Common Habits that Ruin a Car’s Value

Every driver develops their own set of driving habits; some driving habits are good, others are what they are, and others are downright dangerous. Good driving habits include double checking both ways before proceeding, glancing into the blind spot before switching lanes, buckling seat belts, etc.

Some driving habits are neither good nor bad, like the persistent habit of some to wear driving gloves. But other habits that people have developed while behind the wheel are absolutely ridiculous and potentially dangerous, such as texting while driving or operating the GPS system of a car while the car is in motion.

What’s Your Driving Style?

Each individual tends to cultivate their own style of driving and caring for their car that soon become habits, and while all driving habits may not be either good or bad, there are a few common habits that a majority of people fall into that can actually have a negative effect on the value of that person’s car.

These habits of driving and taking care of one’s car that can lower the value of the car itself are more common than people would like to admit, and, because they are engrained habits developed by people, it may take some work before everyone can avoid these poor habits that can lower the value of a car. But working at avoiding these habits is worthwhile because the better care you take care of your car now, the higher value you’ll get when you go to sell it or get an auto title loan.

Keep it Clean

One of the most common bad habits concerning car care is the procrastination of car owners to clean their vehicle, especially during the winter months. While the time and effort of a regular car wash may cause many to fall into the poor habit of not washing their cars, those who do avoid the lessening of their car’s value as well as the deterioration of the exterior of the car as happens when a car goes for long periods without a thorough washing.

Easy on the Throttle

Another common mistake that car owners often make is thinking that their new car is as invincible as it is powerful. Driving a new car with aggression, top speeds, and a lead foot are some of the best ways to damage a vehicle from the inside and therefore lower the total value of the car.

Other habits that lower a car’s value are less obvious. Some additional ways to ruin a car’s value include customizing the vehicle, getting work done on the side by a free-lance repair man, failing to keep accurate records, and messing with the body of the vehicle (aka adding body kits).

If you or anyone you know is guilty of taking part in one of these above habits should beware, the value of your car is ever decreasing. Ensure the value of your car by avoiding falling victim to these common and value-reducing habits of driving and car care so that you can have the asset of a higher value car.

With a higher value car, you can easily resell your vehicle for more than the listed price or gain a greater title loan from Check City. Title loans from Check City are quick, easy, and safe loans that are borrowed against the value of your car, so keeping the above harmful habits away from your driving style could not only mean an increased value of your vehicle, but an increased value in the amount you can borrow against the title of the vehicle as well.

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