5 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

Although it can be difficult at times, it is very important that your kids are practicing healthy eating habits. The more healthy foods you can encourage your kids to eat, the better their health will be. We are here to give you some healthy lunch ideas for kids, while keeping them appealing at the same time.

1. Keep it Simple: A Sandwich

When you are ready to pack healthy lunches for kids, start with a simple sandwich. It’s fairly easy to make a delicious sandwich. Some kids may prefer the same meal every day, but most kids will get bored. So try some new ideas to make the simple sandwich irresistible to your kids:

  • Try 100% whole wheat tortillas for wraps. Take note that tortillas come in many different ingredients. Find the most healthy option
  • Use a 100% whole wheat Pita Pocket as your bread
  • Add shredded carrots, avocado slices, or shredded cabbage to the lettuce
  • Buy a block of cheese and slice it at home. You’ll save money, and it will taste better
  • Cut the sandwiches into a fun shape with a cookie cutter
  • Use a grilled chicken breast in place of lunchmeat
  • Cut carbs and make a lettuce wrapped sandwich in place of bread

2. Pack Leftovers

Pack the lunch in a mini cooler to keep the food cool and fresh. Double up your children’s favorite meal from the night before and pack it for lunch the next day. When finding healthy school lunch ideas, packing leftovers is a great tip.

3. Having Fun with Food

Let your kids have fun with their lunch. Consider these great mixtures:

  • Pair Apple or Pear slices with peanut butter or low-fat yogurt
  • Celery, Carrots or broccoli can be paired with hummus, homemade bean dip, or a fresh salsa
  • Whole grain, low sodium crackers can be dunked in warm tomato soup
  • Mix nuts or low-fat granola into some healthy yogurt

4. Healthy Alternative to Sugary Snacks

Substitute sweets for fruits and yogurts to allow your kids to still have the sweetness they love. Instead of a king size chocolate bar, give them an apple or grapes.

Let your kids be part of the packing process. Let them help you pack the lunch and pack the bags. If your kids are excited about what’s in the bag, they’ll be more likely to eat the lunch.

5. Set a Good Example

Finally, a really good way to get your kids to eat healthy at school is to eat healthy at home. If your meals are delicious and healthy at home, then your kids will be used to eating this way. Use your discretion and your best judgement when packing lunches for your kids.

We hope you have enjoyed reading these healthy lunch ideas for kids!

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