How to Gain Weight on a Budget

It’s the New Year and for many people that means New Year’s resolutions. While most people in the country are looking for ways to lose weight, some people are looking to do the exact opposite. For every person that has trouble losing weight, there is usually somebody struggling to be able to gain weight.

Whether you’re looking to bulk up with muscle or just add some curves to your physique, gaining way can be expensive, but there are some simple ways to gain weight on a budget. It doesn’t have to entail eating unhealthy fast food or eating out of cans everyday either. Here are some good ideas to help you gain some extra muscle mass this New Year.

Carbo Load

Your main focus should be on carbohydrates to boost your caloric intake. Bread is really not that expensive and you should be able to find oatmeal and other whole grain pastas for very cheap at the store. By choosing the right cereals and pastas, you can dramatically increase your caloric intake.


When you are trying to build muscle, there is no better way than to increase your protein intake. This means that you eat more meat and nuts. These can substantially add to your overall weight. While this may seem pricy, you can get ground beef, turkey, chicken or pork for a good price at most supermarkets.

Healthy Fats & Oils

While you will hear a lot of people telling you to not eat fats or oils, there are some healthy ones you should be eating. Olive oil and peanut butter are good examples of ones that you can have on a budget. Peanut butter is loaded with calories and protein as well. Most nuts will have a healthy fats inside of them that protect your from heart disease and other things as well.

How to Plan Your Weight Gain Budget!

Make Your Goals

Not only do you need to create goals for how much you need to budget out for food, but you also need to know your specific weight gain goal. This will help you create an effective meal plan that works for you and that doesn’t taste straight-up nasty.

Organize Yourself

You should be keeping track of your caloric intake and not just in one number, you should know how much of that is with proteins, carbs, and fats. If you pay attention to this and use the food pyramid to balance things out, you will be surprised at how much you are able to gain.

Make Sure You Have Balance

While your major goal may be to gain weight and mostly lean muscle, don’t forget to by those vegetables and fruits. There are some good vitamins and minerals that your body needs from them and if you drop those, you may find that your body is lacking in other areas.

Remember that when you are creating a budget you need to know where you want to go with that budget. When it comes to gaining weight on a budget specifically, it is a good idea to plan on eating things that you actually like. So use these tips and make sure you know where you want to be with your weight gain in the future.

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