Save Money this Winter

We’ve talked a lot about how you can save money on your heating bill this winter. Opening the oven door after cooking, sealing cracks in your window sill and checking your house is properly insulated are just a few examples of these tips. Here are 5 more things you might not have thought about doing.

Only use fans when needed

Leaving a bathroom fan on for an hour can remove an impressive amount of heat from the home. Leaving it on after showering is great for removing the possibility of mold, but don’t leave it on for an extended period of time and find other ways to remove the moisture from the room.

Let in the natural heat

Open the curtains facing the sun during the day, and close all other ones when no sun is pouring through. The windows let heat in and allow it to escape. Curtains hinder this process from happening. Allow the heat it when the sun has heat to lend and don’t let it escape when it goes down.

Close the fireplace damper.

Allowing your damper to stay open will let out a lot of the heat. It acts just like a hole in the roof, releasing the hot air up and letting the cold air come down. Just close it when you’re not using the fireplace.

Winterize your windows.

For the windows that won’t be receiving any sunlight, find covers for them and use them. You can get clear, plastic films that will hinder heat transfer, but let you use them as windows.

Get a low-flow shower head

Purchase a cheap, low-flow shower head and install it. It can reduce the amount of wasted hot water by up to 50%, meaning you save a significant chunk on the energy it takes to heat up new, cold water.

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