How to Promote Affiliate Links

In our previous affiliate post we announced the launch of our newly revamped affiliate program. As we mentioned we’re extremely excited to be partnered with Commission Junction in the promotion of our affiliate program. By combining Commission Junctions industry leading affiliate tracking software with our world class service we’ve created a winning combination for all of our affiliates. If you are new to our affiliate program, welcome, we’re excited to have you! In this post we’ve outlined several ways that you can promote our affiliate links throughout the internet.

Shorten Up Your Links Once you’ve set up your affiliate account with commission junction you’ll be able to go through and generate your unique affiliate URL. Your unique affiliate URL will make it so that we will be able to track which customers you’ve referred to our company. An important thing to keep in mind is that your unique affiliate URL can tend to be a bit long so for that reason one of the first things we recommend doing is shortening your affiliate link with a service like was created specifically for the purpose of shortening URL’s so that they can be posted easily on different social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Once you’ve created your shortened link you’ll be ready to start promoting your link.

Promote, Promote, Promote!

If you currently have a twitter following sending out a tweet to your followers can be a great way to quickly and easily get people clicking on your affiliate link. Since you are limited to the number of characters you can use on Twitter you’ll definitely want to set up a link before sending out a tweet. If you don’t currently have a Twitter account or you don’t want to send your friends and family that follow your personal account an affiliate link then you can set up an account specifically for promoting our affiliate program. (If you are in fact concerned about tweeting out an affiliate link to your friends and family we recommend rethinking the possibility as you’d be surprised how many people you know that could act it can be a great way to). Regardless of which route you go always make it a goal to provide good quality information when you tweet, provide links to articles about budgeting, mortgages, investing, etc.. Then every once and awhile you can send out Tweets related to Check City services with your affiliate link included. To follow affiliate marketing best practices you should always inform people that the link they’re clicking on is an affiliate or sponsored link.

Facebook- Facebook is another great way to share your affiliate link. As a Check City affiliate there are a number of ways that you can utilize Facebook to promote your affiliate links whether it’s through your own account, fan pages that you’ve set up or even fan pages that you can network with to get them to promote your affiliate links with you the options are really endless. As we mentioned with Twitter it always best to provide good quality information when your interacting in a social setting and when you do decide to drop affiliate links let them know that it is a sponsored or affiliate link.

Blogging- Whether you use Blogger, Wordrpess, Tumblr or Weebly blogging is an excellent way to promote your affiliate links. As part of our program we’ve created a large number of tools for our affiliates to be able to utilize. Once you’ve signed up with Commission Junction and have applied to be part of our affiliate program you’ll have access to a wide range of links, as well as text and banner ads that we’ve created specifically for our affiliates. We’ve spent years testing and fine tuning our banner ads to ensure highest click through rates for our affiliates. In addition to placing banner ads on your site we’ve also found that affiliates that do several blog posts related to the topic prepare their referrals making them more likely to fill out the form.

Youtube Videos- Creating and posting videos to Youtube is a great way to get your affiliate links out there; a video will allow you to educate people about the services that Check City offers before they click on the link in the description which makes them more likely to complete the form on the next page. There a hundreds of different types of videos that you can create including educational, informative and even testimonial or review videos if you’ve personally used our services in the past. The videos that you create can even be used to

Instagram can be a powerful tool in sharing your Check City affiliate links. Due to the small amount of space that you have for your description you’ll definitely want to create a URL for posting links to Instagram. Promoting links on Instagram typically works best by posting pictures of things you’ve purchased or plan to purchase with money that you’d get or have gotten from a Check City loan. Posting pictures of a computer, ipad, or a new pair of shoes and saying something like, “I LOVE these shoes, might have to pay a visit to Check City” and then linking with your affiliate link is a very non-threatening way to share your affiliate link.

There are literally hundreds of ways to go about promoting your Check City affiliate links, if we’ve missed any of your favorite methods feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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