11 Important Qualities to Have When Changing Careers

Working in a Gen Y World

Generation Y encompasses those born in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s. According to media expert Sarah Sladek, Gen Y is a tech savvy, globally minded generation that isn’t joining, buying, networking, learning or engaging like other generations. She believes that Gen Y really is different.

Millennials see the world through a different pair of glasses. Those glasses are changing the ways that careers are done. Millennials have pioneered the idea that you are no longer married to a career choice just because you landed a job back in your early twenties. In today’s world, workers are almost expected to leave that career path by the time they’re 35, if not sooner.

In order to succeed in this changing job market, workers have to foster new skills in order to be successful in the workplace. Whether you are changing careers at 30, looking at a new career at 40 or even looking for a career at 25, here are some great tips and qualities to always strive for:

Criticism is Beneficial

Embrace criticism, but don’t dwell on your flaws. It may be hard to hear small nitpicky ways you can improve. But when you allow yourself to look at yourself and the way you interact, you will find yourself developing new skills that will help you climb the corporate ladder and improve yourself. When learning how to change careers, this is a very good quality to learn.


Be flexible. Today’s work places are changing rapidly. Rather than be angry at changes, develop flexibility which will allow you to succeed when things get wonky. Flexibility is a winning strategy in today’s job market. It is also important to prioritize and be flexible with your time.

Problem Solve

Be a problem solver. Employers look for workers who can work across lines and be an active participant in the running of the business. When you are willing to learn expertise and solve problems which arise, you increase your knowledge base and your marketability to the company.


Be confident. When you project a sense of confidence, you center yourself. But your sense of confidence will have a profound effect on your coworkers. When you appear confident, your coworkers and managers will be willing to follow your lead. Confidence is a great quality to have when you are learning how to change careers.


Be competent. When you pair confidence with competence, you have a winning strategy. Competence will take you farther and farther in your job.

Work Ethic

Develop a strong work ethic. When you’re at work, focus and concentrate on your work. Be excellent and confident and you’ll succeed in the workplace.

Under Pressure

Work well under pressure. Today’s workplace is a pressure cooker of stress. When you develop a sense of calm amongst the crazy, you exponentially increase your ability to rise on the job.

Team Player

Be a team player! When you demonstrate your ability to work with a team, you increase your attractiveness as an employee. Working well with others creates a sense of unity and helps productivity.

Time Management

Manage your time well. You can be the best employee in the world, but if you constantly miss deadlines due to poor time management, you undercut yourself. So, learn how to allocate your time for each task wisely to increase your marketability.


Be a communicator. When you communicate well, you create a sense of harmony and competence on your team, and in your office. Good communication is a valuable skill that should be developed no matter where you are on your career path. Being a good communicator is very important when you are interviewing and looking into changing careers.

Positive Attitude

Develop a positive attitude. Nothing is less attractive than someone who doesn’t want to be on the job. Whether you hate or love your job, develop a gratitude and a positive attitude to keep morale up!

Changing careers can be a scary proposition in terms of steady financial rewards, meaning that it could change the way personal finances are run for good or bad. The importance of steady savings accounts has never been so great. Career changes will have to be made under strict financial scrutiny to be effective why you have to pay the bills. It is important to take your time and weigh out every positive and negative before making a choice.

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