6 Ways Teenagers Can Start Their Own Businesses

There’s a point when an allowance just isn’t cutting it anymore. Your teenaged children aren’t going to be able to survive on ten bucks a month (or however much it is) for very long.

If they want to go on dates and afford a car, they’ll need to get out there and start earning some real cash. And what better way than starting a mini-business?

Starting a business is vastly superior then simply getting a job at the burger joint down the street for minimum wage. First of all, your kids will be able to make their own hours, so they’ll still have the flexibility to focus on school and extracurricular activities.
And more importantly, starting a mini-business teaches your kids many valuable lessons about finance and self-promotion. They’ll learn how to put themselves out there, and how to start a money-making enterprise from scratch.

Starting a mini-business doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. Here are 6 ways your teenagers can start earning money right in their own neighborhood:

Mow Lawns

Chances are you’ve already got a functioning lawn mower in the shed—have your child turn it into some steady income during the warmer months.
Here’s an added benefit of a lawn-mowing business: plenty of exercise!

Run Errands for the Elderly

Your child can learn a great lesson about serving those in need by running errands for the elderly people in your neighborhood. Your neighbors will be happy, because your teenager’s services here wouldn’t cost as much as some of the more expensive services that they would normally have to pay for.

Snow Removal

In the dead of winter, some people just aren’t capable of shoveling their own walks. Others just aren’t so motivated to take care of it themselves. Your child can take advantage of this by offering their snow-shoveling services to the neighborhood!

Rake Leaves

Your teenagers can capitalize on the autumn months by raking leaves in your neighborhood, and raking in the profits while they’re at it!

Dog Walker

Not everyone has the time to take Rex for a walk every day. Dogs need plenty of exercise to stay healthy, and your teenagers http://www.lungomareoakland.com/order/ will be a huge benefit to the community’s canine population if they offer themselves up as professional dog walkers.

Walking dogs has the potential to be quite profitable, too, since you can walk 4 or 5 at a time.

Wash Cars

Where do most people take their cars to get washed? Usually some mega-chain or automatic wash. Wouldn’t it be better to pay some kids in the neighborhood to wash your car, rather than giving that money to some giant car wash chain.

Lessons Your Kids Will Remember for the Rest of Their Lives

Getting a job at a fast food restaurant is always an option, but what is your child going to learn from that besides how to punch a time card?

The benefits your teenagers will get from creating http://historyfactory.com/sale/ their own mini-business will carry over into their adult lives. They’ll develop a great work ethic and the financial skills necessary to be successful in whatever careers they ultimately choose.

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