What is a Cash Advance and How Does it Work?

If you ever find that you are in need of extra cash right away, you may want to take advantage of our convenient cash advance services. Check City will provide you with cash advances on your next paycheck and the process is easy and affordable. When you are going to be faced with late, over draft, over the limit or even reconnection fees, a cash advance can be a great alternative. Many of the above mentioned penalties will also have a negative effect on your credit score that can last for many years to come. When your credit score is negatively affected, you may find that you are denied future financial opportunities.

There are two different ways that you can ascertain your cash advance. You can either get your cash advance online or you can get it in any conveniently located Check City location. If you are going to apply for a cash advance online you simply have to head to CheckCity.com and fill out the online application. Your application will then be reviewed and within 24 hours the funds will be Direct Deposited into your account.

If you would prefer to go to a store simply find the Check City store nearest you, write a personal check for the amount you need and our small standard fee. Then, upon approval, you will be able to walk out of our store with the cash that you need. Before you apply for a cash advance it will be required that you have a steady source of income, a State or a Federal ID and a checking account.

So, when you know that you are going to be in a precarious financial position you need not fret. Simply head into a Check City and utilize our cash advance service to ensure that you are on secure financial ground.

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