3 Unique Tips that Could Save You Money

There’s so much more to saving money than simply transferring money from your paycheck into a saving’s bond or into your bank account. There are ways you can save money with every day things you may not ever think about. The following are just three ideas to get the ball rolling, extend each of these thoughts to everything you spend money on to see where you can make important financial changes that will help you keep the money you earn.

Share and Borrow Your Media

One, borrow your entertainment rather than purchase it. If you are connected to a lot of people, set up a mutually beneficial borrowing relationship. Some people have to have every movie that comes out. It’s buried somewhere in their DNA, and there’s nothing their spouse can do or say to stop them from doing that.

The only problem with this kind of thinking is that they buy a movie and never take it out of the shrink wrap. Or they do and then only watch it once. It’s probably the same in your home. You only pull it out once every year and a half, meaning it’s taking up more space than it’s getting its money’s worth.

Now that’s not to say you need to go watch them, it just might be a good indication that you don’t need to buy movies or other entertainment quite as much as you think you do, especially when you have the shrink wrap movie collection friend. When you want to watch a movie, don’t rent it, don’t pay-per-view it, and don’t pay for an account on the internet to stream it. Borrow it instead from the friend.

Access Free Music, Legally

The same holds true for media like music. Though you may not want to borrow an actual friend’s CD, you can set up a free account on Pandora, Grooveshark, or Spotify to stream music for free all day, every day. Just as long as you have an internet connection, you have access to every song ever made. Why do you need to buy your entertainment with an option like this?

Hire Students, Save Money

Two, choose a local school over an experienced professional. Dental and vet schools, for instance, are looking for real people and pets to get some real world experience with. Near the end of their educations, students are finally allowed to do some basic procedures on live people and pets. Dentists can do cleanings, deep cleanings, and some basic oral work. Vets can take a shot at performing the work of a professional.

Since they are still learning, the bill is much cheaper than it would be to visit a professional’s office. And quality wise, you are still in good hands. A dentist or vet generally supervises the procedures to ensure everything goes correctly, and they can even jump in if the going got rough.

Visiting a student may be a bit more painful/awkward, or take a bit longer than a professional, but this has potential to get your care at a much cheaper price.

Avoid Stupid Citations

Three, don’t text someone that is driving. If you know someone is driving and you hold a conversation with them anyway, you could be held liable if the driver got in an accident.

A New Jersey appeals court recently ruled that these people could be held liable should the driver cause a collision. The rule officially looks for “reason to think the recipient is driving or will read the text while driving.”*

So not only is the person making the choice to check the text message liable, but now the one egging them on to doing it is too, as they think “the text sender has a responsibility to the public much like a passenger in the car would.” So to avoid potentially becoming liable to an injury in a court case and possibly influencing an accident, protect the lives of your friends and the account balance in your bank by simply not texting those you know are driving.

The first option taught you how to borrow things for free rather than pay money at the theater or rental store for them. Friends are often more than happy to lend movies and media to you, just as long as you prove yourself able to return them.

Cheaper, quality services are abundant out there. Find the schools that are teaching their students how to perform their future responsibilities for a significantly reduced price (sometimes $10 for an oral cleaning). You don’t have to pay the high costs of healthcare when you have ready and able students that can perform the most basic of tasks.
Finally, avoid situations that would make you liable to pay something. Park smart to avoid a ticket. Drive the speed limit to avoid being pulled over. Promote safety amongst your friends so you are never held liable for the choices of another.

These are all fundamental ways to save money that can be applied to a variety of situations. Apply them to your own life and watch your money worries begin to reduce as you save more of what you earn every month. Just be sure you don’t spend that extra money because you suddenly feel free. You’ll never progress when you fall to that temptation.

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