How to Save Money When You Have a Baby

Bringing a new child into this world can be an amazing experience. Whether it’s your first child or fifth there always seems to be a time soon after the baby arrives that you start to realize exactly how much having a child can actually cost. And while you can’t put a price tag on the love that you’ll feel for your new child, it’s always good to be prepared for the actual expenses you’ll be faced with, and figure out how you can save money whenever possible.

You may have been somewhat prepared by getting the nursery all ready, saving up on diapers, or just scrounging around to get all of the necessities. Here are some ways that you can save when you have your baby.

Freebies at the hospital and pediatricians

Hospitals are solicited all the time with offers from hundreds of companies that sell baby products. Many times these companies offer coupons with free trials or with special offers. This is definitely a good time to start using coupons especially for diapers. If you have questions about these samples and other offers, talk to your nurse. They all know but sometimes forget to let you know about them. In addition to coupons these companies usually provide hospitals and pediatricians offices with free samples of their product which they will freely give to you, all you have to do is ask.


Everyone wants to start buying baby clothes in advance. The problem is that these little babies end up growing a lot faster than what we are planning and you end up throwing those cute clothes away the first month. If you are thrifty and understand that other people are going through the same issues, you will be able to pick up on when people need to get rid of their baby clothes and you will be able to pick up on some good deals.

Don’t buy the shoes! They are babies and however cute those shoes are they just aren’t worth the price especially when your baby doesn’t walk. There are always good prices on booties and they can keep their feet just as warm outside.

Baby shower

Make sure you invite all of your friends to it! This is a great opportunity for friends and family to show their love and support by helping you start out. It is definitely something you will be grateful for so make sure that you plan it out in advance. If you get a lot of things that you can’t use make sure that you take them back as soon as possible as many merchants put a time limit on returns.

Go bulk

When you are buying diapers, wipes, or anything else you need in bulk, make sure that you get it at your local wholesaler. This can save hundreds each year. This idea of going bulk can be as effective as using coupons to take care of some of those necessary expenses.

Baby classes

Many parents spend hundreds of dollars each month to put their kids through special programs like music classes or special preschools. There are hundreds of free opportunities out there. For instance, libraries offer reading times or other fun classes for younger children. Sometimes they offer classes for infants as well. Another thing that many parents on a budget choose to do is have their kids go to college campus. Some colleges actually have child development programs that require students to work with children often. Sometimes these playgroups can be free or at least half the price.

There are many different options for parents on a budget. It is most important to realize that proper planning and budgeting is essential though. Also, keep in mind that the due date your doctor gives you is an estimate so the baby might end up coming a bit early. If you find yourself in a situation where your baby gets here before you’ve had a chance to get all the essentials Check City can help with a cash advance or payday loan to get you the money you need.

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