Before You Use the Mint App


News about the Mint app has been buzzing for quite some time now, and though it is an extremely popular finance app, there are still plenty of people who haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet. This scoop into the inner workings of the Mint app should help you make a smart decision to ensure that your finances are in qualified hands.

What Is It?

The first thing you need to know is, of course, what Mint even is. Is it an app that locates the nearest mint chocolate chip ice cream? Not so much.

In fact, Mint is an app that brings all of your financial accounts into one place—this makes it easy for you to track your income and spending, even if you are working from several banks and other financial institutions.
The most exciting part? It’s completely free. You can simply download it from your device’s app store, or access your account online and then you’ll have access to your finances on the go at no cost.

It will even allow you to create a budget, track your spending, and set and meet goals. Not Bad, huh?

Setting Financial Goals

One of the best features of Mint is the goal setting potential. With Mint, you can look at all of your finances and set long and short term goals. And because all of your finances can be viewed in one app, you don’t have to go through all the hassle of checking each of your bank accounts individually.

With Mint you can track your progress as often as you would like, and receive monthly emails that let you know how you are doing. If that’s not enough, it will also give you advice on how to reach your goals more quickly. In conjunction with a financial adviser, Mint can truly help you change your financial situation.

As you start meeting your goals, you will begin to feel the benefits and gain the confidence to set and meet even more killer goals.

Will Your Financial Information Stay Secure?

At this point you may be getting excited, and perhaps you are also wondering if it is too good to be true. Not to worry, your funds and financial information are secure with Mint. They use the same level of security as banks, so your information is completely protected.

And, in fact, Mint is a tool specifically for viewing financial information, it doesn’t allow access to your funds. That means if someone stumble upon your open Mint app, they won’t be able to touch your assets.

In addition, Mint gives you extra security by informing you of unusual charges or changes in your finances, so you can stay on top of your finances at a glance. Now, that’s security.

Taking Action

Alright, so now you know the details and it’s time to take action. Make viewing your finances as simple and effective as possible and consider downloading Mint today. With the help of this app and other financial resources, you can see a huge improvement, so take action today!

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