this money, even before the check arrives in the mail.

Once it comes, it’s cashed and spent within a week. Just like that, hundreds of dollars are gone in the blink of an eye, and it’s not coming back.

Wouldn’t that money be better spent in the bank account though? Creating a larger savings account will pay off much better than an expensive meal, TV, or renovation ever will. You ready yourself for the rainy days to come when you save it away.


Overall satisfaction with a job is often correlated with the ability to move up in the business. Moving up can mean raises, promotions, or both. Without either of these benefits, many are heard to complain often for the lack thereof. They dream of finding a job that will pay them more for their better work. When an opportunity comes along, they take it.

Why, because most people dream of living at a higher income level. A higher income level allows you the chance to purchase more things. You can finally spend more on food, entertainment, or house repairs. Instead of saving that money, it is directed right into another material possession that you have longed for.

How much better off would you be to invest that money? Taking that money and putting it in a place where it can appreciate in value will reap far better rewards than impulse spending will.

Few people will deny the chance for a raise. That has become a sign of appreciation and increased value to the employee. Few people invest their extra cash in another cause that could make your money back and more. Imagine what benefits they could take part in if they but invested that money from their raise.

End-of-the-year bonus

End-of-the-year bonuses are a blessing of additional money. Although they won’t pay for a new car, or many of the other expensive luxuries in life, they will pay for some of those things you’ve been waiting to purchase. Although they present the perfect opportunity to purchase these items, would you ever consider giving a portion of it away to help someone who could use it the most?

Here’s a crazy idea that’s been proven true by personal experience many times over: give to people who need it the most. People that consistently do so actually make more money than those that don’t.

John D. Rockefeller was a huge proponent of this idea. He believed that he had a responsibility to give of his riches. As he did so, he saw the returns and became richer for it.

Polls have shown that the people that do this are significantly happier than those that don’t. Studies have examined these and similar polls to find that those that give are, on average, making more money at the end of the year than those that don’t.

There’s something about giving that lines you up for great returns in the future. On top of that, the habit can be addicting as you can find true happiness in life. Instead of keeping the money at the end of the year, consider giving a portion away to help someone else. You never know what kinds of returns you’ll see for your generosity.

Saving your monetary freebies, investing them, and giving them away are all excellent uses of your money. They will all pay off in the end much better than splurging on a larger life-style ever would. Isn’t there a better way to live?

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