Discover Personal Loans

Discover offers Personal Loans of up to $35,000. But with a 660 Credit Score requirement and 36-Month Minimum is it the right loan for you?

Not all loans are created equal. Each loan has their own features and requirements. That is why it’s important to do a bit of research while you’re shopping for loans before you pick one, so you get the loan that makes the most sense for your own personal needs.

Discover Personal Loans: A Quick Look

Discover offers personal loans from $2,500 to $35,000, with an APR range from 6.99% to 24.99%, and no origination fees or closing costs. They also offer longer payback periods from 36 to 84 months, and you don’t need a co-signer to apply for their personal loans.

Maximum Personal Loan: $35,000

Rates: 6.99% to 24.99% APR

Fees: There are no origination fees and no closing costs

Terms: 36 months up to 84 months, or 3 to 7 years

When: 1 to 7 business days. The soonest you can expect your personal loan funds to drop into your account would be by the next business day, and this is only if your application goes through smoothly without errors, and is submitted on a weekday. So funds can sometimes take up to 7 days to get to you, depending.

Basically, the Discover personal loan is a large, long-term loan, often used when you have lots of debts
to consolidate into one place. It’s a personal loan for those who are ready to make a larger commitment.

Who are Discover Personal Loans Perfect For?

The discover personal loan is great if you need to consolidate heavy debts with high interest rates. It’s also a good loan if you need a larger loan for things like major home improvements or college tuition. If you need a larger, more long-term loan and you meet the below requirements, then this loan may be perfect for you.

  • If you have a credit score of 660 or higher
  • If you need a larger loan amount
  • If you need a long-term, 3 to 7 year loan
  • If you need to consolidate larger debt amounts

Who Should Not Get a Discover Personal Loan?

If you don’t meet the above requirements, or you’re just looking for a quicker, smaller personal loan, then you may want to keep shopping for your perfect loan. If any of the listed items below represent you, then you should consider a different personal loan provider.

  • If you need a smaller loan
  • If you don’t want locked into a 3 to 7 year commitment
  • If you want the added safety of a cosigner
  • If you need your loan quickly
  • If you have a low credit score
  • If you make less than $25,000 a year
Discover Personal Loans Pros and Cons List

Though personal loans with Discover may be a great option for some, there are some reasons they may not be the best loan fit for others.

Pros Cons
They can send the personal loan funds straight to your creditors Your payback term has to be at least 3 years
There are no origination fees or closing costs They do have late payment fees of $39
You can get very large loan amounts Your loan has to be at least $2,500
You don’t need a cosigner You need a minimum credit score of 660

An Alternative to Discover Personal Loans

Check City offers a different kind of personal loan. So if the features and requirements present in a Discover personal loan don’t work for you, a Check City personal loan might be your answer.

Reasons to Get a Check City Personal Loan:


  • Check City is a direct lender
  • Check City is also a state licensed lender
  • The application process is quick and simple
  • You don’t need a high credit score to apply
  • There are no origination fees
  • You can get your loan TODAY
How to Apply for a Check City Personal Loan

Check City personal loans are incredibly easy to use. Just visit the Check City Personal Loan Page and you can quickly apply for your loan online, at a nearby Check City store, or even over the phone!

All you need to apply for the loan is:

  • A government ID
  • Proof of bank account
  • Proof of direct deposit
  • Proof of income
  • A valid phone number

Apply for a Check City Loan Online by clicking HERE.

Find a conveniently located Check City Store by clicking HERE.

Or call Check City’s Loans By Phone number: 800-404-0254

Check City personal loans have a fast and easy process, and if you go into a Check City store to apply, you can actually walk out with your personal loan funds that very same day! Check City personal loans are great for loan customers that need a quick, easy to use, smaller personal loan that they can pay back in a matter of months instead of years. They’re also a great loan option for customers with lower credit scores since Check City doesn’t pull a traditional credit report when processing your application.


Check City Personal Loans Discover Personal Loans Wells Fargo Personal Loans
Amount $300 to $3,000 $2,500 to $35,000 $3,000 to $100,000
Rates lower APR than our payday loans 6.99% to 24.99% APR 5.49% to 22.99% APR
Fees no origination fees no origination fees, no closing costs no origination fees, no prepayment penalties
Terms 6 months 36 to 84 months (3 to 7 years) 12 to 84 months (1 to 7 years)
Min. Credit Score Check City doesn’t pull a traditional credit check, and if you have a low credit score you can still apply for a Check City personal loan 660 600


When you think of loans you often think about the requirements you need to meet in order for you application to get approved. But you have loan requirements too! Everyone is looking for something different in a personal loan, like the ability to refinance the loan later, or the ability to get the loan right away. You can find all these key qualities with a Check City Personal Loan!

Whatever your own personal loan requirements might be, you should always study up on what features each loan provides before making a choice.

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*The information found in this article comes from the lenders’ websites and NerdWallet reviews at the time of posting.

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