Having a Great Time Trick or Treating

Now that Halloween is a mere few days away, it is a good idea for us to go over how to have a great time trick or treating! Trick or treating is something that kids look forward to all year round. After all, this is a very exciting time of year- children get to dress up in fun costumes and go around getting free candy off of people. This is a time to be enjoyed, though it is always best to do it safely.

Now that the weather has gotten chillier, be sure to provide your kids with thermal layers, foot and hand warmers, and gloves. When it is night out and the wind picks up, the weather can drop below freezing when taking the wind chill factor into effect. Be sure to bundle the kids up! Using thermals underneath costumes is a great way to warm up the kids without having to use bulky coats and mess with the look of their costumes.

You also should always accompany children when they are out and about. Even in the most trustworthy of areas, there still is the potential for children to run into danger. It is best to not risk it, so always have an adult accompany the children as they make their rounds. Additionally, you are going to want to have an adult go through the candy before the kids eat it, just to be sure that everything is safe and in its original wrapping.

It is also a good idea for children to not walk further than they can handle. While kids are likely to have excitement and sugar feeding their energy levels, walking too far in a heavy costume can make for an exhausting experience when it is time to head back. As such, you are going to either want to drive or set up boundary zones to stick to in order to prevent people from getting lost or exhausted.

Have a great time!

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