5 Easy Ways to Avoid Unnecessary Fees

There are 5 easy ways that you can begin saving money, simply by avoiding fees. Many services have fees attached to them. Should you forget to pay a bill by a certain date, or withdraw too much money, then you are often stuck with a higher bill by the end of the day, worsening your financial situation. You can save more money by avoiding the obligation to spend more.

1) Pay your bills on time. Set aside the money you need to pay your bills each month and pay them on time. When you pay them on time, you avoid the added expense of late fees, which can increase your final bill by a significant amount.

2) Avoid over draft fees. Banks call overdraft protection a safety measure. To some extent it is, as your bills will still be paid, even if you don’t have the money to do it. However, it can hurt you more than it can help in some cases. Overdraft fees often cost as much as $35 a pop. Even if you simply overdraft by a penny, $35 is required at your hand to cover the expense of that little penny. Keep track of how much money is in your account at all times and allocate funds for certain expenses. Avoid over drafting as much as possible.

3) Withdraw from approved ATMs. You can withdraw money from virtually any ATM in the country. Withdrawing from an ATM not approved by your bank will result in a minor fee (usually no more than $2-$4 per withdraw). Making an emergency withdraw from a non-approved bank may be necessary sometimes, but it should never become a habit. Those charges build up after a while and end up costing you more than they’re worth. That extra money could help out with gas or food for the week instead of going to an invisible service fee.

4) Do not obtain credit cards with annual fees. Some credit cards require an annual fee at the end of every year. Avoid these at all costs. Why should you pay to have a credit card when other places offer them for free?

5) Disconnect the land line. We live in a world of cell phones. Chances are your entire family already has one. If that’s true, then you do not need a land line on top of the cell. Disconnect it and stop paying for a double service.

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