Cheap Ways to Travel on a Budget

Fall is the best time to travel – as crowds in tourist locations decrease, so do the prices of hotels and plane tickets. Because everyone is headed back to school, if you have time to kick back and relax, take advantage of it now. Here are a few cheap ways to travel on your next trip.

One of the best cheap ways to travel is to plan ahead and pit competing hotels and airlines against eachother. One of the best places to do this easily is There are a few different places you can go to online to find competing prices for plane tickets – that is, if you aren’t loyal to a particular airline. However, while Priceline gets most of the attention, Kayak is actually the most reliable and informative.

Search for the cheapest tickets from one city to another, with multiple airlines, airports, days, times, and prices. You can adjust your preferences to find the perfect flight, even if you’re looking for a flight that makes a 5 hour layover in a specific city. Not only will Kayak find it for you, but it will give you the best price around.

Explore Feature

If you want to get out of town but you don’t have a particular place in mind to go to, think of your budget and go to the Explore feature on This feature allows you to see the cheapest flights from your location to different airports around the world. If you’re on a tight budget and you don’t know where to go, the explore feature allows you to just choose the cheapest ticket it can find.

Once you get to your vacation destination, it may be difficult to find a cheap place to stay. Hotels are expensive, and sometimes they are out of the way and not very accommodating. So another cheap way to travel is by skipping the hotel altogether and using a site called Airbnb. Airbnb is a website that allows smaller bed-and-breakfast-type locations to show their accommodations and rates. Choose from a private house, apartment, room, or a shared space. Find the option that is best for your budget, as well as the best location and near the necessary transportation you need.


One cheap option that you won’t see on Airbnb is a hostel. Some people automatically rule this option out, because they want more privacy. However, hostels actually do offer smaller and private rooms for decent rates. Often they are in much better locations in large cities than small bed and breakfasts on Airbnb. They also usually offer free wi-fi and continental breakfast in the morning.

Compare Prices

When you’re going on vacation, compile lists of all the options you have to choose from. Compare total prices for each destination flight fare, housing accommodations, and additional transportation, as well as must-see tourist sights. Create a spreadsheet to keep track of prices and links to specific flights and lodgings. You may even be able to plan multiple vacations at one time.

Though vacations are fun, they are always better if you plan ahead. Be sure you check the weather before you leave in order to ensure that you pack appropriate clothing. And the trick is, do not overpack!

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