How to Budget Your Money Like Robin Hood

“Steal from the rich, and give to the poor.” That was Robin Hood’s cry. As the greedy Prince John taxed away all the people’s money, leaving them destitute, a hero had to rise up. So Robin Hood stepped up and became the hero that everyone looked to for help and hope.

Perhaps inside of you, you have an inner Prince John lurking in your heart preventing you from learning how to budget your money. Does that greedy side steal away precious money for pleasure, while so many of your needs are left penniless? An insatiable lust for designer clothes, cutting edge technology, entertainment, gourmet food, or even little things like nail polish or candy bars could be emptying your coffers, leaving car payments, rent, student loans, and other important bills unpaid.

If so, it’s time to tap into your soul and bring out the hero – your inner Robin Hood – to rescue you from greed and budget your money for good! Only then, can you discover exactly how to budget your money.

Your Key: Good Budgeting Requires Courage and Strength

As you try to breathe life into your inner Robin Hood, it’s important to believe that you possess both courage and strength—it will take both to overcome your greedy villain, take back the money that is being improperly used and return it to the things that need it.

If you don’t think you have courage or strength, you’re wrong. Even realizing that you have a problem shows that you have already taken the first steps on this hero’s path. You know who the enemy is and that you need to do something about it. Your courage and strength are already starting to emerge. Don’t let anyone take this away from you in your journey toward financial independence!

The Plan of Attack

Next comes the game plan. As Robin Hood and his Merry Men (no doubt you also have family and/or friends willing to support you) prepared to steal back the money from Prince John, they laid out a careful plan to ensure success.
For you, this means sitting down and planning exactly how to budget your money. Really, it’s just a matter of redistribution of wealth within your own little fiefdom—your personal finances.

First, identify how much money is being siphoned away unnecessarily that you can take back and use elsewhere. You don’t necessarily have to go cold turkey, but you need to commit to redistributing a sizable amount of that money towards more important needs.

Second, rank your expenses in order of importance to help you understand your needs.
Third, make sure the most demanding needs get the most money back. Carefully plan out how much of your income will go where, and put it in writing.

Remember, life is unpredictable. Sometimes no matter how well you plan ahead unexpected expenses will come up. If you find that one month you end up coming up a little short that’s ok. Do what you need to do to take care of your emergency expense, whether it’s getting a payday loan or paying with a credit card and then readjust your budget to get them paid off as quickly as possible.

Turn the Key to Put Your Plan into Action

This, of course, is the most challenging step. And that’s ok – because real heroes are made by overcoming challenges. So sling on your figurative bow and invade that castle of greed. Stick strictly to your plan and don’t back down in the face of opposition or temptation. (But if you do slip, don’t despair! Get right back up and keep going!)

Yes – changing your spending habits will be difficult. But you can do it! Always keep in mind the purpose that you are fighting for and soon, your battle will be won!

Learning how to budget your money is an epic journey. Don’t expect to get there overnight, and remember: we’ll be with you when you need a little help along the way.

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