5 Things You Can Stop Paying For to Save Money

When it comes to saving money there are literally hundreds of ways to do it. In this post we’ll cover some ways that you can save money on fairly common items that can sometimes cost several hundred dollars such as software, hotel stays, and even ongoing bills that you have to pay like cable television. In a lot of cases people usually think that there is no way around some of these expenses, but what you’ll find is that there are several options that can save you literally hundreds of dollars.

Save Money on Software

First, stop spending money on expensive name brand software by getting the freeware versions of popular software. When you shop to save money on food, you tend to buy the generic brands, as these are always cheaper, the same goes for software.
There are a lot of “generic” brands of the popular software options out there. For example, why purchase the newest Microsoft Office Suite for $140 when you can get Open Office’s for absolutely no cost to you?

Open Office offers you much of the same basic functionality that Microsoft’s products do. When all you need is a basic word processor, presentation platform, or spreadsheet program, you don’t need the expensive platforms to get the work done.
The same holds true for Adobe Photoshop. There is a popular, alternative freeware version called Gimp.

Photoshop costs about $600. It can do a lot of the same things that Photoshop can and is free to download.

Can you really beat the freeware version if it can do many of the same things your purchased edition can? Find reliable alternatives for purchased software.

Save Money On Travel

Second, find free lodging when you travel. A popular movement hit the streets a few years back called couch surfing.

Someone had the genius idea to set up a database to find people willing to allow travelers to bunk on their couch for an evening. Sponsoring families list their homes on the website to give travelers a place to stay for the night.

These homes are located throughout the world, so its usefulness isn’t limited to the United States. Hosts tend to be travelers themselves that use the system to find places to stay.

All you have to do is go to Couchsurfing.org to find a home in the city you’ll be travelling to and sign up. The service is free and the savings you make while travelling are worth it.

Don’t Pay For The Kids to Eat

Third, don’t pay for your kids meals when you decide to eat out. MyKidsEatFree.com has a list of over 5,000 restaurants around the country that allow kids to eat for free.

Obviously you’ll have to pay for your own meal, but the savings from multiple kids eating free can save you quite a bit of money every time you go out to eat. There’s no need to feel guilty about using the system either as these companies proudly advertise their deal for kids to eat free.

It’s a part of their marketing plan, so take advantage of it while your kids are still young. For many families, this is the time that they want to save money anyways.

Cut The Cord

Fourth, stop paying for your TV subscription. The world is in love with more channels.

Satellite and dish providers boast the number of channels they have, swearing that more channels is directly related to better quality TV. If you can’t find something to watch on your favorite channels, you have 900 others to choose from that are sure to have something interesting.

The only problem is that the increase in channels did nothing to increase the quality of TV shows. Even though you have a million channels, you’ll still spend evenings flipping through the channels, looking for something entertaining.

So instead of paying for monthly satellite or cable subscriptions, consider using normal TV instead. Normal TV is still free and it offers better reception than ever before.

If there’s a show you fall in love with, you can often watch the episode mere minutes after it airs on the internet. Many of these popular shows try to cater to everyone.

They upload episodes to the internet so you can watch it if you missed the air time. The best thing is that watching these recaps are usually free.

Not only do you pay nothing more than your electric bill for your television, but you also pay nothing to watch the most popular shows on television (the ones you are looking for when channel surfing late at night). At the other end, it could help you tear yourself from the TV to spend more time with those you love.

Protect Your Computer For Free

Fifth and finally, save money on your anti-virus software by looking for its freeware versions as well. Just like for the other big name software producers, someone made a free-ware version that works just as well.

Find a trustworthy free-ware version of anti-virus protection to download and cover your computer for you. They can help you remove malware just as easily as the paid programs.

There are a number of opportunities to stop paying for things you thought you had to pay for before. All you have to do is know where to look.

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