Reinvent Nature’s Gift into a Functional Decoration

How often do you walk through your home and think about the things you would like to have, but can’t afford right now? When you walk in the door after being outside in the rain, you wish you had a place to hold your coat. Maybe you misplace your keys all the time, but would keep better track of them if only you had a rack next to the garage door to place them after driving home. Each of these problems is solved with a simple coat rack. Unfortunately, that’s a mere want, and not a need right now in your life, so you can’t justify the purchase. Well why not use a few cheap screws and make one yourself using the resources Mother Nature gave you, that’s why the retailers do anyways.

You can actually driftwood as a wall rack for your home. If you live near a beach or a river, take walks along them and look for driftwood. Find a piece that looks straight, generally symmetrical, and sturdy. Take it home, strip it of excess twigs, and dry it out. After it dries, you’ll need to cut-off a third of the wood lengthwise if it doesn’t already have a flat edge. Next, borrow an electric drill and drill four equidistant holes in the bottom of the driftwood—the side that will face down on your wall. Be sure the hole angles forward a bit. Screw in four round hook screws into those holes. A wrench might be required to tighten them securely. Secure it into the wall with two long screws and you have a cheap coat rack for coats, keys, and anything else you can hang.

Save money by making your own household items. Focus your attention on buying the things that are too difficult to make by hand.


homemade coat racks

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