5 Tips for Workplace Wellness

You are surrounded by a long line of hazards at work. You may not think about it (especially if you work in a quiet office). Everything from that nasty vending machine spitting out old candy bars that only mask your hunger, to the increasingly painful chair that you sit on day in and day out, can cause serious health problems. There has to be some plan of attack, right? Here are 5 ways to stay healthy to improve your workplace wellness.

1. Start Your Day Right

Having a healthy breakfast isn’t the only thing you can do to start things off on good footing. You can also get a little exercise in. Even a simple walk around the block can increase blood flow and make you much healthier if you get into the routine.

2. Input is everything!

If you want to feel good, you need to bring good food. Even simple snacks can help out a lot. Nuts, apples, and other fruit can really give you the energy you need to make it through the day. If your stomach is growling for the majority of the day, you will likely crash before the end. Make sure you have the right stuff going into your body and it will pay off.

Also making and taking good wholesome meals is as vital as anything else. Sure, many of your coworkers are going out to eat every day, but that is not what your body really needs. Opt for healthier homemade lunches and you will actually feel better while saving money. You can also start bringing in healthier treats for your coworkers to try to improve workplace wellness as a whole.

3. Exercise

How can you exercise at work? There are hundreds of exercises you can do at your desk! Everything from simple stretches to replacing your chair with a Swiss ball for working your core. Whatever you choose to do, change things up and get your body moving as much as possible. By the end of the day when most of your coworkers are crying about sore backs and tired limbs, you will be ready to run a marathon!

4. Hydrate

You’d be shocked to know how much staying hydrated can improve your workplace wellness. There is nothing more important than drinking enough water throughout the day. It doesn’t matter whether it is summer or winter. Your body is made up mostly of water and you need to continually replenish it. Don’t wait till you are thirsty to start drinking. It is much better to have a set amount that you plan on drinking throughout the day.

5. Cut Down on Sweets

Just because everyone is downing that cake or those cookies at work, doesn’t mean that you need to. You won’t offend anyone by declining sweets if you explain that you are trying to eat healthier. Not only will people understand this, they will respect you for it.

Make sure you take these tips to heart in order to keep your body happy and healthy throughout the workday. You will be grateful when you still have energy after retirement!

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