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Gold Buying FAQ

In Store

Is there a limit to how much or how little I can bring in?

No, Check City will buy as much or as little of the precious metals you are willing to sell.

Do I need to do anything with my gold before I bring it in?

No, just bring in your items and our trained professionals will evaluate your items and pay you cash on the spot.

What if I’m not satisfied with the cash amount?

There are no obligations, once our trained professionals have evaluated your items we will give you an offer amount. You can choose to accept this offer and we will give you the cash or if you do not like the offer we can give you your items back.

What Check City stores accept gold?

There are numerous Check City Stores in Utah, Nevada and Virginia that accept gold. Please check our Scrap Gold page for current locations.

Mail In

How long will the process take?

As few as 7 days, two or three days for your package to arrive to us, and two or three days to receive your check. Or you can pick the direct deposit option and receive your cash even faster.

Will it cost me money to mail it in?

No, our Gold Mailer Pack is Free, simply request your pack online at and we will rush it out to you.

Do you offer direct deposit?

Yes, you can have your funds directly deposited into your checking account; this will help speed up the process and you get your money even faster.

What if I’m not happy with the check amount?

Simply contact us and we will ship back your items at no cost to you.

How do I send my jewelry?

Sending your jewelry is fast and easy. First, you simply fill out the form and provide your mailing information to request a kit. Once your information has been received, you will be sent your free, pre-paid gold mailer kit. After you receive it, simply place your jewelry and other scrap metal into the plastic bag. Place the bag in the secure envelope and hand it to any mailman or place it in any mail drop box. It is pre-paid and pre-addressed, so don’t worry about any shipping costs.

How do I get paid?

You should receive your payment within 24 hours of processing your materials. Once your items have been received, they are evaluated and inspected to determine their value. After professionals have done this, they will determine the payment for your items. You will receive a check for the value of your materials.

How do you determine what my jewelry is worth?

The value of your items is determined by the value of the precious metals the day of settlement. Depending on what type of material you send in, its weight is compared with the current trading price of that material and you get paid accordingly.

What can I send?

You can see our pre-approved list of materials here. As long as your items contain gold, silver, or platinum, they can be sold.

Do I need to weigh my jewelry before I send it?

No, this is all done for you. The items you send in will be tested for their weight and precious metal content by professional appraisers.

What if my items don’t test to be gold, silver, or platinum?

If none of the materials you send test to be gold, silver, or platinum, then your items will be sent right back to you, free of charge.

What if my items get lost in the mail?

The gold mailer kit can be insured while travelling via U.S. Mail. They are insured up to $100.00.

What if I am not satisfied with my payment, can I get my items back?

Yes. You must return the check back within a certain period specified when you receive your check. When your un-cashed check is timely received, your items are sent back to you.


What happens to the gold afterwards?

We send it to a refinery and have it melted down.

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