Try Snowshoeing for Some Fun!

Are you looking for a fun and unique experience this winter seasons? Try out snowshoeing! This is a sport that is both physical and rewarding, and definitely is different than anything else you have experienced before.

If you are unfamiliar with snowshoeing, it is essentially going hiking through deep snow while using ski poles and wearing snowshoes. Since the snowshoes displace your weight over the snow, they serve to keep you up on top of the snow while you are hiking. Walking and maneuvering is definitely a bit of a challenge when you are starting out, but it definitely is fun.

Wearing the equipment makes it so that you have to take long purposeful stride while lifting your feet clear of the snow pack with each step. However, this unusual gait also makes it so that you can get places surprisingly fast in the snow. This sport is one that makes you feel your environment, and is a lot of fun to do with friends. Along with the workout, this is a great way to take in some beautiful winter scenery. Those of you who are so inclined will be able to get great pictures on your adventure!

You can easily rent ski poles and snowshoes from outdoor retail providers, and should be able to have a very good experience overall. Whether you are a seasoned pro or are completely new to the sport, snowshoeing definitely is a seasonal adventure that should not be missed. Give it a try- you might be surprised by how much you like it! There are a lot of trails to go out and explore, whether you are looking for mountain hiking or cross country sport.

We fully encourage everyone to get out there this winter and try something new, and be sure to visit any Check City location for any financial needs you might have. After all, that’s how we often find the things we most love to do!

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